Common mistakes when choosing a gazebo

Curved and thin seedlings need additional lighting. But you need to choose it taking into account the specifics of each lamp color. Red stimulates growth. Under its rays, plants straighten and stretch upward.

The blue color retains the shape of the plants, prevents them from stretching and inhibits the thickening of the stems. Yellow and green lighting is the least effective with minimal impact.

Unsuitable soil

Watermelon cannot be classified as one of those garden crops that will give bountiful harvests in absolutely any soil. It is unlikely that it will be possible to grow watermelons in dense clay areas. For their full development, a sufficiently loose and fertile soil is needed. Therefore, excessively dense soil must be loosened. For this purpose, humus, peat and sand can be added to the soil.

Planning errors

When planning lots on their own, people often make the same mistakes. Their consequences are quite serious, in many cases a large amount of work needs to be redone. But it's easy to avoid such mistakes. The most common of them are four:

  1. The owner of the land does not have an understanding of how he wants to see his site. And you need to start planning just with thinking over the purpose of the territory and style: permanent or temporary residence, gardening or growing vegetables, how many people and who exactly will be on the territory at the same time, whether it is planned to keep poultry or animals, whether you need a pool or garage, etc.
  2. Chaotic arrangement of buildings and other objects on the site.
  3. Planting plants, especially large species, without taking into account the characteristics of their growth. The optimal number of trees on a plot of 10 acres is 15 - 20.
  4. Insufficient study of the territory - relief, soil, position of the sun and other natural features.

Pros and cons

Roller shutters are attractive in appearance and easy to install, but making them yourself is not cheap

The positive qualities of roller shutter gates include the following:

  • These designs save you from the need to remove snow that has fallen in front of the garage in winter.
  • They are easy to install, they do not need special care during operation, a properly installed structure will serve for a long time
  • Roller shutters are very compact and require little space for their installation. Unlike other gate designs, they do not take up additional space when opening
  • The profile used in the manufacture of the structure saves heat. Plus, it protects against dirt, so your garage is always clean and warm.
  • Automatic roller shutters can be opened remotely without leaving the car.

  • They do not retain heat well, since when they open, they let in a lot of air from the street.
  • Freezing of the mechanisms and lamellas of the door leaf is possible, in the winter period the moisture in the gaps between the lamellas turns into ice, and it can be problematic to open the gate. You will need to easily knock on the canvas, and only then open
  • Self-production of roller shutter gates will significantly hit your pocket.

Photo of parcel styles

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