Inground pools

The inground pool: need for municipal authorization

The inground pool still remains the classic pool model today, but also the one that requires a greater investment and longer construction times. First of all it must be considered that before starting the work it is necessary to contact the competent office of the municipality to obtain the relative authorization because, unlike an above ground pool that is not a work, the inground pool will remain an integral part of the space of the garden. Only after obtaining the authorization it is preferable to start the work, otherwise you risk seeing everything blocked and having to suspend the realization of the same.


The inground pool requires an excavation carried out by a mechanical digger, of the same depth as the pool, but larger because it is necessary to consider a certain thickness of the lateral perimeter to be left in order to facilitate its construction. When you decide to choose an inground pool, it is still advisable to give it a rather regular shape because even if the customer can decide freely, it must not be forgotten that an irregular shape will create more problems for cleaning. Among other things, it will also be difficult to find an adequate coverage system.

Fiberglass pool and tiled pool

The inground pool can be built by inserting a fiberglass structure inside or made of concrete and then tiled. In the case of the inground swimming pool created by choosing a fiberglass structure, after having carried out the excavation, the pool will be lowered into it. Construction times will certainly be shorter than with a tiled pool. The tiled swimming pool leaves the customer free to choose whether to insert classic or mosaic tiles inside, but it requires rather long processing times, and it is a rather meticulous job that must always be entrusted to competent and specialized people.

Water recycling system

All inground pools, regardless of their size, can have an infinity water surface or a pool edge. In any case, the pool is equipped with a water recycling system, which can be buried or placed in a space close to it. It is always preferred to insert this space within an easily reachable context to fix any faults as soon as possible. Water recycling is continuous. Once filled, the pool will also be left for the winter period, and will only be emptied for subsequent reuse. The recycling of water serves to ensure proper hygiene, which is why it is always recommended to enter the tub after washing your feet and maybe taking a quick shower. There are several water filtration systems, and even the smallest pools are equipped with them. When it comes to an inground pool, in case there are small children, it is always recommended to purchase side protections or alarm systems.

Depth of the pool

The depth of the inground pool is variable and must always correspond to the customer's needs. If he wants to have a pool where he can swim, it will certainly be essential to have a certain depth and even a certain size of the pool, but if there are children, the pool must also have an area where the water is rather shallow. Those who want a diving board must provide for an adequate water height.


The inground pool is made more complete by various accessories such as the ladder that facilitates entry into the water, made of plastic or masonry with steps that reach directly inside the pool. The cover for an inground pool, when choosing the fiberglass pool, is usually sold in combination. On the other hand, when a tiled swimming pool is created, even if cover sheets are on sale, it is always preferable to choose a closing system with shutters. It is an automatic system that flows directly on the water thus preventing any animal from infiltrating. The opening and closing are operated by means of a remote control and this facilitates the closing even on a daily basis. Certainly the cost of this system is considerably higher than that of buying a towel but it guarantees the water to definitely remain cleaner especially if the inground pool is located in an area next to trees.

High costs

The inground pool still continues to have its charm and be a dream for many, also considering its costs, different from an above ground pool. It is completed with a side flooring chosen in suitable materials, which do not heat up easily in the sun. Among other things, the inground pool is a work of unlimited duration, provided of course that proper maintenance is performed both daily and annually.

Pools: Underground pools in reinforced concrete

Inground pools can be designed and built with different materials, each with its own needs and specificities.

The construction technologies are truly the most diverse and now completely customizable, able to respond to needs that are very far from each other.

Reinforced concrete swimming pools have on their side two important characteristics that almost everyone pays attention to and give weight in the decision to build a swimming pool: versatility and adaptability.

The reinforced concrete structure allows you to build in-ground swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, therefore room for creativity.

Inground pools: advantages, maintenance and prices

Are inground pools a pipe dream for you? Maybe you haven't taken a look at the latest offers in this field, [...]

The inground pools am I a pipe dream for you? Maybe you haven't taken a look at the latest offers in this field, because nowadays things have changed a lot compared to a few years ago! In fact, if once having a real swimming pool in the garden was a luxury that only a few people could afford, now it is no longer the case. The latest generation and modern in-ground pools have a stunning design, a much lower price compared to a few years ago and much, much shorter construction times! In short, if your dream has always been a beautiful inground pool and you have the opportunity and space to put one in your garden, perhaps the time has come to take it seriously.

The advantages of in-ground pools

Inground pools represent an element that is fully integrated into your home (and more precisely in the garden): unlike inflatable pools therefore, these types of pools go to increase the value of your property. If one day you want to sell your home, having an inground pool in the garden will allow you to raise the selling price and at the same time find many more interested buyers! This is the biggest advantage from a purely economic point of view, but let's see why in-ground pools are so loved and dreamed of.

Inflatable pools, however large they may be, can never be as large as in-ground pools: this is a rather obvious element, but it really makes a difference if you think about it. Having a swimming pool in the garden is beautiful: it allows you to organize parties and parties in a unique environment, to relax during the holidays and to train by doing some healthy swimming everyday! With an inflatable or above ground pool this would be impossible.

Design and construction of underground pools

World leader in the construction and sale of inground pools, Piscine Castiglione creates for its customers an offer of innovative solutions that can be adapted to every need and desire. The swimming pool as an accessory that completes a garden, becomes a real piece of furniture and it is for this reason that its realization comes from the study of the real needs of customers by our designers.

Creativity, customization, technology, are important principles in the company philosophy that allow the creation of a wide range: inground pools or above ground pools, outdoor pools or internal with a creative design that only our technologies allow to apply also in this type of architectural design.

Important elements in the offers that Piscine Castiglione offers to its customers are the countless accessories that will be able to complete their pool in the best possible way, allowing you to experience it at 360 °.

There professionalism and thehigh material engineering of Piscine Castiglione, allowed the company to acquire world leadership in the sector, becoming official partner of major sporting events International and World Swimming Championships.

Reinforced concrete, steel, fiberglass or expanded polystyrene: which pool is more convenient?

Until a few years ago the average cost of one standard inground pool (dimensions 10 × 5 meters and 1.5 meters deep) of oval or rectangular shape made in reinforced concrete it was around 20,000 euros. This model of swimming pools has long been the most popular option for the resistance of the structure over time, but it has a number of disadvantages such as the high cost, mainly due to the type of material used, the long times for the masonry necessary for the installation of the tank and the poor elasticity of reinforced concrete in the event of landslides. Weak points that have pushed companies in the sector to change their strategy and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions. Among the main types of inground pools we find on the market today:

Pools in steel panels

They are the new standard in terms of swimming pools for residential use, ensuring the right compromise between price, installation time and durability. The structure of these pools is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel panels, equipped with side buttresses that increase its strength. At the end of the excavation, this structure is placed on a concrete base (slab) about 15 cm thick, while inert material is generally used for backfilling the excavation and filling. In fact, this type of swimming pool does not require special masonry works and this contributes to lowering the cost of materials and labor. A turnkey project can cost between 12,000 and 15,000 euros.

Steel sheet swimming pools

In some ways, it is the less expensive version of steel panel pools. In fact, the sheets have a lower price than the panels, while offering a good yield in terms of durability. The installation of these inexpensive inground pools requires lateral containment walls, but these structures have a minimal impact on the final cost, which varies between 10,000 and 15,000 euros, including the water filtering system.

Monobloc fiberglass swimming pools

There prefabricated structure fiberglass allows you to install these pools very quickly and at low cost. To make the price rise, however, is the transport that must necessarily be carried out with special means. Furthermore, it is essential that the ground identified to place the tank is perfectly stable to prevent any injuries and damage to the structure. The price ranges from 16,000 to 19,000 euros.

Pools in EPS formwork

They represent the evolution of underground reinforced concrete swimming pools. THE expanded polystyrene blocks and the metal meshes completely replace the reinforcement of the walls, while still offering excellent resistance and excellent thermal insulation. The structure is therefore lighter and easier to install, reducing the overall cost to 15,000-18,000 euros.

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Inground pools

If you have an outdoor space it is possible to foresee the placement of one inground pool, which will highlight your garden and will allow you to enjoy the summer days from the comfort of your own home.

The new revolution of the inground pool was introduced by the European company Gre , world leader in the production of kit pools.
The in-ground pool in a do-it-yourself kit, it has been specially designed for a simple and fast assembly, but also lasting over time and with a considerable reduction in purchase and production costs.

These kits are composed of rolls / walls in galvanized and galvanized, corrugated and painted steel - from a sheet (liner) made of ultra-pure PVC, anti-UV and anti-algae and very long-lasting - complete with sand filtration and pipes - ladder in stainless steel. The range includes various shapes available in various sizes and depths of 120 or 150 cm.

For some years our company has been dealing with the sale and installation of swimming pools also made with other types of structures: steel panel structures is structures with polystyrene formworks.

From us you can also buy the full range of chemical products, cleaning robots and essential accessories to make the most of your pool and make it last over time.

Video: How to install a fiberglass swimming pool.

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