Backyard Landscaping: Letting Your Imagination Soar

We all work hard in keeping our front yards well maintained. After all, this is the first thing people see as they are driving by or coming to visit. It is a reflection of who we are; therefore, we want it to be inviting. But what about the backyard? While this area of the landscape is not always in easy view of the public, it can be just as important. The backyard is a place for relaxing, playing, or entertaining with family and friends.

Planning for How You Use Your Backyard

Since the backyard is going to accommodate your individual needs as well as those of your family, planning your landscaping design beforehand is crucial. You want a backyard to be functional; therefore, you should first determine how it will be used.

Ask yourself questions. No one knows your family and needs better than you.

  • Will you be doing a lot of entertaining?
  • Do you have children?
  • What about pets?
  • Do you want a garden, if so, how much time and maintenance are you willing to devote to this?
  • Are there any existing structures or areas you wish to hide?

Once you have determined your needs, flip through home and garden magazines to locate pictures that may be of use. You can also take a walk around your backyard. Look at the trees; study the plants. Consider your available space. Take notes and draw out your design. Personalize the design by designating specific areas of the backyard into ‘rooms’ that will suit your initial questions. For example, if you will be entertaining guests, plan accordingly. Generally, a deck or patio will meet the requirements for this purpose; however, any open space in the backyard should suffice. Place a table and chairs beneath a big tree, for instance. You can even add a roof to your existing patio for entertaining during poor weather conditions.

Backyard Landscaping Needs of the Family

If you’re anything like me, with lots of kids running around, then you’ll need to plan out a play area for them. One that offers privacy is most often preferred by children as they love to hide; however, make sure to keep it within view of adults. You may want to include another area for recreation as well, if space permits. Depending on your preferences, this could be a place for kids to toss a football or even a spot for swimming and sunbathing. If you have pets, you may need to allow room for them as well, especially if your pet stays outdoors.

Most family members have a hobby, such as gardening. Be sure to take into account the types of plants thriving in your area and consider soil and light conditions. You want to place the garden, whether it’s a vegetable plot or wildflower patch, in an area of the yard containing plenty of sun.

Don’t forget about the lawn, but keep in mind the amount of time you want to spend in mowing it. Also, consider this for the garden. Although you may love gardening, you might not have a lot of time to devote to it. Implementing raised beds or using containers can simplify these needs.

Is there someone in the home who enjoys lounging? Perhaps you can make room for a quiet backyard retreat. This could be an area for viewing the garden or simply reading a book. Place a bench beneath a tree or along a wooded path, even better, why not put in a hammock or a swing.

Creating A Space Around What You Have

As you’re planning your backyard design, take note of any ‘ugly’ areas that you want to hide or open areas with which you want to enclose. You can easily camouflage unattractive sites, such as compost piles or garbage cans, with fencing or a variety of plantings. For instance, incorporate a trellis and allow flowering vines to climb about. Perhaps you could plant some sunflowers or tall shrubbery. Dress up old sheds or other outbuildings with flowers and shrubs. If it’s privacy you seek, try a bamboo fence or some hedges.

Don’t forget to accessorize. Add soothing water features such as a small pond or fountain. Your backyard is a personal expression that is especially suited to your lifestyle. Some people may want something formal, while others like a more relaxed atmosphere. Some may include wildlife habitats; others may prefer nothing but open space.

No matter how you choose to use the backyard, there are landscaping options to suit any lifestyle or preference. Let your imagination guide you; the possibilities are endless.

Secrets of a Beautiful Garden: 9 Awesome Backyard Landscaping Ideas

When the winter is almost over, and the spring is yet to come, it is only natural to start thinking about original and beautiful landscaping ideas for the upcoming spring and summer seasons that will give a new breath to your garden. With the best landscaping ideas in mind, you can add warmth, texture, colors to your outdoors and make it a fantastic place to relax and have guests over.

There are many beautiful ways to improve your backyard. From planting beautiful flowers to turning your garden into a multipurpose location, here are timely secrets to a beautiful garden:

30 Clever DIY Ideas How to Landscape Backyard Garden

Landscaping is getting more popular today among communities in order to beautify their garden or backyard. A garden or backyard is an area that cannot be separated from the entire look of a house. The area functions not only as a place to plant pretty and favorite flowers but also a place to get relaxed and enjoy quality time with family or friends. And in order to beautify the look of your backyard, sometimes you need landscaping ideas that can be adjusted to the contour of the garden itself. Moreover, there are a lot of various landscaping ideas that you can try.

For a private backyard garden which accentuates privacy and peace, then building gazebo is the right idea. In addition, building a pathway and mini waterfall is a brilliant landscaping idea. So, there is nothing wrong to apply those landscaping ideas to the backyard garden at your house. If you think that making those landscaping ideas come true needs a pricey budget, you are not totally true. Instead of hiring a professional to decorate and beautify your garden, you are able to do some DIY projects so that you can save some more money.
Moreover, by doing DIY projects, you can represent your personality and lifestyle through the landscape.

General Ideas How to Landscape A Garden on a Budget

Doing garden landscaping sounds like a costly project. The phrase “garden landscaping” is enough to scare a lot of homeowners. They automatically think that it’s an unnecessary luxury. They probably think that they have to hire a professional landscaper to do it for them. This mentality is the harsh truth. This thinking is not just an impression many homeowners share.
Research indicates that a professionally landscaped garden can cost as much as 10% of the value of your home. Wrap your head around that figure – 10% is a lot of money, especially if you live in California. This fact is why some homeowners decide to just pay a professional for some consultation. In other words, the professional will lay the general framework of how your landscape should look like, and then you roll up your sleeves and do the actual project yourself.
You get the best of both worlds you get expert guidance as to where to plant, how to set things up, and what to do and what not to do while at the same time saving yourself quite a bit of money we’re talking about possibly tens of thousands of dollars here. Better yet, you can save money on consultation all together and just read up and do your research.
Thanks to the internet, there’s no excuse for coming up with a workable design for your garden regardless of its size. Instead, you can turn your garden landscape project into a DIY adventure that your whole family can enjoy.
Why landscape your garden
Since your garden cannot be separated from your home and it is an extension of your interior spaces, why not turn it into a good place to hang out for your family, friends, and neighbors? It is worth your time to turn this part of your home into something that you can be proud of, and you can be comfortable in. You can turn it into a venue for small parties and events. This area can also be a place where you can personally go for some peace and quiet. Given these reasons, it’s definitely worth your time and effort to landscape your garden.
Here are some low-cost ideas on garden landscaping. Just follow these ideas and do additional research on how to maximize the style and look of your garden. A lot of this information is available online.

Idea No.1 Cut up your Backyard into Specific Functional Areas

Your first idea should be to plan and clean up your garden area by cutting up into small blocks. These blocks have a specific function. You can then use different pathways around your garden to connect these different sections. These pathways can be made of stones or concrete slabs or even treated wood. This trail leads people from space to space. It’s not just a simple matter of connecting the dots, or blocks in this case, but to lead people from one interesting space to another.
Also, you get to manage the traffic in your garden. If you know that a particular route is going to have a lot of traffic, you can put the right materials on it as paving to prevent the pathway from breaking.
What areas should you put up? You can also have a lounging area, a fire pit area, or space where you put most of your flowers, plants, and gardening materials. It’s also best to put up a retaining wall and garden blocks to add lines to your garden.

Idea No.2 Put Up Hedgerows

You can also consider putting up hedgerows as a perimeter fence around your garden. If anything, these look nice and are a great way to break the different spaces in your garden. This style is especially crucial if you have a big backyard. Hedgerows will break the monotony and boredom of your backyard.
You can also put up topiaries. Topiaries are a great way to decorate your garden. Still, you have to do your research because the key is a creative design and thankfully, there are many options you can look into at places like Instagram and Pinterest.

Idea No.3 Use Re-purposed Material To Craft Flower Planters

You can be creative and employ unique and repurposed planters for your flowers, herbs, and succulents. Planters, of course, come in a wide range of materials. They also can be repurposed. That’s right a lot of people use entirely old items that you readily find around the house and turn them into plant boxes. We’re talking about items like side table drawers, old dining chairs, old bed frames, tree stumps, logs, mason jars, whiskey barrels, the list goes on and on. The only limit is your imagination.
You can also build a bench around your trees so you can have a place to sit and have a shade under the tree. Of course, this only makes sense when the tree is mature enough.

Idea No.4 Make sure you have the Right Lighting

It’s very tempting to just focus on laying out the different zones in your backyard and putting up retaining walls and making sure that the pathways are made up of the right materials. Once you achieve that look at a particular time of the day, you may be thinking that you can throw in the towel you’re done. Not quite because you have to make sure that your garden looks its best regardless of what time you found yourself out there and in many cases, nighttime is the best time to hang out with friends, family, and neighbors in your backyard.
Don’t underestimate the power of simple lighting in your garden so you can enjoy it pretty much any time of day or night. Even after sunset, you can still show off how awesome your garden looks. How do you do this ? Set up solar lighting or indirect lighting in your trees, hedges, walls, and pathways.

Idea No.5 Use Mulch as much as Possible

The great thing about mulch as a layering material is that it suppresses weeds while at the same time preserving moisture. Now, if you look at Hawaii, this is not that big of a deal, although the weed problem can be pretty bad. But when you live in California or Arizona, or other arid parts of the United States, you are going to have a problem on your hands. This part is where mulch becomes awesome.
You can use grass clippings, weeds, leaves, pine needles, wood chips, compost, or even stone. The key here is to reduce weed growth while at the same time, ensuring a uniform look in all the zones in your backyard garden.

The Final Word

Garden landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is to come up with the right plan. The plan, of course, must be in the form of how much resources you have available as well as how much time you’re willing to put into your garden. Still, with the right amount of time, effort, and attention to detail, your backyard garden landscape could look awesome and it can achieve a professional level if you put in the right kind of work.
More about that soon…
Next this is

10 Ideas on How to Landscape Backyards and Gardens Video

Intro : A backyard is a place where you can hang out with family or friends and chill out. It is supposed to please your eyes and show what you are into. Unfortunately, some backyards are mundane and left unintended because the homeowners simply think that the guests will not see it.
Well, a backyard might not be seen as often as the front yard. But you do deserve a stylish and relaxing one. To get new inspiration related to that topic, check out these 10 ideas on how to landscape backyards and gardens that give your garden a breath of fresh air.
It completes 30-Wood Fence for Backyard Ideas include a video published 2 days ago and same as that compilation, next list is presented for you by simphome

1st 10 Ideas on How to Landscape Backyards and Gardens Entries :

Following entries explain almost everything included in the video and if you pay attention closely, you’ll find a relevant ideas that you can take to enrich your learning experience. This entries also comes with reference section that you can easily spotted on the bottom of the post.
Enough said, let’s start the countdown.

First 10 Ideas on How to Landscape Backyards and Gardens Poster

10. Tropical Retreat Project Idea

If you are blessed with a pool in your backyard, congratulations! You can optimize the look of it and bring in Bali to your backyard.
I am not talking about flying to Bali, though. I am talking about creating tropical flair that adds colors and holiday vibes into your backyard.
To create tropical style, you need to work with tropical plants. Typical tropical plants feature lush and lavish green foliage with long slim fronds. Adding flowers with vivid color hues will enhance the style well.
This backyard, for example, features a pool surrounded with tropical plants. Banana trees create a lush view within the white fence that conceals the flaws. Some pops of colors, such as blue and yellow planters, and orange umbrella are added to spruce up the backyard.

9. Urban Oasis Landscaping Idea

Don’t let the limited space of urban housing hinder you from carving out a striking backyard landscaping. You can opt for no-fuss shrubs and succulents to beef your backyard up without the hassle of regular maintenance.
Having little space for growing plants? It’s not a big deal! You can always use – and be creative with – planters. To round out the look, install a pathway that leads any visitor to the door, and cover the soil with fine gravel. Well, you can opt for grass. But you will have to be ready with the maintenance.

8. Rooftop Garden Landscaping Ideas

Living in an urban area does not allow you to have a spacious backyard. Some people do not have any backyard at all.
If you don’t have it, you can try tapping into the rooftop. It is not an easy task, though.
When it comes to a rooftop garden, you may need to consider creating a low-maintenance one. Artificial grass is a nice choice. It can give you the look of fresh green manicured lawn without breaking a sweat.
Some low-maintenance plants should be added, too. Lavenders flanking the entrance can be a good idea to put in your list as they will add striking color, not to mention the fragrance that will spread all over the garden.
You may also need to add some chairs or built-in benches since this garden is a perfect place to perform a wide array of relaxing activities such as sunbathing.

7. Large Backyard Landscaping Ideas

A large backyard means a huge canvas to work on. And it is supposed to make you feel excited because you can do various kinds of things here.
This backyard is smartly carved out without bothering you with the chores. Artificial turf provides a green carpet on which your kids and pets can play comfortably and safely. It is surrounded with no-fuss plants, such as Aloe Vera and palms. Rocks and gravel are added to cover the soil while complementing the style. To complete the backyard, an outdoor living area is added.

6. Beat the Limit

Some people are quite fortunate as they have spacious backyard like the previous one while some others aren’t.
If you happen to have a narrow tunnel-like backyard, don’t discourage yourself to make a backyard that worth a visit. With the power of creativity and persistence, you can make the most of your tiny space, just like this backyard.
It features small lawn that is flanked with a row of green shrubs on two sides while the other two sides are bordered with built-in planters and small ponds. Two seating areas round out this backyard. A small hot tub is also added to help you relax better.

5. Slope Yard Landscape Ideas

One of the biggest challenges of creating an inviting backyard is the uneven surface of the ground. You might even have to carve out the backyard on a slope.
You can try taming the awkward shape of a sloping backyard by paving it or making retaining walls. The latter will be a fruitful decision as you can make retaining walls that contain built-in raised beds and stair.

4. Turn Your Night More Fantastic

Bear in mind that your backyard will stay there all the time, during the day and night. Therefore, you should prepare your backyard for the night charm by adding some lights or – even better – some glow-in-the dark planters.

To make these planters, you will need :

• Pots
• Outdoor paint
• High-quality phosphorescent paint
• Paintbrush
First, paint your pots with the outdoor paint for the base. Once the paint is dry, apply the phosphorescent paint. Let it dry, and that’s all! It is easy, isn’t it?

3. Minimalist Backyard Landscaping Idea

Covering your backyard with lawn is dime a dozen. Try creating a new look to your backyard by covering it with fine gravel and some papyrus plants.
Papyrus can grow up to 16 feet tall. But you can get ornamental papyrus that is typically shorter as it grows up to 3 or 6 feet tall.
Actually, you can grow these papyrus plants in some planters. But to get this minimalist look, ditch the planters. Maintain some space between them about 1 or 2 feet apart so that you can still pass through them, and they can get enough water to thrive well.

2. Inexpensive Backyard Landscaping Idea

Adding a pathway to your backyard can give it a more finished look. It doesn’t have to cost you the earth, though. Consider laying gravel to make a pathway as it is cheaper than concrete and pavers.
To do this job, you will need to dig the edging trench around 4 inches. Make sure the sides are straight, even, and compact. After that, add a border to keep the gravel neatly contained. Line trench with crushed stone, and make sure it is compact. Add a weed-resistant membrane over it. Finally, lay the gravel.

Lastly Number 1. Stylish and Low-Maintenance backyard Landscaping Ideas

If gardening is not your forte, try opting for a no-garden landscaping. Simply expand the hardscape in your backyard, add gravel for the grout, and don’t forget to place some chairs, sofa, and tables for a perfect outdoor living area.
So those are 10 ideas on how to landscape backyards and gardens that I think would please your eyes, your mind includes your guess attention too. Free up your imagination for some new adjustment and carve out the backyard that you have always dreamed of.

Video References :

2nd 10 List of Creative Ideas on How To Landscape Backyard Garden

Before you start your DIY landscaping backyard garden project, here are some landscaping inspirations which become a trend today. You can follow them to make your backyard garden looks more beautiful.

1.Building A Small Bridge

Building a small bridge in your backyard garden will be able to make it looks more lively and more real. You can build a simple bridge from woods and boards. As the base, use large rocks that do not coincide with each other. Because according to the New Complete Home Landscaping, rocks which are placed on the soil and given spaces between each other can get rid of negative energy around the house. This belief comes from Japanese traditional culture that is often applied to Japanese style backyard gardens.

2. Adding or Renovating the Pathway

You perhaps often see a warning board saying not to step on the grass in some public places. Even though it sounds trivial, some precious and high-quality grass and flowers are intentionally planted in order to accentuate the nuance of the garden so that it looks more natural. If you have the same grass and flowers planted in your backyard garden, there is nothing wrong to apply the same rule to protect them. But instead of using a warning board, you can add or renovate the pathway. This way, you will be able to protect your precious grass and flowers as well as make your backyard garden looks more decorative and aesthetic.

Adding a pathway from your house until the edge of your backyard garden will keep your guests from stepping on the grass. If you already have a pathway in your backyard, you are able to renovate it by changing the model or the materials used. So, the appearance of your backyard garden will look fresher. For example, if you use concrete materials to build the pathway before, you can use other materials such as woods or natural stones.
Relevant ideas:
10 Creative Landscape Edging Ideas
10 Cheap Landscaping ideas for Small Backyards.

3.Planting Hedgerows or Topiary

Hedgerows are probably already common to see and find. But what about topiary? Topiary is the art of trimming hedges to resemble unique and attractive shapes. Up to now, the topiary that is mostly and commonly used by most people is the one in round shapes or heart shapes. However, you can make your own topiary arts with more complicated shapes. For example, you can trim the hedges into a shape of rabbits, elephants, cats, and many more. If you are an artistic person, this activity will surely be fun for you. But if you are not, you are able to hire a professional to do the job.

4.Choosing the Right and Proper Lighting

Landscaping does not always mean building or changing your backyard garden. By just adding some proper lighting in some corners of your backyard garden or replacing the old lighting with the new ones can also bring a new look to the garden. The dramatic effects in a backyard garden can be created by choosing proper lighting and place it in proper places. For example, beside a tree or a statue. You can also place the lighting underwater, for example, in a small pond or artificial mini waterfall so that your backyard garden will look shiny.
This idea can also create a dramatic effect as well. Interested to try this landscaping idea?
Relevant ideas:
10 Ideas How to Upgrade Casual Backyard Wedding Events.
10 Ideas How to Makeover Outdoor Backyard Firepits.
10 Cheap Landscaping ideas for Small Backyards.

5.Creating Artificial Perspective

Artificial perspective is a popular landscaping idea, especially in Japan. In this landscaping technique, a spatial concept is the main thing accentuated. This landscaping idea is suitable for you who have a small backyard garden and want to make it looks more spacious. This kind of illusion can be achieved by placing big items such as a big tree or shrubs in front of your backyard garden or the outside side of it. Then, place smaller elements behind it or inside your garden. The color of the object in front must be darker because the large object will act as the background, and the focus will be the smaller object.

6.Using Slabs

Image: Arsitagx Master Article

Slabs are very decorative and unique if they are used as a stepping ladder in a backyard garden with sloping topography. In addition, this material is resistant to weather changes and easy to install. The use of slabs will make your backyard garden looks more natural and more beautiful. Besides stepping ladders, you are also able to use slabs as a pathway in your backyard garden.

So,Those are the DIY landscaping ideas that you can try to beautify your backyard garden. By applying those landscaping ideas, your backyard garden will be more perfect to be used as a place to get relaxed or hold a barbeque party with your family and friends. So, which one of those landscaping ideas you are interested to try?

7-10+. 12 Clever Concepts of DIY Backyard Landscaping ideas
In this section, you’ll learn some of the nicest DIY Backyard Landscape concept that you can copy and adopt on your own Backyard. We moved these ideas from Tavernierspa (Our other website)

Truly Enjoyable Outdoors Summertime With 10 DIY Backyard Landscaping – Tavernierspa One Day DIY Backyard Ideas and Landscaping – Tavernierspa Tips Lugenda featured with regard to 10 Clever Concepts of How to Make DIY Backyard Landscaping – Tavernierspa

Hardscaping Backyard Landscaping – Tavernierspa Easy and Creative DIY Budget and Gardening Backyard A Dreamy and Whimsical DIY Backyard Landscaping Project idea DIY Landscaping ideas and Tips how to improve outdoor space

Unique and Cheap DIY Backyard Landscaping Ideas Featured with 10 Clever Concepts of How to Make DIY Backyard Landscaping – Tavernierspa

Cheap and Easy DIY backyard ideas via Prudentpennypincher DIY Backyard and Outdoor Patio Ideas – Tavernierspa Easy Diy Backyard Landscaping On A Budget – Onechitecture- Featured with 10 Clever Concepts of How to Make DIY Backyard Landscaping – Tavernierspa DIY budget backyard ideas Fetured in 10 Clever Concepts of how to make DIY backyard landscaping – Simphome

Some of the best DIY backyard projects ideas and designs for 2019

Some of the Best DIY Backyard Project Ideas

7 Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Backyard Into an Earthly Paradise

During the winter season, we start thinking about spring, and with that, comes gardening and planting. We flip through the latest garden magazines hoping that our backyards could be half as beautiful as the gardens in those glossy photos.

The truth is, having a beautiful green backyard doesn't have to be costly.
Read on for some inexpensive ways to transform your blab looking wintry backyard into your own little earthly paradise and watch as you plant amazing memories for months to come.

Plant Lemon Grass.

Mosquitoes love to hang out in the spring and summer. What better way to fight those bites than planting an attractive lemon grass plant which requires little to no maintenance and grows easily. Lemon Grass is well-known for its citronella fighting powers which repels bugs especially mosquitoes. You can also make tea from this whole plant.

Plant Willows for Privacy

Aside from being just plain graceful, the willow tree families offer shade and privacy. At four to five feet, their long slender weeping branches and lance-shaped leaves are also great near ponds or streams.

Paint Garden Rocks

Rock painting ideas can turn stones into works of art that accent any garden area. These are fun kid friendly projects that can be done at any time of the year. Garden markers will help you remember which row are tomatoes and which row is the basil. Turn stones into flowers, insects, animals or a cute little house. Just about anything can be painted on a rock.

Plant beautiful ground covers

Ground covers are plants that can be grown over any area in your garden. They can grow in the hot full sun or in the shade and don't need special soil requirements. As revealed in this article, a ground cover is a creative solution to small backyards. They protect the area from erosion and drought. Drought tolerant ground covers such as Sedums can thrive in dry conditions.

Create an elegant garden area

Balmy summer evenings can be spent having a delicious summer meal. Create this ambiance by installing first a couple of landscape lights at the bases of various trees aimed into various tree canopies as the lights bathe the twisty branches in its soft light. Position candles and lanterns for night lighting. Complement candles and glasses in various styles and shades of green and other earth tone colors for an even stronger effect.

Enliven a tired lawn with a budget patchwork patio

Potted succulents cactus and a palm can create a finished patio look in a garden. Use stained concrete pavers or brick inlays which suit a variety of styles and budgets, to create a unique looking patchwork to resemble a "carpet" like theme.

It's cabana time!

Why not transform your outdoor area into an instant retreat for just hanging out, relaxing and casual entertainment? This perfect spot can be used seasonally or all year round. Do-it-yourself cabanas can be at low as $300 as revealed here.

There are many ways to spice up your drabby backyard so entertainment and lounging can be a fun experience not just in the spring and summer, but all year round. These seven ways to transforming a background are just a start to the possibilities. Let your imagination soar!

Pool Landscaping Plants

You can use almost any plant to accent your pool with style, but the best options are plants that grow easily in your area. This will also help with your water bill since you won’t have to water them excessively to keep them alive! Choose plants that are favorable for the environment you aspire to elicit and are in line with your appetite for maintenance.

For example, if you do not enjoy caring for your garden or mowing your lawn, hedges that need consistent trimming to avoid looking untidy are probably not ideal. If you’re in an arid climate, a lush, verdant landscape is going to require a good deal of excess watering to keep it looking fresh. Local landscapers or garden enthusiasts will be able to point you in the right direction.

There are several options to choose from depending on your location and climate. If you have hot, dry weather for most of the year, you can decorate your outdoor space with cactus, sunflowers, salvia, or geraniums, just to name a few plants that thrive in this environment. If you need plants that can hold up in cooler temperatures, look for coneflower, spruce, pansies or winterberries. Whether you’re a plant novice or a regular green thumb, here is some more pool inspiration for garden lovers.

31 Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget: Make Your Yard Beautiful!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may also contain other affiliate links.

Do you have a boring backyard in desperate need of a makeover but lack the budget to make it happen?

Many people think that landscaping is an expensive hobby. But, what if I told you that backyard landscaping ideas on a budget are now a thing and it doesn’t actually cost a fortune to create your own slice of heaven outside your home?

Just like so many other DIY projects, landscaping on a budget is possible and there are so many tips and tricks you can use to save money. And there are so many materials you can work with, too: from the cheap to the expensive.

I’m as thrifty as they come and I am always trying to use DIY ideas I find on the internet to spruce up my backyard on a small budget. So, buckle up, as I guide you through an inspiring collection of images that will teach you how to landscape a yard on a budget.

Looking For Help From a Professional Company?

If you’re looking for someone to help you with your landscaping, you can get a free quote from top local contractors here:

DIY Budget Friendly Ideas For backyard landscaping

Who does not like some DIY activity at home? It is even more fun when the entire family or a bunch of close friends are involved. With winter season passing us by, soon the flowers will be in full bloom again while the pretty birds chirp their sweet songs on top of the trees.

What better time can it be to go all DIY in your backyard? One of the most fun ways to make your backyard look cool and attractive for parties is to implement DIY budget friendly ideas for backyard landscaping.

You will not even need to buy new things to give your plain old backyard a whole new look, as you can easily make use of recycled stuff such as tires, broken branches, newspapers, etc and whatnot.

There are tons of backyard landscaping ideas, which we are going to discuss about in this article today!

So let us not waste any more time and get started right away!

1. For starters, let us take a look at some of the things you can do with recycled materials such as tires and wood.

You can easily paint tires you will not need anymore in fancy colors and hang them from high tree branches with the help of strong and durable ropes. This way, you can easily create a makeshift swing for your little ones.

On the other hand, you can also stack the painted and recycled tires and turn them into DIY planters! If you want, you can also hang your tire planter onto the walls or doors in your backyard, giving it a cool and chic appearance.

2. A whole lot of people are now opting for vertical gardens! Vertical gardens are not only pretty and chic, but they can act as great backdrops for family pictures.

If you do not have a nice fence or wall and want to cover it up, simply start planting your flowers vertically with the help of recyclable bottles and shelves. All you will probably need are some paint, glue and your desired flowers.

Vertical gardening is a rising trend now due to limited space in our homes. This kind of gardening is also very budget friendly since you will not need too many tools either. Hence, vertical gardening is quite famous among youngsters these days too.

For vertical gardening, you can also make use of old cans which you can easily fill up with fertilizer and soil. Hang them with some rope or attach the cans to the background with some glue and you will be good to go!

Another innovative alternative can be to put those old and empty photo frames into work. Paint them up if you want and cover them with some dry flowers. Add in some lavender to get that fun pop of color.

3. Cover the ground with some budget friendly mulch. It will surely reduce the chances of weed growing into your garden, and also make your backyard look very pretty and cool.

If you cannot afford mulch, go for other fun and cheap alternatives such as different shaped and sized stones, dry shredded autumn leaves, compost, etc.

Some people even go out of their way by layering the ground with old newspapers. Afterwards, you can just cover those layers of newspaper with some soil for the seeds and you will be good to go!

4. Another fun way to change up your backyard landscape is to add a splash of color all over. This is a very fun thing to do as you can also involve kids here.

Simply just paint the empty and boring patio and turn it into something funky and cool by letting your imagination run wild!

To make it even better, you can also throw in some cute chairs and coffee tables into that patio and maybe include a makeshift camp for the kids. The possibilities are endless with backyard landscaping!

5. Create your very own fire pit! There is nothing more enjoyable than having smores with your loved ones under the brightly lit stars at night. Some of the best experiences and conversations take place while roasting marshmallows in a fire pit!

You will not need any professional help in building your own outdoor fire pit. Simply just get a few concrete blocks, a few cinder caps, a concrete made fire bowl, and make a fire ring of your own with some leftover woods.

Not only is making an outdoor backyard fire pit fun, but it can also be prove to be a great workout when you’re setting the entire thing up! Just do maintain some basic caution though since you do not want a joyous moment to turn into something dangerous and risky for the entire family!

6. Throw in some fairy lights! What can be more magical and beautiful than having fairy lights all lit up in your backyard? The soft and sparkling glow of fairy lights can easily turn a boring backyard into something fun and not to mention romantic!

If you want to be a little more innovative, try DIY-ing your way out with the same fairy lights. One fun idea you can put to action is to use mason jars in your backyard.

You can easily drill a hole through the lids of the mason jars so that the containers can hang with the help of the fairy lights. This way, you will get something that looks similar to a lantern!

It is pretty, affordable and not to mention very innovative! Fairy lights are the most inexpensive ideas for backyard landscaping.


With our lives rushing by in this highly competitive world, sometimes all we need is to take a breather and enjoy some quality family time.

In this case, the backyard is the best place to be. We hope you had a fun time reading this article about DIY Budget Friendly Ideas for Backyard Landscaping and that it proved to be of some help to you and to your loved ones.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this article!

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