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The firm "Petromash" manufactures and sells various metal products for gardening purposes: greenhouses and greenhouses made of polycarbonate, showers and sinks for summer cottages, water heaters, picnic goods (barbecues, smokehouses), snow-removing equipment, fan heaters

We supply products throughout the Russian Federation, as well as to large and small wholesale customers in St. Petersburg.

The Petromash company is a dynamically developing enterprise, established in 2001. The company has its own production base on the Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg and has many years of experience in the field of metalworking. The warehouse and office are located in one place - on the territory of the production base.

We are glad to cooperate!
We invite trading companies and all interested parties to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms. We are ready to make a favorable price offer and guarantee high quality products.

Our production:


Greenhouse "Solnechnaya"
Greenhouse "Solnechnaya" is a classic-shaped greenhouse with a gable roof made of a galvanized bent steel corner 1.5 mm thick. The basic set of polycarbonate greenhouses includes a door and a window, located on opposite ends of the frame. To cover the frame of the greenhouse made of Solnechnaya polycarbonate, you can use materials such as glass, cellular polycarbonate or foil. The Petromash company sells cellular polycarbonate 4 mm thick as a material for covering greenhouses.

The main characteristics of the frame of the "Solnechnaya" greenhouse:
- Greenhouse width: 2.35 meters;
- Greenhouse height: 2 meters;
- Greenhouse length: from 3.34 meters;
- Greenhouse lengthening step: 1.1 meters;
- Greenhouse frame: galvanized bent steel corner 1.5 mm thick;
- Acceptable greenhouse cover: polycarbonate, glass, film
Can be equipped with partitions, additional doors and roof vents

Features of the greenhouse "Solnechnaya":
- The angle of inclination of the roof ensures even snow melting in winter.
- The distance between the posts is 55 centimeters, which ensures high rigidity of the greenhouse frame. Resistant to wind loads.
- Compactness. A complete set of disassembled greenhouses can be transported by car.
- Galvanized steel ensures a long life for the greenhouse.
- The optimal lengthening step of 1.1 meters of the frame will allow you to choose the length of the greenhouse for any area.
- The width of the greenhouse of 2.35 meters allows you to place two beds inside, which are convenient to handle.
- Large mounting screws. The greenhouse frame is assembled with M6 screws, and not with self-tapping screws and small screws that break with a screwdriver when tightened well.

Arched greenhouse
The arched greenhouse is made of galvanized steel 1.5 mm thick (facades, power and load-bearing elements) and galvanized steel special profile 1.0 mm thick (arc elements). To cover the frame of an arched greenhouse made of "Petromash" polycarbonate, you can use materials such as: cellular polycarbonate or foil. The Petromash company sells cellular polycarbonate 4 mm thick as a material for covering greenhouses.

The main characteristics of the frame of the arched greenhouse "Petromash":
- Greenhouse width: 2.8 meters;
- Greenhouse height: 2 meters;
- Greenhouse length: from 4 meters;
- Greenhouse lengthening step: 2 meters;
- Greenhouse frame: galvanized steel 1-1.5 mm;
- Acceptable greenhouse cover: polycarbonate, foil.

Features of the arched greenhouse "Petromash":
- The semicircular shape of the roof prevents snow from accumulating in winter.
- The distance between the posts is 66 centimeters, which ensures a high rigidity of the greenhouse frame.
- Trapezoidal frame reinforcements supporting the roof arch are located every 2 meters in length.
- A complete set of disassembled greenhouses can be transported by car. The largest detail is a 1.8 *, 06 meter door
- Galvanized steel ensures a long life for the greenhouse.
- The optimal step of lengthening the frame of 2m will allow it to be covered with standard polycarbonate sheets. When covering the frame with polycarbonate, an overlap of 0.1 meters is formed, which compensates for possible unevenness of the foundation.
- A deep groove along the arc allows you to use the film to cover the frame (the film is fixed with a thick cord or rope along the groove), and also increases the rigidity of the arc element (there are 6 longitudinal stiffeners in total on the arc).
- The width of the greenhouse is 2.8 meters, allowing you to place two or three beds inside, which are convenient to handle.
- The greenhouse frame is assembled with M6 screws, and not with self-tapping screws and small screws that break with a screwdriver when tightened well.

Arc greenhouse
The arched arc greenhouse is made of galvanized steel 0.8 mm thick. Designed for one bed. Designed for growing cucumbers, salads, medium-sized root crops, zucchini, etc.

The main characteristics of the greenhouse frame:
- Greenhouse width: 1 meter;
- Greenhouse height: 1 meter;
- Greenhouse length: 5 meters;
- Greenhouse frame: galvanized steel 0.8 mm;
- Acceptable greenhouse cover: film.

Outdoor shower for the garden "Garden"

An outdoor shower for a summer cottage "Sadovy" is an opportunity to enjoy a hot shower in the country at any time. It is enough to fill the container with water and plug in the shower. As soon as the water in the tank heats up, the power will turn off automatically and the shower will go into the hot water storage mode.
The cabin is made of a high-quality corner with a side of 32 millimeters and a thickness of 4 millimeters and is painted with powder paint. Dimensions: sides 0.8 meters, height 2.20 meters. The water tank is a 220 liter plastic barrel.

Shower walls can be covered with PVC coated fabric (wind and moisture resistant) or opaque white polycarbonate. A tubular electric heater (TEN) with a capacity of 1.25 kW with an auto-shutdown sensor when the water temperature reaches 50 degrees is installed in the water tank.
For an additional fee, a water level can be installed in the shower barrel. This will allow you to fill the barrel incompletely and monitor the water level when using the shower.
An outdoor shower for a summer residence can be transported in a car. The shower is delivered unassembled and consists of 4 packing places

Washbasin "Dachny"
Available in 2 modifications:
Wash basin "Country" "Wet asphalt" with a plastic sink and water heater "ElBet"
Washbasin "Dachny" "White" with a stainless sink and water heater "ElBET-17"

The curbstone measuring 43 x 50 x 130 cm is made of galvanized steel and painted with powder paint. We produce washbasins for summer cottages in white and beige colors, as well as in the colors "Antique copper" and "Wet asphalt".

At a height of 80 cm from the floor, there is an overhead sink, which can be either plastic or stainless steel. The back wall of the washbasin, which rises above the sink, is intended for installing a water heater or a washbasin cistern on it. You have the opportunity to purchase not only plastic water heaters and tanks, but also Petromash stainless steel water heaters produced by our company.

Braziers and cauldrons

Dryers for mushrooms, vegetables and fruits
Dryer for mushrooms, vegetables and fruits "Ryzhik Super" is made of steel with subsequent powder coating. Has five trays for drying 30x30 centimeters, made of metal mesh. The design is based on a fan complemented by a 750 W * ceramic heating block. The stream of heated air passing through the ceramic heating block is directed through the divider onto the trays, thus drying takes place.
The product dries up, evenly releasing moisture; gentle drying mode is observed. The ceramic heating block consumes less electricity and has a higher heating capacity.

In addition, the ceramic block reaches the design temperature almost immediately after turning on the dryer. Thus, the Ryzhik Super dryer for mushrooms, vegetables and fruits on the basis of a ceramic heating block allows you to process food faster and safer, and most importantly - cheaper. Using the "Ryzhik Super" dryer for mushrooms and fruits, you can prepare a large amount of mushrooms, fruits and herbs for the winter.

Snow removal equipment
"Petromash" offers a wide range of cleaning equipment. The production of shovels and engines as raw materials uses hard or cold-worked rolled aluminum alloys with a thickness of 1.5 millimeters (at the request of the customer, you can buy snow shovels from 2mm rolled products). The assortment is large and allows you to buy classic-shaped snow shovels with three sides in particular, as well as a snow shovel that fits in the trunk of a car. As well as single-breasted snow shovels, snow shovels with a bottom entry and wide shovels, suitable for cleaning large areas. The winter range includes an ice ax scraper, which is convenient for removing stubborn snow, as well as cleaning steps and staircases from ice. We use galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.55 millimeters for the production of scoops. The range includes classic T-handled scoops as well as long-handled scoops and tipping scoops.


Panini (PANINI) - the world leader in the development and production of collectible stickers, cards, collectible albums. Buying a packet of stickers in the Elvil Internet hypermarket, in Moscow, you get a real surprise, since which stickers will replenish your collection remains a mystery until the Panini package is opened. The Panini production in Italy was founded in 1961 by the Panini brothers. For its dedication to football, Panini was awarded the rights to the UEFA Champions League Collector's Series in 1999 and has been the official manufacturer of UEFA stickers ever since. Panini's head office is located in Modena. The first appearance of collectible stickers in Russia took place in 1990, from the FIFATM World Cup collection. In 1996, the sale of a collection of stickers dedicated to the brightest football players and players of the European Football Championship in England was announced in Russia, the Russian language was added to the international version for the first time. At the beginning of 2000, a collection of Panini stickers "UEFA Champions League" was presented on the Russian market. A landmark event in 2018 for Russian collectors of football stickers was the release of the Panini collection series for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Collections with stickers and Panini cards are constantly updated, at the moment, collectors of Russia have access to a series of stickers:

Landscaping, landscape design in Kazakhstan

Sphagnum moss. Mountain, lively, green. Freshly picked, clean, no debris. For decor, kokedam and flower pots. 1 liter - 500 tenge

GARDEN SERVISE is a landscape gardening company. Landscaping and planting works of all kinds. Landscaping, preparation of design estimates. Sowing a lawn with seeds, roll.

Landscaping. From project to implementation! lawns, alpine slides, waterfalls, ponds, Japanese gardens, planting of coniferous and deciduous trees, flower beds, rose gardens, mixes and much more. ...

Lawns, flower gardens and rose gardens, planting mixes of all types of trees. Alpine gardens, ponds, reservoirs and waterfalls. Japanese gardens. Demolition of trees, pruning formation. Treatment of trees from parasites. Drawing areas. Consultations.

Lawn device, sowing method, turf laying method (rolled lawn). Alpine hills, flower beds. Artificial waterfalls, reservoirs with streams and cascades. Planting of coniferous, deciduous, fruit trees.

LLP "Biz-Ber" Sale of MAF, fountains with a pool, flowerpots, flower beds, flower vases, pots, flower beds, garden benches, benches, garden sculptures, garden figurines, garden lights, small architectural.

Firm Petromash, greenhouses, hotbeds, showers and equipment for a summer residence - garden and vegetable garden

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Creation of decorative ponds and waterfalls in Ukraine

After the winter period, at the moment of significant stable warming, it is necessary to de-preserve the pools: all plugs are removed, equipment and units are installed and adjusted, the level rises.

Our company offers a range of services to create the landscape of your dreams: - Landscaping design of gardens and parks. - Creation of rockeries, rock gardens, gravel and water gardens (reservoirs.

BIO-INDUSTRIES GROUP © 2017 NATURAL CLEANING OF THE ENVIRONMENT POND-PLUS For removing sediment in ponds and aquariums + Restores biological activity + Naturally purifies water +.

We will perform any work on facing and decorating with natural stone

Dredger services. Beaches, dams, wintering pits for fish, fire reservoirs, drainage channels, etc. Deepening the bottom, removing silt, cleaning the reservoir from reeds, cattails, algae. Strengthening the banks.

UkrSad TM offers the creation of swimming ponds, as well as the construction of artificial reservoirs. We carry out the construction of reservoirs of various sizes and purposes (small decorative ponds, streams, waterfalls.

We bring to your attention a volumetric geogrid "UKRGEOSOT" of domestic production (plant in Cherkassy) TU U 17.5-33498333-003: 2010 Delivery by New mail to all regions of Ukraine! There is flexible.

The ArtGarden company is engaged in the construction of turnkey decorative ponds. We will provide you with advice from our specialists with many years of experience. We will advise, tell and build as you want.

Bio-pool construction.The bio-pool differs from the traditional pool by the exclusive, patented technology of natural water purification by plants and microorganisms. This is swimming in a living, crystal.

Selection, sale and installation of equipment for a pond. Fish pond filter (no fish). Pond pump. Pond floodlight, skimmer. Aerators. From trusted manufacturers. At the best prices. Call.

Turnkey construction services: from $ 50 per m2. Decorative ponds, artificial reservoirs, streams, waterfalls, fountains, bioplato, reconstruction of reservoirs. The "turnkey" reservoir construction includes: •.

Construction of artificial lakes, reservoirs. We will make preparations for the construction of the lake. We will clear and remove waste and unnecessary vegetation from the coastal area. 1, Determination of the location of the lake.

Aqua design undoubtedly decorates the space, giving it a touch of exclusivity. In his arsenal - artificial ponds, lakes and other bodies of water, waterfalls, ordinary and glass. It is also worth noting that apart from.

Construction of artificial reservoirs, waterfalls .. In the construction of ponds, we do not use filtering equipment or chemicals for water purification. Our artificial ponds are self-cleaning at the expense of natural ones.

Design and construction of decorative reservoirs: ponds, streams, cascades, as well as springs, fountains.

Top Cube brings to your attention plastic ponds and reservoirs made of frost-resistant polyethylene and polypropylene, which are manufactured according to standard and individual projects. You can order a pond of any size.

Garden plastic ponds made of polyethylene, of any shape and size. Material color: black (polyethylene), on request - white, blue, gray (polypropylene). Delivery in Ukraine

We produce plastic ponds for summer cottages. Strong material of the form: polyethylene of German production with a thickness of 3-5 mm has a service life of up to 50 years, is frost-resistant, is not afraid of germination of plant roots, leaks.

The floating wheel-blade aerators are excellent at spraying water, creating a huge variety of small sprays that provide excellent water-air contact. At the same time, a directional flow is formed.

The turbo-ejector aerator is equipped with a low-noise surface-mounted electric motor. The reliable impeller motor produces strong water circulation at low energy consumption. Due to the high speed.

The third trick is to install the bars not outside the window, but from the inside, in the house

In this case, the robbers will not be able to immediately bite them, cut them down, or tear them off the wall with a mechanical tool. You will have to break the window first, and this is noise and additional hassle. In addition, if there is an alarm in the house, then it will go off immediately after the glass has been broken open or broken. And in front of the thieves there is still an internal grill that prevents them from quickly entering the house. The thickness of the metal rods should be from 13-14 millimeters, so that it was not easy to bite them. It is desirable to supplement such protection with anti-burglar fittings for double-glazed windows.

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