Sowing calendar for 10.03 - gardeners and gardeners

March 2021

March 10, Wednesday, 26-27th lunar day. The waning moon is in Aquarius


To cultivate the land: dig up and loosen.

Weed weeds, thin out shoots, huddle plants.

Form the crowns of bushes and trees.

Cut off diseased and excess shoots, root shoots and strawberry whiskers.

To poison pests of indoor and greenhouse plants: aphids, thrips, scale insects and false scale insects.

Treat plantings from brown spot and powdery mildew.

Remove stepsons.

Get vaccinated.


Plant onion sets and bulbous plants. From other crops, it is possible to plant experimental plants in order to obtain specimens with an unusual shape and color for the species.

Indoor plants can be transplanted or rooted:

  • striped calathea;
  • abutilone;
  • arrowroot white-necked;
  • poinsettia.

Not recommended

Sow, plant, and replant any plants other than those listed.

Water, pinch, dive and apply top dressing.


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