The planters

The garden is a green space where plants and flowers are predominant. If the surface available for planting plant species in the earth is quite small, the use of flower boxes can be used. The planters are used to plant both flowers and plants, the key thing is to buy them of the right size. The planters are able to furnish the garden in a perfect way, and it is not important what material they are made of, it is sufficient that they correspond to the style already present. It is often thought that the planter is more suitable for the balcony because one thinks of the model to be hooked to the railing, but they are also an excellent solution for those who have a garden. Certainly, by hooking the planter to the balcony, the passage is left free and space is recovered. The balcony planter models are light and made of plastic, the hooks are also made of iron. The shapes are quite traditional and usually the color of the planter is green or brown.

The balcony

When it comes to flower boxes, the balcony is the first space for which it leans towards a search for innovative solutions to make even the smallest spaces more functional. The flower box market always tries to furnish the outdoor space in a practical way, but adding that touch of aesthetics that allows the house to change its appearance. The planters, in addition to being inserted inside a support, can also be hooked directly to the vase, as long as the latter has a shape that allows this use. It is important to choose flowers that require little space even after a few years of life. For a balcony it is always preferable to choose a plant that is proportional to it. The covering of the planter is just as important because it is precisely what guarantees an excellent result in the furniture.

The wooden planters

As far as balcony planters are concerned, we certainly cannot fail to mention the wooden planters, square or rectangular, which also house climbing plants when they are purchased with the grid. Wood is for many the best material to use in outdoor furniture because it gives the space a particular character that can perfectly integrate with other garden furniture that are made with different materials. The wooden planter can be purchased at stores specializing in outdoor furniture or it can be built relying on one's own skill.

The inner lining

When you buy a wooden planter you can be sure that the wood has undergone the necessary treatments that make it resistant to any weather situation and that the planter has been suitably insulated inside, thus avoiding that the ground is in direct contact with the wood. . The water used to water the plant can damage the wood, but if this is isolated through the plastic, the planter will remain intact for a long time. The solution is particularly suitable when you want to close your balcony sideways without using a too drastic solution, as the planter with the climbing plant still allows air and light to pass through. The wooden planter that you decide to build yourself must have the same insulating characteristic as the planter you purchased. In this case, the plastic is replaced with tar sheets. So be careful not to use the classic wooden fruit drawer to plant your flowers, because even if it is a rather solid container it would start to deteriorate in the long run. The wooden planter is also a must for the garden, it is used to define spaces and to add a touch of warmth to outdoor furniture.

The plastic planters

Plastic, together with rotational plastic, is a timeless element in the planter sector, thanks to its lightness, transportability of the planter, practicality and resistance. Decorations and festoons can be the elements that enrich it externally to make it aesthetically comparable to a stone planter. Its slightly protruding edge makes it easy to grip and also allows you to move it with ease. The capacity of the plastic planter depends a lot on its size and has long been considered a timeless planter. It is designed to ensure the flowers have an adequate place to grow, with a hole, usually central or lateral, to allow excess water to drain. The plastic planter is used both for the balcony and for the garden, it is essential and simple but at the same time it has all those characteristics capable of making it a planter with an unlimited duration. When not in use, it can be cleaned and stored without undergoing any alteration. Among other things, it offers the possibility of being stackable, the plastic planters can in fact be inserted into each other.

The rattan planters

For an even more pleasing aesthetic, the flowers can be planted in a synthetic rattan planter. Being an unnatural material, it is not afraid of water and is not damaged by the sun. It also exists on the market in the version for the balcony, and is also presented in the model with internal compartments or with the under bottom for the water reserve.

Planters: pots and planters: planters

The planter was born as a container for flowers and plants to be placed in the garden or on the balcony.

In recent years, however, with the spread of do-it-yourself, DIY and the passion for green space that conquers more and more of the market, it has also become an interesting and functional piece of furniture.

Interesting in shapes and materials: from the most classic to the most innovative.

The classic outdoor planters are made of wood or stone.

Wood, as known, has indisputable qualities of resistance: wood is difficult to destroy if treated with the right products. Waterproofers, oils that make it more resistant.

In addition, the wood has a classic look that easily adapts to any furnishing need.

Outdoor pots and planters

OBI vase Bernay 69.5 cm beige

OBI vase Bernay 19.5 cm x 50 cm beige

Bama Separè planter with wrought iron back

Bama Trifoglio vase with saucer set 3 pcs

OBI Valsonne vase 69.5 cm anthracite

Millennium box cm 79 corten

Itaca box with sub-box 40 cm terracotta

OBI Valsonne vase 23.5 cm x 23.5 cm anthracite

Bama Fontana bowls set 3 pcs white

Cube Millennium vase cm 39 corten

Dark gray rectangular Ficonstone vase 57x24x25 cm

OBI vase Valsonne 17x17x38 cm anthracite

Bama double Klunia planter 40 cm

Bama Separè planter with white back

Unica Maxi box 80 cm light terracotta

Terrae cistern with sub-box 50 cm smoky gray

Terrae square vase 25 cm smoky gray

Unica cylinder vase 20 cm light terracotta color

Terrae Cassette with sub-cassette 80 cm terracotta

Ash gray square Ficonstone vase 29x29x29 cm

Bavaria vase in terracotta Ø 23.5 cm

Terrae Midi box with 45 cm sub-box in terracotta

Terrae Maxi square vase 43 cm dark beige

Single box 40 cm light terracotta

Fenice bowl Ø 50 cm terracotta

Fenice bowl with saucer Ø 25 cm terracotta

Terrae Maxi 60 cm smoky gray box

Terrae box with 50 cm white stone sub-box

Terrae box with sub-box 40 cm terracotta

Cube with canopy 30 cm x 31 cm x 21 cm

Double festooned edge vase 30 cm x 36 cm x 36 cm

Arezzo bowl 15 cm x 42 cm x 42 cm

Terrae Mini box with sub-box 22 cm terracotta

Terrae Maxi box 60 cm stone white

OBI Valsonne vase 19.5 cm x 50 cm anthracite

OBI vase Bernay 23.5 cm x 23.5 cm beige

OBI vase Bernay 17,5 cm x 38 cm beige

Pot cover to hang Ø 11.5 cm

Rectangular box 51.5 cm black

Rectangular box 51.5 cm brown

Plant pot 79 cm x 76 cm brown

Impruneta festooned vase 35 cm

Balcony box 40 cm

Bama Pyramid vase with gray saucer

Bama planter Trevy gray

Green steel planter

Single Crate 40 cm Light Smoke Gray

Maxi Single Cassette 60 cm Light Smoke Gray

Planter with positive arch grid W 80 x D 36 x H 169 cm

Planter with negative arch grid, L 86 x D 36 cm

Basic grid planter

Tuscan terracotta vase "Lemons" 25 cm

Millennium Cube Vase cm 39 anthracite color

Millennium box 79 cm anthracite

Millennium Cube Vase cm 49 anthracite

Unica Cylinder Vase 30 cm Light Smoke Gray

Unica Cylinder Vase 35 cm Light Smoke Gray

Single bowl with saucer 25 cm terracotta

Kit 3 planters Garden and trolley

SEPARE planter 79 x 35 x 37 cm anthracite color

White wood effect plastic planter

Plastic planter with wood effect, anthracite color

White wood effect plastic planter

Plastic planter with wood effect, anthracite color

ETIKA planter with saucer 49x18x15 cm sage color

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Planters - garden

Elegant and exclusive completions for Outdoor, made with customized dimensions and finishes.


The Planters are made of autoclave-impregnated pine wood, a material that guarantees their durability even if placed outdoors directly exposed to sun and rain.

The bottom consists of wooden boards treated with bituminous tar, very resistant to humidity.

The interior is covered with a special protective sheath, which does not allow contact between the earth and wooden surfaces.

Each planter can be made with a finish impregnated with a color of your choice or with a brushing and lacquering treatment with RAL color.

Standard size

The elements are produced with a height from the ground (excluding the foot) and a depth of 45 cm.

The standard width is 45cm - 60cm - 90cm - 120cm - 150cm - 180cm - 200cm

Elements with standard dimensions are generally available in stock.

On request it is possible to make the planters with customized dimensions according to the customer's needs.

Special Uses

In addition to being able to house plants and flowers, the planters can be used in some cases to create an anchor ballast for poles of porches and pergolas.

In situations where the structure must necessarily be installed on terraces or waterproofed surfaces with sheath, it is not possible to drill the flooring to fix the plates to the ground.

The planters, with their significant weight once filled with earth, therefore become the elements to which the poles are anchored without having to drill the floor.


The vases Lechuza they are produced with top quality materials, robust and resistant to atmospheric agents. Thanks to the self-irrigation system, plants can feed themselves with the exact amount of water they need to grow optimally.

With Lechuza, plant care has never been easier!


THE resin pots they are characterized by high strength and resistance, without sacrificing aesthetic refinement. Thanks to their surprising lightness, they are handy and easy to move.

Essential lines or scalloped models, contemporary design or classic style, elegant neutral colors or cheerful spring pastels. we have really thought of all tastes!


Forget the old brown plastic crates! Our selection of plastic pots and planters it will amaze and enhance the rooms of your home and garden.

From the simplest and most minimalist models to the most elegant and precious ones, give your plants that extra touch without having to give up the priceless practicality of plastic.


Functional by day and spectacular by night, i bright vases they are furnishing details that can make your garden or terrace a magical and exclusive place.

Thanks to the possibility of being equipped with lighting kits guaranteed for both indoors and outdoors, they know how to furnish, creating highly suggestive atmospheres.

Modular Planters

Modular concrete planters with dimensions and colors that allow easy combinations and an amazing scenic effect.


Everything was ready for the garden fountains

Anxiety no, please. So, walking through the factories, the Countess Minuto screamed at the top of her throat. In the first place because it obviously would not have changed things. Certainly the garden fountains would have benefited from a serene and accommodating climate for their design. It was necessary to create a network of sites that could highlight their beauty. The materials are amazing. The exceptional finishes. What garden would not be honored to have these fountains? Of this she was convinced and overconvinced.

He puts it in the right garden

Along that lines it became focused on finding the right location to enhance its aspects and quality. His garden fountains would not be disfigured by anything. Indeed, the user had to experience that unique and unrepeatable emotion that was typical of a child when cutting the birthday cake. Surely the photographers you chose were up to the task assigned. Now it was time to get busy and create the most exciting show.



Design planters

Here you will find a collection of concrete planters that wink at design. Clean lines, smooth architectural finishes and trendy colors for your minimal gardens.

The charm of the fountain

Each fountain can be said to have its own charm. This was the conviction of the countess during the making of the contents. So then it was necessary to think about the future user, his needs and his tastes. We needed classic garden fountains and maybe a little country and others in steel or design. The countess was delighted with these convictions and immediately got to work. The photographers, the right gardens, the villas had to be perfect so that the result would have been a dream.

The most beautiful gardens in the world.

Walking through those gardens was a unique experience of scents and smells. Touching the fountains, savoring the materials, the finishes and the timeless beauty of his works moved her. Everything was perfect. Mother nature also seemed to want to participate by giving a beautiful blue sky. It would have taken the most beautiful photos of garden fountains ever made before. Everyone immediately went to work. It was a long chatter, a continuous shift that would certainly have allowed us to obtain the desired results.


Planters are the only way to grow flowers and plants in your garden without creating flower beds but creating splashes of color in a small space or, again, for all those who want to give a touch of liveliness to the balcony or terrace.

Como planters: decorate your exteriors with style

The outdoor planters for Como and neighboring Tagoo are available in a wide assortment. Planters are containers for plants and flowers that are much larger than pots, usually rectangular in shape, deep and very spacious. Concrete planters, certainly much heavier, are often used as dividers and are the most used because they are very resistant and do not darken due to the effect of water. The choice of pots and planters is very important and depends on several factors: Tagoo Giardino e Casa in Como and Varese will help you to respect the style of your home in order to always obtain pleasant results.

There are usually three types of planters: garden, back or balcony. The garden planters are the classic ones, in terracotta or pvc the planters with back are composed of two parts, the real planter and a grid positioned and hooked in the lower part that constitutes a support for the climbing plants, which recline on it. above, growing in an orderly fashion. The balcony one, on the other hand, is equipped with hooks that allow you to position it comfortably, for example under a window or on the railings of the balcony itself.

If the planters are intended for verandas or the garden, wooden models are excellent to insert flowers and plants as desired.

Grow plants and flowers with the pots and planters of Tagoo Giardino e Casa: we are waiting for you in Como and Varese

Tagoo Giardino e Casa works with competence and professionalism to always give you a wide choice of garden pots of different materials and different types of planters. Come and visit us and we will be able to give you the most appropriate and functional suggestions for decorating your outdoor environments with style and design, even with different planters for Como and neighboring areas.

Video: DIY Unique Wood Planter Box

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