Detailed description and characteristics of the tomato variety big mommy

Tomato Big Mom is a new ultra-early ripening variety of tomatoes created by Russian breeders, which many gardeners have already fallen in love with. These tomatoes are easy to care for, therefore, even beginners can cope with the cultivation of this variety. Description and characteristics of the Big Mom tomato are given below.

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Big Mom

Tomato Big Mom is a determinant type of tomato. In other words, after the appearance of the fifth brush, the bush stops growing and all its strength goes to the formation and ripening of fruits. That's why plant height reaches only 65-70 cm, which does not interfere with collecting up to 10 kg of tomatoes from each bush. The powerful root system of a tomato diverges in width, due to which the plant fully satisfies its needs for moisture and useful components.


  • strong and powerful trunk;
  • the optimal number of leaves;
  • light green foliage without pubescence (like potatoes);
  • fruits are heart-shaped, slightly ribbed, with a small spout.

As 7 leaves grow on the plant, the first flowering shoot grows. Then fruit shoots appear evenly every 2 leaves. Fruit weight is 250-350 g, Moreover, the first tomatoes ripen already 85 days after germination of the seed in the seedling containers. The skin of this tomato variety is dense, bright red.

Breeding history

Tomato Big Mom is still a novelty in our market. It was bred by Russian breeders, seeking to grow large and tasty tomatoes to use for food and harvesting. In the State Register of the Russian Federation, this variety was registered in 2013, and it was offered to consumers only in 2015. But even in such a short time, this the tomato has managed to establish itself as fruitful and growing well. The tomato is patented by Gavrish LLC.

This early ripening variety is recommended to be grown in greenhouse conditions for cultivation in greenhouses, where it is possible to collect up to 10 kg of tasty and sweet fruits from each bush.

The weight of tomatoes on the first branches reaches 350 g, on the lower shoots - up to 250 g. Each tomato rests on a strong stalk that does not allow the crop to fall off. In the south, it is permissible to grow a tomato in open soil.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Tomato Big Mom has its own advantages, for which it is valued by many gardeners:

  • good taste;
  • high productivity;
  • resistance to many diseases;
  • early maturity;
  • large fruits;
  • good transportability;
  • long shelf life.

Tomatoes can be safely picked unripe, and in room conditions they ripen well without losing either taste or shape. A distinctive feature of the variety is a high amount of useful elements, included in the fruits - calcium, magnesium, vitamins E, C, PP, B. That is why these tomatoes are good to eat fresh and in salads. But in the preparations, the fruits also do not leave the benefit and taste, therefore the Big Mom variety is considered an ideal option for making winter spins.

Negative properties not found in the variety.

Planting seeds

Advice! To grow this tomato variety, you first need to plant seeds for seedlings. It is recommended to do this in early to mid-March, 60-70 days before transplanting the bushes into greenhouse conditions. Before sowing seeds, they should be treated in a light pink solution of potassium permanganate, which is a good method of preventing various diseases. After processing, the seeds need to germinate, for which they must be wrapped in a damp cloth and left in a warm room.

As long as the seeds sprout it is necessary to prepare the land for sowing. For these purposes, it is permissible to use a universal seedling soil, which is sold in stores. A light substrate, endowed with nutrients, needs to be slightly moistened, and then grooves 1.5 cm deep must be made on it. Seeds must be carefully laid out into these grooves, which are then sprinkled with a layer of soil substrate.

After sowing, the seedling containers are installed in a warm place (necessarily light), where the temperature will be in the range of + 23- + 25 ° С.

A week later, the first shoots will appear, after which the film is removed, and the seedling container is installed on the windowsill. After 3 leaves appear on the plants, a pick is performed, during which seedlings are transplanted with soil into separate containers. Thanks to the dive, each bush receives a sufficient amount of air and nutritious soil, which will allow it to grow better. After transplanting, the bushes are watered. It is recommended to do this in the morning, when the sun is outside, while in cloudy weather the plants will stretch strongly. During watering, do not flood the plants too much, otherwise they will begin to quickly stretch out - this will lead to the fragility of the seedlings. Severe dryness of the soil will adversely affect the condition of the bush and future fertility.

Growing tomatoes

To get a good and early harvest of tomato Big Mom needs provide plants with quality care... It consists in the timely transplanting of seedlings, watering, loosening, removing weeds, feeding and other activities, which should be learned in more detail.

Transplanting seedlings

It is necessary to plant plants in a greenhouse after stable positive temperatures are established at night - at the end or middle of May. When planting is observed, the following rules must be observed:

  1. For landing you need choose plants 25 cm high, with 6 or 9 true leaves. The stem of the seedlings should be strong and the root system well developed, which will allow the bushes to take root well.
  2. Each hole needs add a handful of humus, manure and ash, in the amount of 0.5 kg per 1 m².
  3. Seedling planting scheme - 4-5 pcs. for 1 m², if extra bushes remain, then you should not thicken the plantings with them, as this will cause plant diseases.
  4. Watered plants planted in the ground once a week, but abundantly. If you do this more often, the roots will not be able to breathe normally and receive nutrients, so the plants will not develop well.

Growing conditions

After the seedlings take root, feed them. Tomato responds well to the introduction of organic matter (manure, droppings), which can be fed 3 times during the growing season.

Feeding plants with complex fertilizers is of no less importance. Tomato needs nitrogen at an early stage of development, even before flowering, so the plants need to be fed after they have taken root. Potassium and phosphorus can be added to the soil in the fall.

To provide the roots with fresh air, it is necessary to loosen the soil regularly and very carefully, trying not to damage the roots.

Since up to 6 large fruits grow on each branch, the shoots must be tied up.

Despite the fact that Big Mom's tomato does not require pinching, it periodically has extra shoots, so this procedure can occasionally be carried out, which will increase the yield. For this all lateral shoots below the first brush are cut off in such a way that hemp does not remain in their place. Tomato bush Big Mom is formed into 2 stems, and on the most powerful plants, 3 stems can be left.

Features of fruiting

To get a good harvest of tomato, you need to pay special attention to watering the plants, starting from the moment the seeds germinate. This variety is most demanding on moisture during seed germination, as well as fruit filling. In other periods of the growing season, the tomato is not particularly picky about moisture. It will even be better if the tomatoes lack moisture during seedling, flowering and fruit setting, thereby inhibiting the excessive growth of shoots and leaves.

But it is also impossible to allow the soil to completely dry out after planting the plants, since the flowers can quickly crumble. Besides, lack of moisture threatens the following troubles:

  • plant growth slows down;
  • the tomato bush is weakening, thinning;
  • fertilizers are poorly absorbed.

Since in dry soil, the concentration of fertilizers increases, which leads to burns of plants and fruits.

Diseases and their prevention

Tomato Big Mom is resistant to such fungal diseases, as late blight, powdery mildew, tobacco mosaic. But in order to prevent their appearance, it is required to carry out certain preventive measures, such as mulching the soil, loosening, removing weeds.

This variety is an excellent combination of large-fruited and early maturity. among the determinant varieties. Also, this variety has earned numerous positive reviews for its sweet, pleasant taste and ease of grooming.

Characteristics and description of the tomato Big Mom

Among the products created by Russian breeding specialists is the new Big Mom tomato. Reviews, photos, the declared characteristics of the manufacturers - everything confirms that the plant has a lot of advantages. The patentee of this variety is LLC "Gavrish".

Among the products created by Russian breeding specialists is the new tomato Big Mom

Advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other varieties

The main advantage of Big Mom is large fruits and high productivity against the background of a compact bush and a short ripening period. The downside is the novelty: few real reviews, confusion with the shape of the fruit, which gives rise to thoughts about misgrading.

There are similar tomatoes (early ripening, undersized and large-fruited) with which Big Mom can be compared:

    The king of the early is a tomato of Siberian selection, it is also very productive, a bush 60 cm high gives 4 kg of tomatoes. Fruits are flat-round, weighing 200-400 g. Big Mom surpasses this variety only by the beauty of the fruits, they are very smooth and glossy.

The king of the early is inferior to Big Mom in the beauty of the fruits, they are not so aligned and smooth

Siberian troika - a plentiful tomato with elongated fruits

Olya's hybrid is very fruitful, but the fruits are not as large and tasty as those of Big Mom

The fruits are dome-shaped with a pronounced spout. There is no pronounced ribbing, it is barely visible. Sometimes tomatoes take on a rounded shape.

Fruit weight can be up to 400-500 grams. Tomatoes are especially good with thin skin, which is appreciated by lovers of fresh salads.

Interesting! Even ripe fruits with thin skin do not lose their shape during transportation.

The color of ripe tomatoes is bright red, unripe tomatoes are usually green or brownish. The fruits taste great and aroma.

Growing features

In principle, the Big Mommy variety is grown using standard technology. It is recommended to grow it in a seedling way with sprouts picking. The optimum age of seedlings for planting in a greenhouse is 55 ... 60 days.

For harmonious growth and correct distribution of sunlight, good air exchange and providing the necessary nutritional area, it is recommended to plant the bushes in a permanent place according to the 40x50 scheme. A thicker fit is discouraged.

Before planting the bushes, you need to think about the appropriate support. Moreover, as it develops, you will have to tie up not only the stem of Big Mom, but also individual branches.

The bushes lead into 2 or 3 stems - it is this formation that will help to achieve the maximum yield of the variety:

  • For this, 1 or 2 of the strongest stepsons are left, the rest are removed as they appear.
  • It is important not to allow unnecessary stepchildren to be longer than 5 cm - the removal of large processes has a bad effect on the health of the bushes (large wounds heal for a long time).

Caring for planted tomato bushes is standard and implies timely moderate watering, top dressing, loosening, weeding and hilling. To reduce the number of activities, you can mulch the soil under the bushes. At the same time, water will be retained in the ground, and not evaporate from its surface, there will be much less weeds, and a dry crust will not form on the soil after each watering.

Fertilizing tomatoes after planting in a permanent place is carried out several times.

Depending on the stage of development of the bushes, they are fed with various fertilizers.

  1. The first feeding is carried out 2 weeks after planting the seedlings. A complex mineral fertilizer containing many elements is applied here. For example, you can choose a nitrophosphate: 1 tbsp. diluted in a bucket of water and used for irrigation.
  2. In subsequent dressings, aimed at improving flowering and fruiting, potassium should prevail. It is this element that is responsible for the large-fruited and sweetness of the fruit.

So raising Big Mom is not difficult. Not only an experienced gardener, but also a beginner can grow such a variety on his site.

Growth periods

When growing a plant, there are slight differences between other varieties. Anyone who has planted tomatoes for years will find it easy to organize a detailed plan for agricultural work. Seeds are planted two months before the planned planting of seedlings in open ground.

For the preparation of seeds and the growing process, we will provide a detailed description:

  1. Seeds are pre-disinfected with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate.
  2. Place on a damp cotton cloth at a distance of 1.5 - 2 cm. Cover the seeds and maintain the required moisture.
  3. A comfortable temperature for seeds, seedlings or an adult plant is in the range of 18 - 23 degrees.
  4. It will not be difficult for experienced gardeners to determine when to plant seeds. The sprouts become resilient and have accumulated enough strength for explosive growth. Their length can reach one and a half centimeters.
  5. Now you can start planting seeds and growing seedlings. It will take at least 60 days until the seedlings are ready to be planted outdoors.
  6. Start hardening the plants at least two weeks before the final transplant. You can start with half an hour and gradually increase the airing time to two hours.
  7. At a pre-planned time, you can plant seedlings in open ground. A plant transplant is best done in the evening. The sun at sunset will not harm the delicate foliage and the crop will be minimally harmed. Be sure to water the plant after transplanting.
  8. For several days the bush will get used to the new environment and will require increased attention. Provide daily watering in the evening or morning.

Many vegetable growers have grown excellent crops using an old secret from grandma. After planting the seedlings, it is covered with pre-prepared open-top caps: this protects the plant from adverse factors such as wind, rain or intense sunlight. After adaptation of seedlings to new conditions, the caps are removed. Ordinary open-top metal buckets can be used as protective caps.

After the plant has matured, you can tie up the stems as it grows. According to the description, the Big Mom tomato has rather heavy fruits that sag under their own weight and can come into contact with the ground. In order to avoid the occurrence of fungal diseases, this must not be allowed.

This variety is determinant, does not require adjusting the bush.Usually forms three branches and grows up to 60 cm in height. The plant grows by itself and simplifies the gardener's work.

In the characteristics and description of the tomato variety Big Mommy, it is said that the culture has a powerful rhizome, adapted for life and development in extreme climatic conditions. It adapts well after transplanting and intensively develops the root system, which subsequently facilitates watering.

The plant is recommended to be planted not too high - many gardeners direct the roots of the Big Mom tomato seedlings in the direction of the planned watering. On the other side, a trellis is laid, to which a plant is tied up as it grows. You can use arched racks, on which, if necessary, stretch plastic wrap. They serve a double function - you can tie tomatoes to them.

On each inflorescence of the Big Mom tomato variety, up to six crescent-shaped fruits can grow. Outdoors, their weight may not be as heavy as in greenhouse tomatoes.

Having grown tomatoes, you can make a supply of seeds for the future. Your own seed will come in handy next season. According to the characteristics of the Big Mommy tomato, the seeds do not differ from other varieties. A sufficient number of seeds can be found in the dense small chambers of tomatoes. It is necessary to carefully remove them, dry them and set them aside for the next year. Store in a cool, dry place.

Reviews of gardeners

Rita Sergeevna Mezentseva, 42 years old, Moscow region:

Tomatoes Big Mom I grow three seasons in the greenhouse. I have never been left without a crop. The fruits are large, fragrant, tasty. Pets are happy to eat them in salads. I prepare a delicious thick juice for the winter.

Roman Valentinovich Kovalev, 39 years old, Stavropol region:

I grow Big Mom in open beds - her bushes are not high enough to take up space in the greenhouse. I tie it up, shape it into 2 trunks, feed it at all stages of growth. I start harvesting early - about 3 months after pecking the seedlings. A part remains for the family, but the bulk is sold. Selling out well.

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