Garden gnomes

The garden gnomes

Garden gnomes are cute colorful gnomes that are placed in the garden to make it more cheerful and less formal. They are mainly made of plastic or terracotta, and in both cases they turn out to be quite particular. However, both versions tend to fade over time. For garden gnomes to keep their color intact, they must be painted periodically. Often ceramic is also used as an alternative to terracotta, which gives the statue a more polished appearance. Whatever the material from which the garden gnomes are made, this guarantees excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, considering that the statues remain exposed to the elements during the winter period.

How to place them

Those who buy garden gnomes can decide whether to fix them to the ground or use them only in summer and then store them in a sheltered place for the winter. The garden gnome must be fixed on a small base with concrete: this will make it more resistant even to strong gusts of wind. Garden dwarfs are usually placed under plants, although in other cases, to make them clearly visible, they can occupy empty spaces in the garden. Together with the dwarves, Snow White is also sold. The various elements can be purchased individually or with a single set.

Decorative and functional value

The original garden dwarf had only a purely decorative function, but today they are associated with other garden accessories, so the dwarf also becomes functional. The garden gnome, for example, if associated with a vase, can turn into a nice planter. There are so many models: the dwarf with the wheelbarrow that becomes a vase holder, the dwarf that holds a container in one hand that also turns into a vase. This makes the garden gnome an object that is increasingly in demand because it can also be used to plant flowers. In this particular case, the dwarf must be placed in a space in the garden, where the plant can receive adequate lighting. It will also be necessary to think about the well-being of the flower and not only about the place where the dwarf could be better visible. The garden gnome is also used as a lighting element. It can in fact be equipped with a small solar panel, which allows the small lamp, generally placed on the side of the garden gnome, to light up. These last two models of garden gnomes just described have a different cost compared to the garden gnome with a purely decorative function. Many prefer to choose it in a more 'complete' version because with a single purchase they can have both a garden statue and a useful element both for lighting and for holding flowers.

Historical note

Garden dwarfs became part of garden furniture starting from the eighteenth century when Sir Charles Isham imported terracotta figures in England and placed them in his garden. Since then, the use of garden dwarfs has begun and continues to survive today, even if the value they once had is very different from that of today, since the market for garden furniture has significantly expanded and offers the possibility of including works of art with a decorative function in the garden.

An excellent gift idea

Garden dwarfs always remain a colorful and lively element that brings a touch of color between the vegetation so 'carefree' that it can adapt to any style of garden. Among other things, dwarfs, like goblins, are also symbols of good luck, so giving garden gnomes could be an undoubtedly original and auspicious idea. The garden dwarfs are also made as small side tables or as poufs. The size of the nano is such that it can support a support surface, usually circular, which can be used as an outdoor table or as a stool. In both cases it is an excellent solution for the garden, and which in winter can be moved inside the house and give the same pleasant appearance.

Evolution over time

We realize how the garden dwarf has transformed with the passage of time and precisely this evolution has allowed it to survive considering how much the outdoor furniture sector has been overwhelmed by new trends in recent years. The garden dwarfs are cute and colorful, each representing one of the seven dwarfs from the famous fable, so each represents a very distinctive character. Their facial expressions and their attire really make them dwarfs who look like they came out of a cartoon. Those who have a large garden can also buy the entire series and this space will turn into a fairy place, where the dwarves will peep out among the vegetation. Among other things, it is also an element of the garden much appreciated by children who cannot help but find them fun and nice. The only recommendation is to place them in a space in the garden where it is difficult to hit them otherwise they could break.

Garden furniture: Furnish with the dwarfs

The dwarfs are nice furnishing items for the garden that give sympathy and joy with their colors.

They are among the oldest furnishing items that have been used for the garden and are widespread throughout Europe.

In some countries, gnomes are a real good luck charm

Garden gnomes are placed in the garden to make it more cheerful and less formal.

Garden gnomes are usually made of plastic, earthenware or ceramic.

Terracotta and ceramic are obviously more fragile, however, and are subject to the wear and tear of time, they discolour sooner and can easily chip, so if you choose to buy terracotta dwarfs you will have to pay more attention to them.

Plastic, on the other hand, is easily washable and wears much less.

In any case and of whatever material they are made of, garden gnomes tend to discolour, so it is advisable to touch them up periodically, at least once a year, with paint.

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