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I heard that some changes have been made to the drawing up of the boundary plan. What are they?V. Gusev, gardener, St. Petersburg

Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of November 24, 2008 No. 412 approved the form of the land-plot plan and the requirements for its preparation, as well as an approximate form of notification of the meeting to agree on the location of the boundaries of land plots. It indicates the information entered in the state real estate cadastre, about the formed land plots or about a part or parts of a land plot; new information about land plots required for entry into the state cadastre of real estate. Previously, documents on land surveying (description, drawing of land plots, information about them, etc.) were submitted to the cadastral registration authority. The land plot plan consists of text and graphic parts, which are divided into mandatory sections and sections, the inclusion of which depends on the type of cadastral work. The required sections are: initial data; information about the performed measurements and calculations; layout of land plots; drawing of land plots and their parts. In some cases, the conclusion of the cadastral engineer is included in the composition of the land survey plan (if, for example, the previously established boundaries of land plots do not correspond to their actual location; it is necessary to justify the size of the land plots formed). The land survey plan is drawn up in the form of one or two documents. As a single document, a landline plan is drawn up if one or more land plots are formed as a result of division, redistribution, allocation of a share; specifies information about land plots and their boundaries. If land plots are formed by specifying the location of the boundary of the original land plot, then a land plot plan is drawn up to clarify the location of the land plot boundary and a land plot plan for the formation of land plots. To draw up a land plot plan, a cadastral extract of the land plot, cadastral plan of the territory, cartographic materials and land management documentation are used. , other documents. Depending on the grounds for the formation of land plots, a package of accompanying documentation is attached to the land plot plan.In connection with the entry into force of the decree and taking into account that before January 1, 2009, documents prepared according to the old rules established by order of October 2, 2002 N P / 327 were accepted, acts of civil legislation were drawn up that have no retroactive effect and apply to relations, arising after their entry into force, a transitional period was introduced, which is valid until July 1, 2009, during which citizens and legal entities that have entered into contracts for the performance of work, as a result of which the preparation of documents necessary for registration in cadastral records is provided, instead of boundary plans in the cadastral registration authority may provide descriptions of land plots. During the transition period, the description of land plots is drawn up taking into account the letter of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia dated 08.08.2008 No. 11013-IM / D23. In the requisite "attesting signatures" of the title page of the description of land plots, in addition, after the signature of the person who made the description, the date of the conclusion of the contract for the performance of cadastral works is given. It is difficult to judge the problems that land owners may have after the entry into force of order No. 412 of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation dated November 24, 2008. Indeed, before July 1, 2009, you can submit documents prepared according to the "old" rules, if the contract with the geodetic organization was signed before January 1, 2009 (the so-called transition period). As far as the author knows, for January there were no boundary plans that would have been brought to the stage of delivery. At the moment it is not clear what else will be included in the package of documents for the land plot being formed. As of the end of 2008, along with the description of the land plots (what will now be the land-surveying plan), a land management business is being done. In order No. 412 nothing is spelled out regarding the land management business. If we assume that the land management business will remain, then a lot of information from it will be duplicated by the boundary plan. If there is no land management business, then the boundary plan does not reflect in any way how to show the protected zones (power lines, water bodies, etc.). At the moment, in the explication of buildings (structures), it is required, in addition to indicating whether the object is residential (non-residential), to indicate its belonging (garage, shed, etc.).The ending follows

Viktor Shchelokov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for Legal Support of Land Users St. Petersburg, st. Gorokhovaya, 53 + 7 (812) 605-08-40

Land planning: example of a phased plan

Design development and planning of a land plot or territory near a country house, 10, 20, 15 or 12 hectare in size, is an incredibly interesting and exciting activity. When it comes to such a large enough area for work, the one who plans the design of its landscape is practically unlimited at all. Indeed, on such an area there is the possibility of placing not only the most necessary, but also everything that your heart desires - for example, a huge number of fruitful vegetable beds or the creation of some kind of amazing garage design. The main thing is a well-thought-out plan and a correct work program.

Before creating a landscape design plan for a summer cottage territory, measuring 15, 10, 12 or 20 square meters, you should carefully consider the location of the main attributes, and only then fix it all on paper by making an accurate plan of your site - examples of such plans are provided on the Internet ...

As an example of a competent planning of the design of a plot of a summer cottage or a country house, you can use the following plan:

  • The premises of the house should be built in the northern zone of the summer cottage or in the backyard, which will provide an opportunity to save as much as possible and use the area illuminated by the sun's rays. It should be used as a place for setting up a garden or creating a vegetable garden, as well as an area that is intended for recreation.
  • Window openings should be made on both sides of the house - it is best to give preference to the western and eastern sides of the building. In this case, the territory of the entire summer cottage or suburban area, including the entire design of the site as a whole, can be clearly visible, and the rooms of the house will be bright. Then, when there is such an opportunity, window openings should be made on every wall of the house.
  • There should be a gate at a short distance from the front door that leads into the house. If you have your own car, the location of the garage should also be close to the home. You should not build it in the depths of the territory, because in this case, a lot of space is lost, which is necessary for arranging the entrance to the garage.

  • Farther from the building (that is, on the opposite side of the site), you can set up a garden and a vegetable garden - they must be surrounded by decorative fences. An important condition for this event is a competent choice of a place - it must be well lit by direct sunlight. Fruit and berry crops should be planted along the entire perimeter of the garden fence - this will provide an opportunity to reliably protect the harvest of fruits and vegetables that will grow in the beds from the wind, and in addition, they will also help hide from neighboring eyes.
  • At a short distance from the territory of the garden and vegetable garden, an outbuilding should be erected, in which all the necessary garden equipment will be stored.
  • The area intended for recreation should also be equipped at a short distance from the country house. On this territory, a gazebo should be built, a brazier should be installed not far from it and a place in which firewood will be stored should be arranged.
  • At a short distance from the area intended for the recreation of family members and guests of the cottage, it is necessary to create a children's corner. The device of such elements as a house, a trampoline and sandboxes will be able to please absolutely every little member of the family.

  • At a short distance from the recreation area, but away from the playground, an inflatable pool (or, if desired, any other) should be installed. Every family member or guest of a summer house / country house will want to freshen up in the water heated by the sun's rays on a hot afternoon - this is a good example of arranging a summer house.
  • In that zone of the summer cottage or suburban area, which is closest to the gazebo, a wooden bath should be built. The bath is extremely useful for maintaining the health of almost any modern person.
  • It remains to connect the buildings on the summer cottage with garden paths, beautifully paved with materials such as brick, tile or a wooden saw cut. In addition, paths can be created using concrete, expanded clay or any other coating.
  • Lanterns and flower beds with decorative flowering crops should be installed at both ends of the paths. The use of decorative figures of animals and gnomes is also appropriate here. In addition, it is good to place a couple of benches and a small number of stumps along the edges of the paths.

Field work

In geodesy, "field work" is the direct measurement of a site. They are performed in the state coordinate system → tacheometers (the link describes how to work with a tacheometer) or using GPS observations.

In the case of measurements of your own site, the longest side of the fence or residential building should be taken as the starting point. Pre-sketch a sketch of the area on which you will then apply measurements. For convenience, choose a larger piece of paper, draw lines under the ruler (Fig. 1 a). To avoid confusion, label the legend on the outline. You may also find useful an article → about marking and breakdown on the ground.

Let's start at home. Measure it around the perimeter, fixing the obtained values ​​of the lengths of the lines.

To complete the picture, it is desirable for us to go to the starting point. As you can see from the illustration, the blue arrow shows measurements inside the premises. To obtain the external dimensions, the thickness of the walls must be added to the obtained value (Fig. 1b). We now have a rigid outline of the house, which will form the basis for the DIY plan.

We apply measurements of the remaining structures on the site. If the baseline and the measured line are parallel, one measurement will be sufficient.

In other cases, two or more measurements will be required. In geodesy, this method is called the method of alignments and perpendiculars.

If there was a separate building on the site, the measurement scheme would look as shown in Figure 1c.

On the ground, it is not always possible to postpone a right angle, so measurement of diagonals can serve as a control of measurements (Fig. 1d).

This method in surveying is called the linear serif method. In the same way, we will get the extreme turning points of the plot boundary, taking into account that most of the values ​​at that moment will already be known to us (Fig. 1e).

In practice, it is not always possible to obtain the exact dimensions due to the congestion of the site, so we will use parallel transfer method.

We move the tape parallel to the measured value to get around the obstacle. In this case, the length of the desired side will be equal to the sum of measurements of the blue and red lines in the drawing (Fig. 2).

The result of our work will be an outline with dimensions, which we will turn into a do-it-yourself plot plan (Figure 3 a).

If all dimensions do not fit on the drawing, take them out on a separate sheet of paper.

Although you can do what you want on your own land, there are mandatory requirements that are monitored by architectural supervision and local authorities. They are taken into account in the master plan, which is drawn up before the design of the site.

The development of the document solves the following tasks:

  • coordination of the development project with state authorities and obtaining permission for the arrangement of the allotment
  • rational distribution of objects on the territory (residential building, outbuildings, swimming pool, garden, playground, garage, etc.), taking into account the relief, climatic and other features of the area.

The drawings depict a technically competent and safe communication scheme, as well as the correct and convenient location of buildings in accordance with fire and sanitary standards.

A sample contract for the purchase and sale of a land plot - how to draw up and where to download?

Any contract that does not contradict current legislation is permitted by law. How to draw up a contract of purchase and sale of a land plot? The contract can be drawn up in any written form, taking into account that it specifies the essential conditions for the contract for the sale of a land plot. A form or a sample of such an agreement can be found on the Internet in the public domain.
We recommend downloading a sample agreement for the purchase and sale of a land plot from the official website of Rosreestr, since it is Rosreestr that is responsible for registering real estate transactions. The downloaded sample purchase agreement should be used as an example, but taking into account the specifics of your transaction.

Free land surveying options

Interested parties in the procedure are both the future owner and the current landowner (under conditions that prevent the sale and purchase transaction).

There are some options for free land surveying:

  • If the property was obtained through an auction (in this case, all work is carried out at the expense of the former owner).
  • When carrying out complex cadastral works, when a huge territory is covered (in this case, land surveying occurs in the course of work with a huge quarter, which is paid by the customer).

For the second case, a special financial program has been created by the state, which implies a wholesale survey. Owners of small plots get the opportunity to complete all documentation for free. Citizens are informed about the start of work through the media and personal notifications. If the information has not reached the land user, he still cannot refuse land surveying. If any controversial issues arise, the department for resolving land issues is connected, where you can appeal the actions.

In case of refusal to land surveying, the owner does not have the right to perform any legal actions with the site (transactions, inheritance).

Dear Readers! We cover standard methods for solving legal problems, but your case may be special. We will help find a solution to your specific problem for free - just call our legal advisor by phone:

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