Petrol mower: everything you need to choose it well

When you have to manage significant quantities of cultivated land, having valid allies you can count on is essential and it is precisely for this reason that today we will talk about a machine that can never be missing in a farmer's tool shed: the petrol lawn mower.

Its purpose is simple: eliminate excess grass which could create potential problems for your crops and crush the organic residues it finds in its path into many small (and a few bulky) pieces.

In short, it is a tool essential to keep your soil clean and ready to welcome new plants at any time.

In this table you will find the 3 best machines selected by our editorial staff, but if you want to get a general idea of ​​all the best petrol cutters on the market, our advice is to continue reading.

Petrol mower from 500 € to 1000 €

B&S 675EX FLO Speed ​​6BS petrol lawn mower:

FLO Speed ​​6BS B&S 675EX

The petrol lawn mower FLO SPEED Model 6BS B&S 675 from Blue Bird is an absolutely efficient machine that can destroy any form of grass find on its path thanks to the large front entrance of the plate.

It is an excellent choice for those who have to work with weeds in orchards, vineyards, olive groves or for nurserymen and green operators who use it to reclaim uncultivated areas.

This model is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 675 EX Series engine from 163 cc, capable of guaranteeing a working yield 4 times higher than that of a normal brush cutter.

The rated power is 6.0 HP and mounts a gearbox with be 3 gears.

Rating: 8.5

Stiga SILEX 95 B self-propelled petrol lawn mower:

Stiga SILEX 95 B

This Stiga machinery it is designed to grind uncultivated and wild grass, even very tall, on all types of surfaces, even with a slight slope and not perfectly leveled.

Equipped with a rated power of 5.2 HP and a 2-speed gearbox, this petrol flail mower is particularly suitable for hobby type.

Among the standard accessories we find:

  • Collecting brush with basket
  • Sickle bar with double blade movement
  • Snow blade
  • Furrower with fixed wings
  • Flail mower
  • 50 cm cutter

Rating: 8

Eurosystems P55V flail mower:

Eurosystems P55V

The flail mower P 55V is a machine with a self-propelled internal combustion engine, equipped with tractionated pneumatic wheels and intended for hobby use.

The flail mower is equipped with a gearbox 2 gears (1 forward + 1 reverse) and one motor Honda GCV 160 4-stroke and 160 cc.

The rated power is 5.5 HP and has a cutting diameter of approximately 2 centimeters.

Rating: 7.5

Petrol lawn mower from € 1000 to € 2000

Eurosystems P70 EVO petrol lawn mower:

Eurosystems B&S P70 is an innovative self-propelled petrol lawn mower with incredible mobility: driven by large sculpted and tractionated wheels, it has a 5 gears (3 forward + 2 back) which makes it suitable for grinding uncultivated and wild grass on all kinds of surfaces.

The engine mounted is a brand new single cylinder Briggs & Stratton 850iS Series ™ InStart with a rated power of 6.5 HP.

The mower deck is long 63 centimeters and has an adjustable cutting height from 50 to 80 millimeters.

Rating: 8.5

Domino petrol lawn mower:

Domino Honda GCV 190 engine

The Domino petrol lawn mower in its PRO SPEED model it destroys huge masses of all types of weeds in any condition thanks to the large front entrance of the plate.

Effective and efficient, it has an hourly work output of approximately 7/8 times that of a normal brush cutter, with cleaner and more homogeneous results.

Its engine is a Honda GCV 190, perfect for those jobs where high power is required, given that the displacement is 190 cc.

The rated power is 6.5 HP, but the real strength lies in the cutting system with a rotating blade and a working width of 53 cm.

Rating: 9

Petrol mower from 2000 € to 3000 €

Meccanica Benassi TR 600 flail mower:

Benassi TR 600 mechanics

The TR 600 it is the most compact and manageable model of the TR series, ideal for working on land with little room for maneuver and with difficult passages.

Thought for a semi-professional use, has excellent power and destroys all types of weeds, regardless of diameter, height or size.

Mount an engine Briggs & Stratton 950E Series with the following characteristics:

  • 4 times
  • air cooled
  • displacement: 223 cc
  • single cylinder
  • overhead valve, OHV
  • rated power: 7.5 HP
  • petrol tank: 1.1 lt
  • oil tank: 0,6 lt

Its nominal power is 7.5 HP, which is associated with a working width of 50 cm.

This tool is also available in the premium version TR 800 which is distinguished by a greater nominal power, equal to 12.5 HP and a greater cutting surface, of 80 cm.

Rating: 9

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WiFi repeater: How does it work?

The Wi-Fi repeater it does nothing but amplify what is the signal of the main modem router, be it ADSL or Fiber Optic.

Just connect the device to your computer via Ethernet cable or hook up the signal to your computer. In a very short time the Wi-Fi signal will have full coverage throughout the house, even where it was struggling to get to before.

How to choose a WiFi repeater

For choose a good Wi-Fi repeater you have to consider some parameters that will allow you to get the maximum result.

First check that the repeater is compatible with the basic modem router, which has the same or higher standards, but does not need to be of the same brand. Starting from this point, you can venture into the choice of the repeater, here are some parameters.


The Wi-Fi repeater can have several forms, it can be similar to the modem router or more compact, to be connected directly to the power outlet. Check that the repeater is written in the package, do not confuse it with the router even if they have the same shape, because the operation will be different.

Supported Wi-Fi Type (Classes)

The Wi-Fi classes supported by a repeater are different and consequently the data transmission speed will be different. Let's take some examples:

  • Wireless class 802.11 b: what we could define the oldest) reaches up to 11 Megabytes per second
  • 802.11g wireless class: reaches up to 54 Mbps per second
  • Wireless class 802.11 class n: the most widespread, reaches 450 Mbps
  • 802.11 AC wireless class: the latest class and supported by the latest generation devices, it can reach 1.3Gbps or 1331 Mbps speed

Frequency bands

Another aspect to consider when yes buy a Wi-Fi repeater are the frequency bands, ie those on which the radio waves travel.

The Dual band frequencies support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio band, the latter allows to eliminate annoying interference but has a more limited range of action.

Finally, there is the Tri Band which supports a 2.4GHz band and two 5GHZ bands, this type of band is not very widespread and dedicated only to those with advanced needs.

Access doors

It is good to keep in mind too how many and what kind of entrance doors are present. The access doors can be:

Ethernet ports: those that allow you to connect devices to the Internet via cable. They can be of two types:

  • Fast Ethernet which ensure data transfer speeds of up to 100Mbps
  • Gigabit Ethernet, superfast, which is able to transfer data at a maximum speed of 1,000Mbps.

USB ports: are those inputs that allow peripheral devices such as printers or hard disks to be connected to the network

Audio inputs: through which it is possible to convert any audio system or traditional speaker into a Wi-Fi device in order to play music from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) or computers with a simple click.

Do not forget the antennas mounted on the Wi-Fi repeater taking into consideration the number, type and power. Remember that antennas can be internal or external, fixed or removable.

How to set up a WiFi repeater

Here she is configuring a Wi-Fi repeater done wirelessly or via Ethernet cable:

  1. Log in on the web by address or
  2. You will be asked to enter the credentials for accessing the wireless network enabled on the router, modem router or access point
  3. insert password

At the end of the procedure you will most likely come disconnected from the Wi-Fi repeater.

After re-establishing the connection, the advice is to change the wireless network name (SSID) and password.

Also it is good to assign to each Wi-Fi repeater installed in the local network a static private IP. This IP must be assigned by indicating a selected address outside the range used by the server DHCP of the main router.

To teach courage, the school must first of all know how to choose it


Dear Daniele Novara, here we witness the most perfect and performing orchestration of the fears of those in charge, with those of the teachers themselves. I know too many teachers who still fear contagion from the little ones, who pretend to accept the regulations given by the managers unwillingly while in reality they would not know how to do without it, and they are the first to give bad information by continuing to educate children on the need for measures

"For the good of all, because you too could infect me", selling the fake in order not to admit your terror.

I hear these words from my children every day, spoken by their teachers.
How can we teach our children courage, right, life, in this coercive concert of fears?

My son, the seventh grade, when asked if he gets up every now and then to take a walk, replies: «Yes, but only to throw the snack paper in the bin. Then I don't even go to the bathroom, so that's the only time I get up. "

My daughter, fifth grade, listens to a classmate: "Teacher, will we go to the garden?".

The answer, lapidary: «No, we don't need it. There are those who cannot distance themselves in the classroom, but we have enough space, there is no need».

And where did the proposals for parks, museums, public spaces go? Where did the desire to renew ourselves go?

You see them coming out like an army of puppets, of imposed solitudes: the hand is lost, the line two by two. The pack, the heat. They look like they're in a perennial curfew, you expect a grenade to come now.

The same teacher, soon, recalling the need for masks and the untouchability of the material, reiterates that we must protect ourselves all.

Behind this apparent joviality and care, we have people - teachers and managers - victims of information abuse and blinding fear, unable to think. But this doesn't surprise me:

How could they have the courage and the ability to have their say, to claim rights for these poor pupils, when they have always struggled even just to take them to the garden to run in the breaks, arguing that the fault lies with the apprehensive parents who then sue for a skinned knee?

These are the same teachers who want security. Therefore in such a situation they give the "best" of themselves, that is, what is most usual, rooted, and always evident.

Why do you blame the parents?

Have you ever heard a nurse questioned by the head physician, say: "No, Doctor, I didn't give the patient the injection because he was afraid of getting hurt and I of his screams"?

Maybe a dentist will not treat you for cavities because he fears you will complain of pain?

Teachers who are victims of apprehensive parents do not seek guilt in the latter, but fear in themselves. Or change jobs. Because teaching is a profession of courage. Strong and visceral like a gestation. Blood and heartbeat, exchange, sweat, liquids, surges, ages, births, deaths. Go and be cashiers. Go and move pallets of frozen food. Very decent work, but where visceral participation in the concert of growth is not required.

I am indignant, but I am not surprised. As I said, in difficulties those who are brilliant will be able to emerge even more brilliant, and those who are mediocre even more mediocre. But what torments me most is that this mediocrity is taught. Let this fear be taught. Let this unreasonableness be taught. As right.

Difficulties unleash unexpected abilities in us only if there is no escape. Here there is the escape, and it is called Covid, CTS, precautions, Institute protocol. We teach children that, in the face of fear, impassable lines are drawn. The perfect box where you can close yourself to avoid the opportunity, finally, to fly towards courage, creativity, love and life.

Thanks to the always attentive, heartfelt and professional contribution of Daniele Novara: «The rules. But fear does not take over ».

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The legend of the Christmas star

The legend of the Christmas star

Even in Mexico City, in faraway America, Christmas is a great occasion for celebration.
Everyone takes the opportunity to show off new clothes, set the tables with abundant and different foods and drinks, exchange expensive and refined gifts.
Which is what happens in most of the world.
But even in Mexico City there are people who cannot afford to celebrate even on Christmas Eve.
One of these, perhaps the poorest of all, was called Ines.
She was a pretty little Indian girl, big black eyes in her dark face, who even on Christmas Eve wandered around the big market barefoot, staring at the merchandise displayed on the stalls:
triumphs of colorful fruit, sweets, roasted turkeys and geese, fragrant chips.
All things forbidden for Ines, rich only in her smile with which she tried to soften the sellers, who loved her and always gave her something.
Mom had sewn a large pocket on the front of her skirt, and everything the child received ended up in that pocket.
Little Ines checked her every day so that nothing she collected was lost.

The contents of that pocket were very precious:

that was the food for his little brothers and his sick mother who were waiting at home.
Ines had her eye trained to discover something still in good condition even in the heaps of waste from the market and her quick hand knew how to choose it carefully, clean it up, make it acceptable.
On the evening of Christmas Eve, the pocket was fuller than usual.
Her siblings were also going to party tonight.
But Ines was not entirely happy.
He had a small but insistent, secret, worry.
There was a nice tradition in Mexico City.
On Christmas Eve all the children of the city brought a flower to baby Jesus in the church of their parish.
There was a kind of competition as to who wore the most beautiful flower.
Ines also wanted to bring a flower to the Child Jesus.
Sometimes she imagined herself offering the most beautiful flower, the poor little Indian girl.
But he was already struggling so much to get some fruit and vegetables, how could he get a flower?
He had seen some flowers on the richer balconies, other flowers peeped out invitingly from wrought iron gates.

She was tempted to pick them, but one cannot give Jesus a stolen flower.

The little girl thought with satisfaction about the good things she brought to her little brothers, about the joy with which they would welcome her, but she couldn't decide to go home.
She wandered restlessly, looking for a flower, the most beautiful, the one she had seen only in her imagination.
The winding road that led to his neighborhood passed through an area of ​​ancient ruins.
At other times he had seen tufts of green leaves with some colorful flowers among the ruins.
Perhaps there he could find some special flowers to bring to the baby Jesus.
Cautiously he entered the ruins.
He turned, searched, searched carefully among the old stones, but there was nothing to be done.
There was not even a flower.
It was almost dark.
Her mother and siblings were certainly waiting impatiently for her.
He had to go home.
He cast a last look around and saw, in a corner, a clump of seedlings that had shiny green leaves arranged like the petals of a flower.
He bent down and quickly picked up a few twigs, put them together as nicely as possible and formed a small bunch.

Something was still missing.

With a sigh, the little girl took off the most beautiful thing she possessed:
the red ribbon she used to tie her hair.
With the ribbon he made a rosette around the green leaves.
She was pleased with the result.
"Baby Jesus will like my green flowers." she thought, "And then I tied them with the red ribbon!"
It was dark now and Ines headed home.
He passed in front of the church:
the main door was wide open.
"At this time there will be no one in the church!" he thought, "It's dinner time.
They will come later to bring flowers to Jesus! "
He sneaked in, with his bare feet, the dirty apron with the pocket full of fruit and vegetables.
She sneaked away, light as a shadow, behind the columns of the nave towards the corner full of light where the statue of the Child Jesus had been placed on an embroidered cushion.
With tears in her eyes, Ines looked at her bunch of green leaves and then, turning to the statue of the Child Jesus said:
“I'll leave them to you now.
I can't come later with the other children.
I would be too ashamed.
I hope you like them anyway! "

An "Oh!" with wonder startled her.

There was a group of people around her.
Everyone stared in amazement at the deck he held in his hand.
"What beautiful flowers ...
Where did you find them?
I've never seen flowers like this! "
Ines looked down at her bunch of leaves and gasped in surprise.
The leaves had turned a beautiful bright red.
At the center of the corolla, the berries had formed like a heart of gold.
Shyly, the little girl placed her precious bunch of red-gold stars at the foot of the statue of the Child Jesus and then ran home.
She didn't even feel like she was touching the ground for happiness.
Now he knew that Jesus had enjoyed his gift and had transformed simple leaves into the most beautiful flower in Mexico:
the Christmas star.
Even today, at Christmas, all over the world, the red stars with a golden heart recall the miracle of faith of a poor Indian girl.

How to choose the right furniture for a small bedroom

In the meantime, let's start fromfurniture and the objects that cannot be missing: the bed, the wardrobe and the mirrors.

The bed

As in any bedroom, whether large or small, the bed it is obviously the undisputed protagonist but, if the spaces are limited, it manages to make a difference. This is why it must be chosen carefully, starting from size, which must surely be contained.
The best solution ever remain the beds complete with chest of drawers or fitted with retractable containers, which help to optimize space.
The position is also important: the ideal would be place it in the central area, with the headboard against the wall. On this same wall, then, you can hang a picture with a proportionate size to add a pop of color.

The closet

If it is to be placed inside a room of a few square meters, then surely the best model is the one with sliding doors. Better still if you can take advantage of a small niche in the wall for build a functional walk-in closet (even if mini): shoes, sheets, clothes and towels will find their space without arousing attention.
Two other closet designs could be that angled or the variant bridge, to be placed above the bed: in both cases it is excellent and extremely effective space-saving solutions!

The mirrors

The primary functionality of one mirror, you know, is to answer the question: "Can I go out dressed like this?". One of the secondary, however, is give greater depth to an environment, making it appear larger than it actually is.
The mirrors "Puzzle", for example, they are a valid strategy to create this optical illusion: the combination of different geometric shapes creates plays of light reflections so particular that make the room seem larger, as well as bright.

Mountain biking: categories and disciplines

The categories included in the more generic meaning of mountain biking are diversified and more or less complex. as such, each discipline requires a particular type of bicycle which differs from the others in terms of frame geometry, suspension travel and type of components.

'Cross country' mountain bike

They are developed for routes full of climbs and fairly high average speeds. They are light, efficient, equipped with aluminum frames and suspension forks. The weight of a cross country MTB is usually under 8 kg. The geometry of the bicycle also favors climbing and responsiveness while neglecting stability and braking.

'All mountain' mountain bike

They are the bikes dedicated to cycle-hiking, and in general to all those non-competitive MTB activities. The peculiarities of these bicycles are the good pedalability, reliability and comfort even downhill. The geometry is stable and allows the rider to overcome both steep and uphill sections with ease.

'Trail' and 'Enduro' mountain bikes

They are a cross between bicycles full from Marathonand from All mountain, but more geared towards pedaling and a little less towards the descent. The weight generally does not exceed 13 kg. The Enduro ones, in particular, are more suited to competition performance.

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