Apollo insecticide: instructions for use, reviews of the drug

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If the plants in your garden or your indoor flowers suffer from herbivorous mites, Apollo will help solve this problem, which, when effectively applied to arachnids, is completely safe for bees and beneficial insects. We will tell you how to use this medication correctly.


Apollo is a contact acaricidal preparation that infects clutches and larvae of pests. It does not cause the death of adult ticks, but deprives them of their ability to reproduce, so the pest population is sharply reduced. Sometimes 1-2 sprays are enough to defeat ticks. The active ingredient of the drug is clofentisine.

Apollo is used against such ticks:

  • spiderweb carmine red;
  • McDaniel;
  • Pacific;
  • citrus red (or apple);
  • spider web ordinary;
  • Schlechtendahl.

The optimal period for the application of Apollo is the time interval between the swelling of the buds and the beginning of the formation of inflorescences. It is at this time that pests are most vulnerable. Re-processing is best done after flowering. If, after that, mites are found on the plants, you will have to change the drug: during one growing season, Apollo can be used only twice.

Benefits of Apollo

  • The drug acts on pests at the egg or larva stage.
  • Apollo is not toxic to beneficial acariphages and insects, including bees.
  • The drug is safe for plants and low toxicity to humans.
  • Apollo is a hormonal acaricide.
  • After processing Apollo plants, the protection lasts from 2 to 3 months.
  • Apollo can be mixed with neutral preparations.

Apollo instructions for use

First dissolve Apollo in a little water, then dilute the resulting solution with water to the desired volume. For the treatment of indoor plants, a solution of 2 ml of the drug in 5 l of water is prepared. Consumption of the preparation for the treatment of apple trees and other fruit trees - 4 ml / m², for garden strawberries - 3-4 ml / m², for grapes - 2.5-3.5 ml / m².

Apollo - a preparation of contact action, therefore, the plants must be treated carefully, trying to moisten the leaves on both sides with the solution.


The drug can be mixed with growth regulators and other insecticides, with the exception of those that have an alkaline reaction or which contain copper.

Security measures

Apollo has a 4th hazard class, that is, it is slightly toxic to humans. It is also not dangerous for bees and other beneficial insects.

  • However, it is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke during the treatment of plants with Apollo.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • When working with the drug, use personal protective equipment.
  • After completing the work, rinse the sprayer well.
  • After the procedure, soak protective equipment and clothing in a soapy solution, and then wash and wash thoroughly.

First aid

The recommendations below are intended only for FIRST aid, after which you should immediately consult a doctor and follow his instructions! DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF!

  • If Apollo gets on the skin, you need to remove the drug with a cloth or cotton wool, trying not to rub it in, after which you should rinse this part of the body with a running stream or soda solution.
  • If the drug gets into your eyes, rinse them for 15 minutes under running water, keeping them open.
  • If inhaled into lungs, change clothes and get out into fresh air.
  • If Apollo gets into the gastrointestinal tract, rinse out your mouth, drink a few glasses of activated charcoal water at the rate of 1 g of charcoal per kg of body, and try to induce vomiting. Then drink the same suspension again and, without causing vomiting, consult a doctor.

Storage Apollo

Store the drug for no more than 2 years away from fire, medicine and food in a dark, dry place at a temperature of -15 to +25 degrees. The storage place must be out of reach of children and animals.


Arkady: a good preparation, especially for the treatment of grapes from spider mites. There is enough protection for the whole season.

Olga: was treating trees in the garden with this drug when she discovered spider mites. Moreover, the first treatment was done before the beginning of flowering, and the second after its completion. The ticks were gone.

Sergey: it is bad that the drug is effective only against ticks, and to destroy other pests, you have to mix Apollo with insecticides. But the main plus is that there is enough protection against ticks for a long time.

Official website and manufacturer's recommendations: https://www.adama.com/ukraine/ua/crop-protection/insecticides/apollo.html


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Intavir - instructions for use and composition. What helps and when to treat with Intavir

Everyone knows that pests in the garden and in the garden greatly reduce the quantity and quality of the crop. And than just not have to fight with them. Wood ash, birch tar are used. But when even fitoverm does not help, one has to resort to "heavy artillery", using Intavir for processing. Of course, you don't want to poison planting vegetables with chemistry, but sometimes you have to. The main thing is that there is less harm from its use, it is necessary to apply it correctly, observing the exact dosages, and maintaining the waiting time.

The effectiveness of its use is marked by numerous positive reviews, although there are also negative reviews. I also like it, I especially have to use it in dry weather, when the cruciferous flea, literally bathing in the ash, still begins to devour young cabbage leaves.

Today I will tell you how to use Intavir correctly, and you yourself draw a conclusion whether you need to use this agent in the fight against insect pests or not.

Composition and properties of the drug Intavir

One of these drugs is Intavir, an insecticide that can have an enteric effect on all kinds of pests, be it aphids, thrips, flies, weevils, moths, Colorado beetles, mealybugs, scoops, cabbage whites, potato moths, carrot flies, etc. It makes no sense to list all insects, since the broad action of the agent gives an effective result, with at least 52 of their species.

The manufacturer of the insecticide managed to achieve this effect due to the universal composition of the drug, the main active ingredient of which is cypermethrin. The concentration of this substance, which is 37.5 g / kg, is such that even in one treatment it is possible to get rid of most of the pests without serious damage to the health of the person who carries out the treatment. And all because Intavir was assigned the III hazard class according to the international classification, as a result of which the agent is officially considered moderately toxic.

As for the release form, at present in pharmacies there is a powder or tablets readily soluble in water, weighing 8 g. Regardless of this feature, the method of application for Intavir is the same, as well as its purpose, which boils down to pest control and prevention their appearances.

Decis insecticide forms and concentrations

This insecticidal agent is available in the following forms:

    Decis Profi, VDG... In this preparation, the content of the active substance deltamethrin is 250 g / kg. The product is produced in the form of water-dispersible granules and is packaged in sachets of 1 g, or in vials with a volume of 600 mg.

Decis Expert, CE... In this tool, the amount of deltamethrin is 100 ml / l. the drug is produced in the form of a concentrated emulsion and is packaged in containers of 2 and 100 ml, as well as in containers of 1 and 5 liters.

  • Decis Lux, CE - this is a new product in the Decis line, which is also a concentrated emulsion, the deltamethrin content in the insecticide is 25 ml / l. The form of release of the insecticide Decis Lux - ampoules with a capacity of 5 ml, as well as cans of 1 and 5 liters.

  • Benefits

    Tsifox is popular for many reasons:

    • the product shows high efficiency not only in apartments and houses, but also in summer cottages, in artificial reservoirs
    • the agent has a detrimental effect on many harmful insects. Tsifox is often used against bedbugs, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, ticks, cockroaches
    • the drug destroys not only adults, but larvae of parasites and pests
    • liquid concentrate is suitable for use for five years
    • a noticeable effect appears after the first treatment: only half an hour passes, and dead insects are already visible
    • for warm-blooded animals and humans, the drug is low-toxic, but when inhaling vapors, working without protective devices, allergic reactions develop
    • acceptable cost of insecticidal and acaricidal composition
    • convenient packaging: each owner will select the optimal volume of the product (from 50 ml to 1 l)
    • prolonged action - the solution remains active in air for up to three months, in water - up to 20 days
    • re-treatment is rarely required: most larvae and adults die after the first procedure.

    Compatibility of the drug and analogues

    In farm conditions, the Colorado potato beetle taboo is often mixed with other means for more reliable protection and obtaining high results. It is compatible with drugs:

    • Vitaros - has an additional growth-regulating effect, used for etching
    • Bunker - an agent against soil and seed infections, from the thiazole group.
    • Vial Trust is a fungicide and pesticide produced by August (Russia), used as a disinfectant. Contains special anti-stress components.

    If there are no drugs from the Tabu line on sale, then it is recommended to purchase analogues:

    • Tuberculosis - refers to the means of double protection - from pests and some diseases
    • Commander is a popular remedy used to combat aphids, beetles, miner beetles, Colorado and wireworm
    • Prestige is a two-component remedy for the hated beetles, and also helps in the fight against late blight on potatoes. Manufactured by Bayer (Germany)
    • Prestige - an analogue of Prestige, cheaper in cost. Allowed to be used together with the drug Maxim, as well as with micronutrient fertilizers
    • Provotox is a granular remedy for wireworm, planting protection - up to 6-7 weeks.

    Insecticide Kinmix (2 ml): how to dilute and the benefits of the drug

    Insecticide Kinmix is ​​a highly effective modern agent for pest control of various agricultural crops.

    The substance has a wide range of effects, which makes it possible to successfully fight various types of harmful insects.

    Chemical properties

    The main substance that affects insects is beta-cypermethrin with a concentration of 50 g / l.

    The drug is available in the form of a concentrated emulsion, which should be diluted with water before use.

    How does the remedy work

    The active substance beta-cypermethrin, which is part of the Kinmix preparation, is a synthetic pyrethroid, which is distinguished by a high speed of contact and intestinal action.

    When the poison enters the insect's body, it affects their nervous system, causing paralysis with subsequent death. Distinctive is the fact that the drug Kinmix is ​​used against both adults and their larvae.

    Culture Harmful object Consumption rate of the drug Method, processing time, application features Waiting period, frequency of processing
    Potatoes Colorado beetle 2.5 ml / 10 l of water Spraying during the growing season.
    Consumption - up to 10 l / 100 sq.m
    20 (1)
    Cabbage Cabbage and turnip whitefish, cabbage scoop, cabbage moth
    Grapes Leaf rollers, leaf phylloxera Spraying during the growing season
    Consumption - from 2 to 5 l / bush (depending on the age and type of formation of the bush)
    30 (2)
    Currant Complex of harmful insects Spraying during the growing season
    Consumption - up to 1-1.5 l / bush
    20 (2)
    Cherry, sweet cherry Spraying during the growing season
    Consumption - from 2 to 5 l / tree (depending on the age and type of tree)
    Plum Silkworms, moths, leaf beetles, moths,
    Apple tree Complex of harmful insects

    Instructions for use

    For those who plan to treat their plots with this drug, it should be remembered that the instructions for using the Kinmix drug recommend applying by spraying onto pest-infected crops.

    Kinmix does not possess acaricidal properties, therefore, in conditions that are favorable for the reproduction of ticks, it should be used together or alternately with acaricides.


    Kinmix is ​​moderately hazardous to humans and highly hazardous to bees. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the flight of bees for 4-5 days in the border zone in the vicinity of 5 kilometers.

    It is forbidden to use Kinmix near fishery areas, as it is highly toxic to fish.


    Kinmix differs from agricultural pests in a wide range of advantages:

    • the ability to use for processing different agricultural crops
    • high efficiency
    • impact on different insects
    • parallel impact on larvae and adults
    • low consumption rates.

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    Although the instructions for use say that this agent is not toxic to humans and other warm-blooded animals, plants should still be treated with this insecticide in a protective suit. You also need to wear work gloves and a respirator.

    Below are the most frequently asked questions from readers about the Iskra insecticide.

    Spark has a double effect - when to use?

    This insecticidal substance is successfully used throughout the warm season to treat garden and vegetable crops against pests. The exception is the flowering period. They also stop using the insecticide 10-12 days before harvesting.

    Spark double effect on what pests helps?

    This drug effectively copes with the following "harmful" bugs:

    • flower beetles
    • moth
    • leaf roll
    • moth
    • aphids
    • cherry fly
    • whitefly
    • thrips
    • Colorado potato beetle
    • whitewash and many other "harmful" bugs.

    Spark double effect - waiting time after treatment?

    This drug begins to act instantly after insects enter the body - they die after 10 minutes.

    Means Spark double effect - when to spray?

    Plants should be treated with this drug from early morning or after sunset in dry and calm weather.

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