Asparagus (lat. Asparagus) is a representative of the family of asparagus plants (previously referred to as liliaceae). Grows in Europe, Asia and the African continent. More than three hundred species of asparagus or asparagus are already known.

What plants belong to the agave family?

And Wikipedia considers the subfamily Agave - Agavoideae, as part of the Asparagaceae family. A complete list of 28 genera belonging to this subfamily is also given there: This approach is obviously the most modern, since the authoritative botanical resource (a list of all plant species known in the world) contains data only on the Asparagaceae family (even without dividing into subfamilies), which includes which lists the species that previously belonged to the Agavaceae family.

The agave family in the modern world is distinguished into a separate genus, although it was previously referred to as a subfamily of the lily family.

For the most part, plants of the agave family are herbaceous plants that have a shortened stem or it is completely absent. But among this family there are also tree-like plants.

The root system of these flowers is fibrous. Leaves are lanceolate or linear, arranged in a spiral on the stem of the flower. Very often they are collected in dense rosettes, and small thorns are located at the edges of the leaf. Flowers are collected in inflorescences that form on long branched peduncles. Most often, the flowers are bisexual, have the shape of a bell or tube, and the color of the petals is yellow or white. The ovary can be both upper, for example, in yucca, and lower, for example, in agave. As a fruit, we observe a box or a berry (but this is less common).

The most ornamental plants of flowers of the agave family are varietal agaves. Man contributed to their spread in countries with hot climates. Such plants are very often used as indoor plants.

The Agave family unites 10 genera, 450 species, common in the arid tropical and subtropical regions of North and Central America, in the north of South America, on the islands of the Caribbean basin, and also in East Asia.

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