Antarctica 1975/76 History of a geological, mountaineering, underwater, exploratory expedition by Remo Terranova - Erga Edizioni

Book review:

Antarctica 1975/76
History of a geological, mountaineering, underwater, exploratory expedition

by Remo Terranova


: Antarctica 1975/76 -History of a geological, mountaineering, underwater, exploratory expedition


: Remo Terranova


: Erga Edizioni


: History, Expeditions, Geology

Publication date

: December 2010

Number of pages:



28.00 euros

Type of paper used

: no recycled or ecological paper is used


: The book is richly illustrated

Antarctica 1975/76, History of a geological, mountaineering, underwater, exploratory expedition is a book that, as the title itself says, tells the story of the expedition that took place during the Antarctic summer 1975/76 in Antarctica. It was at the time of the first Italian expedition to those lands, as the first stable base was built with it (headed to Giacomo Bove1), organized with private funds, with the aim of raising awareness both the Italian government and public opinion on the need to join to the Antarctic Treaty2 to which he actually adhered in 1981 and to open the way to future expeditions as well as to build the first permanent base to collect important scientific data.

The book is full of diagrams and photos that make reading very pleasant and streamlined.

In the first chapter, «General characteristics of Antarctica», what Antarctica is from a geographical, climatic and mineralogical point of view is told. In addition, it tells of the main animal and plant species housed in these icy regions and of the explorations made over the centuries starting from the first expedition made in 1773 by the commander J. Cook.

In the second chapter "Aspects of the Antarctic Peninsula" we move on to analyze in more detail the geological characteristics of this incredible land and its orography with numerous maps describing geology, tectonics and lageography.

"The start of the expedition", the title of the third chapter, is the story of how the journey began: "It has been defined as the" first Italian expedition to Antarctica "as the first Italian base in Antarctica was built with it, with private capital, while previously some Italians had been on the Antarctic continent as guests of foreign bases or had sailed in the seas of the Antarctic Peninsula ". It tells of the preparation, the difficulties encountered, the long navigation that from Sweden along the Portugal, Las Palmas and Uruguay route led to the Antarctic Peninsula.

The fourth chapter "Construction of the base" tells about the identification of the site, a stretch of coast without glaciers, where "after a long reconnaissance by some of us, we decided that this could be the right place to plant our base on the ground" and its edification. The chapter is full of photo maps that bring to life the emotion that these pioneers surely felt, in finding themselves for the first time in an unknown land.

In the fifth chapter "Earth Science Research", the author tells of how, once settled, they began to organize the work and the various meteorological, hydrological, geological and geomorphological observations with the relative reports. During the explorations it is told how a deposit of fossil plants was identified in a morainic deposit and their possible origin is described: "the microscopic investigation allowed to identify the nature of the encrusting materials included in the plant remains and also to discover that the xylem3 is to be attributed to two distinct plant entities, one belonging to the Araucaria genus and the other to an intermediate form between Fagus and Nothofagus "highlighting that this identification" allowed their attribution to geological times of the Oligocene and Miocene periods of the Tertiary Era and provided a further proof of the connection of Antarctica, in the past, with South America where a xylem of the Nothofagus stem living in Tierra del Fuego was found, very similar to the one from noireperito ".

In the sixth chapter "The observed animals" the local fauna is described: penguins, seals, sea lions, elephant seals, with brief descriptions of the individual species, their anatomical characteristics and a brief ethological description, all correlated with delightful photos. Seabirds such as albatrosses, cormorants, skua, petrels, gulls and pestrels are not neglected.

The "Mountaineering Activities", the subject of the seventh chapter, are told with great attention. The author describes the climbs carried out in the various mountains surrounding the base camp and the difficulties encountered "due to the frequent presence of ice and snow spumoni, which did not allow a good use of crampons and ice axes, and a storm of wind that was gradually increasing and he did not allow to walk on his feet in the most exposed points and deafened the mountaineers ". The story, aided by beautiful photos, also provides valuable advice to those wishing to undertake daring climbs in this great frozen land.

The "Underwater Activities" described and illustrated in the eighth chapter could not be missing. The difficulties are narrated "They immersed themselves in a sea with a surface temperature of + 1.2 ° C, but they accused symptoms of headaches for which they re-emerged on the surface of the water to dispose of these pains" even if there was no lack of playful moments "in the during these activities, the seals and penguins enjoyed carouselling around them ". Another incredible story narrates the immersion "in the waters of the IsolaDeception (...) which corresponds to a caldera, derived from the explosion of a volcano, invaded by the sea. The immersion takes place in marine waters at a temperature of + 37 ° C ". There is no lack of emotions as it is said of a diver who while attempting to climb a grandiose iceberg 45 m high, at 20 m high, the iceberg began to oscillate and at that point" despite the fears of his companions, expressed at high voice, he leaned forward a little and dived from that height, holding a vertical position with his arms raised. Everyone was thrilled to see him descend into the air and disappear under the water, after having raised a halo of foam in its impact into the sea ".

The penultimate chapter "Exploration activities in the Southern Ocean" is dedicated to the dismantling of the base camp and to what the author defines as "the most spectacular part of the expedition, carried out in a long voyage lasting several days in the seas between the Antarctic peninsula and the various archipelagos. islands distributed along the west coast. " With a wealth of details, he describes the wonders of nature that have left the explorers speechless "To the east one observed with great amazement the grandeur of the Grand Land of the Antarctic Peninsula, from whose ice cap, Detroit Plateau, glacial tongues descended into the inlets of the coastal strip, where they gave rise to high ice barriers, 70-100 m high, from which large blocks of ice broke off repeatedly and shattered in the water or gave rise to icebergs "all enriched with photos that define spectacular does not make them merit.

The last chapter "The return from Antarctica" tells the journey towards the north, homeward, of this fantastic expedition during which these daring pioneers did not lack the latest emotions "but this peaceful navigation did not last long because just north of the Falkland Islands (...) we ran into a terrible storm unleashed by violent winds that raised a sea of ​​forzanove, for a very long time ". But in the end they got home. "Today in memory of the expedition, the National Museum of Antarctica wanted to dedicate an exhibition room of our memories in the section of the Trieste Museum".

As I hope she managed to highlight, the book is not only a beautiful story of a journey, full of technical details, but it is also the story of a memory, in the memory of its financier, Renato Cepparo who believed in this group of men and in the future implications. that such a trip would have had for the progress and discoveries of our country.

A nice book, to read and to give as gifts for the winter evenings spent in the warmth of your own home.

Dr. M.G. Davoli


1. From the Treccani encyclopedia: "Explorer (Maranzana 1852 - Verona 1887); after being official surveyor at the Arctic expedition of AE Nordenskjöld (1878-80), he assumed command of the Argentine expedition to Tierra del Fuego (1881-1882). in Argentina, planning to establish an Italian colony there, and in the Land of Fire, with scientific assignments (1883-84). Sent by the Italian government, he made a trip to the Congo basin (1886). Struck in Africa by serious illness, he killed himself in Verona shortly after the return ".

2. The Antarctic Treaty is aimed at defining the use of the uninhabited parts of Antarctica located south of the 60 ° latitude. with the aim of establishing guidelines for the peaceful use of all the continent's resources and for the preservation of flora, fauna and the ecosystem more generally.

3. This is the set of plant tissues present in vascular plants which have the task of conducting the water and the solutes dissolved in it.

Antarctica 1975/76 History of a geological, mountaineering, underwater, exploratory expedition by Remo Terranova - Erga Edizioni

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ATTACHMENT 1 - Giardelli Paolo, It starts with a daughter. , The hands.

The title, to be understood as a popular saying, must be preceded by the first part that begins: "to make a nice family ...". And it is the female, who holds the key to the whole book.

In those sad years relating to 1800 and after (and sad because in the countryside often four-year-old boys had to become men barefoot and girls were women), setting up a family was a very big headache, even if the only means allowed for "Continue the species". For the hard work in the fields or for the handing over of the inheritance and the work, male children were needed. Females, partly due to ancient custom, due to their weakness in physical occupations, pregnancies and the dowry necessary to marry them, were not entirely appreciated. However, if you started with a female, you were consoled by having a 'mother substitute' one who would guarantee attention to the next offspring even when the mother became incapacitated or 'failed to give birth'.

'I am the boss, but my wife is the boss,' a recent saying went, but it hasn't always been like this. It is enough to go back a century and already were times when the rights of women did not exist and, consequently, the male carried, for better or for worse, but unilaterally the weight and responsibility of all the fundamental decisions.

All, except sexuality and its consequences. These alone were delivered to females. But guaranteed and framed by very strict rules: producing children and educating them were the natural obligation entrusted to them and as a hobby, working at home. Thus, there was little space for those who ran into the boundaries of the lawful and worse for those who came out of it: cases of infertility, violence, 'unmarried mothers', abortions, forced adoptions but also the sex of newborns, diseases, teaching the rules, everything was their responsibility.

The author, thanks to extensive years of research in the Ligurian territory, makes a never-described overview of the life prospects of those times in the countryside with cold clarity. Simple, idyllic, in the midst of nature, children who played with little, fell asleep with sweet or terrifying lullabies, rewarded themselves with peanuts and often didn't even go to school. But alas! they starved, lived in poverty in unhygienic filth, suffered from cold, hunger, beatings, diseases, wars, the wickedness of ignorance of narrow and superstitious environments and were often sold.

It is not just sad fiction, however, but true history. Especially in small towns, in villages more or less lost in the mountains, where life flowed daily in work and in respect of ancient traditions. And it concludes with a whole series of delicious nursery rhymes, some in the local dialect, not to be missed.

ANNEX 2 - Mario Carboni, a century of solidarity in Sestri Ponente , story of the Green Cross, new, Ata.

The AOTF defines or so travaggio unn-a carellв de зent’anni de stoоa e vitta de-a P.A. Crфxe Verde de Sestri. But in reality it is legible in this broad sense: a century of Italian life and zeneize, with the sestrexe a underlineв comm-e a vitta de-a delegaion and ea and the is strictly legв a quela de-a Grande Zena, albeit maintaining a personal autonomy that favors the preservation of a very precise personality from here i sestreisi de evenu van fieri.

Therefore, not only to Crfxe Verde, who is either the main character of the book, but the reality and reality sestrexi in their evolution, linked to industrial and shipbuilding transformation. From the beginning ‘or ci comm piccin commune do Regno’ to one of decisive centers for the ‘varo do Rex’ and to workers' culture. The one that the AOTF makes 'a stupendous aventuв visciыa from-i sestrexi in зent years', if it leze smoothly also fкua from Sestri because here all the letfi have seen it personally.

ANNEX 3 - The parks, by Marcella Rossi

The A Compagna presented in December the book "I Parchi", written by the life partner and consul Marcella Rossi, fifth in the series "Genovese notebooks of language and literature" of our Association.

It is a text that is the result of talks with elderly Nervi characters, and recounts the seventy years that testify to the passage from private to public of a priceless treasure.

The publication is embellished with the illustrations of original intaglio prints by the students of the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts - Course of prof. Nicola Ottria, the subject of a temporary exhibition at the Doge's Palace.

The theme is current. Excluding the controversies and melancholies about the Nervi Parks, which are about to be redeveloped, the focus is on understanding the technical and cultural mechanisms that once kept this historical botanical heritage alive, to recover the positive factors and criteria useful for a lasting restoration, learn about past experiences to interpret the present and look to the future.

The generic title expresses the intention to take the Historical Parks of Nervi as a model of the universal meaning of a park and to consider the importance that the park-garden theme assumes in Genoese and Ligurian culture.

Not only. We intend to start from a prominent and renowned local reality to address the urgent issue of the correct use of public spaces. The interesting testimonies, reported by the author with a streamlined and vital writing, represent a necessary starting point to understand the meaning and use of our historical parks and constitute a concrete approach to give the right value to a cultural heritage that could be lost .

The book can be obtained at the headquarters or during the “I martedм” conferences. It will soon be available at the "Porto Antico" bookshop and at the "The other half of the sky" bookshop in Nervi, where it will be presented again.

ANNEX 4 - SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY by Piero Pastorino Publisher De Ferrari - 2007 - Pages 152.

Йmmo riзevыo pк inricchо in our library, or book "Sentimental Journey in the Great Genoa", published posthumously by the De Ferrari editor, written by Piero Pastorino, a great multi-prize xeneise journalist, autf of other books with a local theme, who passed away in 2006.

In te know paggine, the Autou travels from west to east and in to interior, stopping pк every Comunn-e - abhors delegation word - from Vцtri to sant'Ilвio, Pontedeximo and Struppa - specifying in the preface that Zena , the only Italian n-a no has unn-a periphery but a l'is the union of many different souls pк ciaschedыnn-a de-e quж or if he pauses to dкscrivine characteristic episodes, viзende umann-e, characters, entrepreneurial dynasties, unpublished and curious fжti, all scrutinized with a quick and concise, but engaging, typical de or bon journalist who with a few words or knows transmits an emotional participation mixed with a news story. In short, no to stoia of individual villages but a friendly relationship with each one of them, in a way that compiles a "sentimental journey".

To enrich our library, we received the book "Sentimental Journey into the Great Genoa", published in 2007 by De Ferrari, written by Piero Pastorino, a great award-winning Genoese journalist, already the author of three other local-themed books, who died in 2006.

The text, presented at the Berio in March 2008, costs 16 euros.

In the 152 pages, the author scrolls through the city from west to east and inland, pausing for each municipality - he abhors the term delegation - from Voltri to Sant'Ilario, Pontedecimo and Struppa - specifying in the preface that Genoa, the only city Italian, has no periphery but is the union of many different souls for each of which he pauses to describe characteristic episodes, human events, characters and entrepreneurial dynasties. Generally unpublished and curious facts, all written with a quick and concise, but engaging stroke, typical of the good journalist who with a few words knows how to convey emotional participation mixed with the clarity of the news.

In short, not the history of the individual villages, to be entrusted to more in-depth historical texts but a friendly relationship with each of them, in order to compile a "sentimental journey" as if looking at the streets and houses, traveling through the city on foot or by tram. . He succeeded in making us better know our home and something very welcome, enriched, to make us love it a little more.

EzioBaglini Sent to Paolo GPiana

ANNEX 5 - Bampi, Franco - New Italian - Genoese Dictionary - Illustrated and commented.

New Genoese Publishing. October 2008. pages 448 - Euro 14.50

- Bampi Franco - Grafоa ofiзiв - booklet no. 1 of the 'Bolezщmme Series'

Sampierdarenese Publishing Company. January 2009. page 36 - Euro 3.00

With two different editors, our Prescidйnte - sensitive to what ever to the ыzo do dialétto - or has

Recently publicou dui travaggi suvia or theme a coeu: o “New. . and the brochure "Handwriting. ".

Never did he stress the importance of such publications, at a time when the use of

dialétto tends inexorably to enter into historical concepts of "perdщo irremediably" and -

dimmoselo ciaeo - pe cуlpa nostra (incapacity and / or indolence). In less than eighty years, or the stжto

first the Italian who either drastically marginalized the щso common then in you neuve

generation or the use of l’ingleise уua, new Attila, linguiзida, or l’a a

telematics (computer and SMS), unable to express a muxicality of our language.

Franco Bampi o ha vosciu went back to chinn-a simplifying a o maximo: primma or vocabolaio, which o

l’й "italian-zeneize", speculating to o Casaccia, o quж o l'и partмo da-a necesitж d’insegnв Italian then

to "Grafia" that respecting e-exigense de l'Acadйmia Ligustica do Brйnno "or has it cercou de portв a-

O minimum and rules, in spelling, the acйnti all osdtica a-o modern moddo de esprimmise

therefore a-in our language simple rules, sfoltie a-o maximo but вtretаnto sufiзйnti a fвla

uniquely manageable lкze and scrоve with 'na rapid letыa. Dovйivan кse uzтuк da

all, poкti, mщxicists, atoо, pтpolo comщn. E-e dui publicaзioin purian кse a barca de

sarvatаggio that brought to shore the custom of zeneise spoke and scrutinized.

Therefore, no purian lacked in nisciunn-a library of those who truly amman Zena.

Or, finally, it is a duty from pаrte mж - ​​also against a voentж de l'Autы - sotolineв which, for

both and published - as also or book 'i Parchi' de-o consul Marcella Rossi

Patrone, review or meise passou - no economic advantage or the a-i Aotoi they have

donated or benefited from the Association with the possibility of purchasing a bank account, as a result of

spreading in tщtte and cвze, and no to 'n'edizion de lщsso.

I libbri porian кse bought the brochure in you bookstores also in you newsstands, ordering them or

by booking them at “Tuesday” in to palasso Ducale


Vol. IV. - Editions of the Bear - 2008 - page 345

In Italy it is located at the extreme western end of the Maritime Alps but for the most part it borders on France. However, the population of Brig has kept, for our luck and for their skill, a strong personality and Italian ascendancy - as a culture, traditions, dialect -. Demonstrated with the regular issue of the magazine "the Eagle's Nest" and with the previous volumes relating to the "vocabulary", "grammar" and "voices of tradition". Last this fourth volume, the Dictionary of Culture Brigasca (or “comparative ethnolinguistic glossary of the Ligurian-Maritime Alps”). In it the research, knowledge and maintenance of the nearby dialects Tendasco, Saorgino-Fontanenco, Breglienco, Olivettese and of etymes of the whole Roia valley is also extended.

Й with works like these, which keeps Liguria and the Ligurians alive.

ANNEX 7 - the poet of Savona Giuseppe Cava (Beppin da Ca), Di Milazzo Giuseppe - Sabatelli ed. 2007

A well-known character 'o Beppin' for numerous editions of poems and fiction, in dialect and in Italian, historical and journalistic, in Genoese newspapers. Epicenter, Savona.

But the preface of the book alerts, and calls for an in-depth reading of the book because that man described up to now by numerous essays, as a sensitive, romantic, poetic author, the poet of Savona, is in reality only the tip of the iceberg. Because Beppin was indeed volcanic, granite, strong-willed, creative but with a "defect" for which calling him uncomfortable is an understatement: a historical counter-current.

A respectful, but pugnacious and convinced anarchist, anti-militarist and anticlerical.

You have to read the book, to know how as a good fighter he proudly overcame the amputation of a coexisted limb a bigoted and Giolitti society badly digested a world war and a dictatorship.

And this, because he was constantly 'out of tune, out of tune', as well as having experienced a bit of jail and forced domicile.

ANNEX 8 - Davide Roscelli - Christopher Columbus, archeology of discovery -

ed. Bastogi. 2006 - pp. 240

I knew myself personally or from Davide Roscelli on Tuesdays from A Compagna to-o Ducale, when I was eighty-six years old or when I was giving a lecture on Christopher Columbus.

Who is in stfia and the lмbbri, no poк does not know the previous travails, many points to Zena and Liguria

Of our fellow citizen Colombo, anpiscima and universвle, is a bibliography: thousands of tracts in all languages, they have analisou in dictation to sт stцia: to family and to personn-a, to зittж de birth and to vitta, to discover and the triцnfi, and motivation and death. Yet, there is always quarcosa de nкuvo from scrovо.

Infжti Roscelli describes or grande amirаlio with an introspetive tаggio diferйnte da-i дtri. Already arises a-intrigued or letf, from-to cover, teasing him with this notissie: a family, since the Christopher Columbus are one, and of them two, also distinguished amirаli вtra, who are either in graddo de dм a dжta de birth (and, on page 192, also the genealogical tree). No. Stop. Since pk includes a character it is indispensable to insert it in the period from the so-called, Roscelli specifies in the subtitle that the book also aims at analyzing "archeology of a discovery, and of the Amerindian civilization". Not the ыrtima ‘gem’ a vast and complete iconography, explained by various portraits of Columbus.

ANNEX 9 - Parolle de Zкna, Franco Bampi - S.E.S. 2009 - pp. 36

Dтppo Grafоa ofiзiв, or our Prescident, has written or following the volume of the "Bolezщmme Series", with the approval of the Academia Ligщstica do Brйnno. A few pages, but with Zen words written in ophiзiв spelling, subdivided into themes, one for every faciвta consciousness, by reading a-a page to-o giуrno, in a short time and in demoвnte form, if he learns a vast vocabulary with words ad ыzo apropriou.

ANNEX 10 - The blue cat and the wandering cat, Paolo Lingua - publisher De Ferrari 2009 -

Fairytale novel that has a metaphor for our city life, from the politics of choices to daily difficulties, which revolve around a very tender love story.

ANNEX 11 - The Piarists in Liguria, artistic and iconographic choices, Margherita Priarone - De Ferrari 2009 - pages 80

A fascinating essay, reporting his own investigation carried out both on the existence of the Piarist fathers, from 1621 in Carcare and then also in Genoa and on the ties of clients with important families of the local aristocracy and on the churches and artistic choices that furnished them The Professor has thus highlighted a primacy of Liguria for the activity carried out by the Fathers both at an educational and popular educational level through free institutes, and at an artistic and architectural level.

ANNEX 12 - Liguria - Villas, Parks, Gardens - DeFerrari publisher. 2008 - 64 pages.

Description-guide to the twenty-seven most beautiful in the Region, including the botanical gardens of Genoa and La Spezia.

ANNEX 13 - From grandmother to grandson, cooking and life lesson, Maria Grazia Daniele, De Ferrari publishing, 2009, pp. 120.

Combining recipes and memories is a successful operation for Maria Grazia Daniele, a new cook for the benefit of her granddaughter Alice, perhaps precisely because of a traditionalist family past gained in artistic experience as a fashion designer and then as a politician - as a committed senator -.

After presumably having traveled the world for professional reasons, he has collected a series of recipes ranging from bucatini amatriciana to limoncello from Tuscan 'ribollita' to Wellington crusted fillet from pesto alla genovese. with basil from Teglia and for gnocchi, allo stocche cooked with a recipe capable of converting an agnosta from Nordic fish.

Nice approach to the kitchen. He tells us that each recipe is not reported at random or in alphabetical order, but following a very specific thread of memories, motivations and feelings which, it appears evident, add a mysterious and powerful force to the taste.

ANNEX 14 - Highlands trail , hiking itinerary in the hinterland of the western Savona, Dario Ottonello, for the Mountain Community Pollupice, ed. Coop. Roads, pp. 96

ANNEX 15 - , Baccio Emanuele Maineri, patriot and polygraph, GLuigi Bruzzone typog. Ligurian lithography, 1999, pp. 320.

Lтu de research suvia a Ligurian character, from-a vitta visciыa intensely, a patriot and polygraph de Toiаn and as he is accustomed to you as an explorer or scholar Bruzun, rich in particulars tщts detected by precise and picaty documentation.

ANNEX 16 - Ligurian Speleological Bibliography, AA.VV., Cooptipograf, 2006, page 224 with CD

A lot of cataloging is required, eg specialists. For a few, but all from national level.

ANNEX 17 - Lens on Recco, a story in a thousand photos, E.Razeto, S.Pellegrini, published by Microart's 1986, pp. 542

Razeto or the "Vito Elio Petrucci 2009 Award" recognized by-a Compagna. I know and photos in to libbro: a sequence of images, de-a Recco preguжra, a-traverso i bonbardamenti a tapкto do 1943, a Recco d'ancheu da-o garibaldin De Lucchi aa Pro Recco canpion de ballanкuo da-i velieri in cantк in the wake mжnn-a ae patronal fиste. The Aftoi provide such a rich collection of images of their зittadinn-a, from elevв or book to a fundamental source of local historical culture.

ANNEX 18 - Garibaldi and Liguria, Erio Bertorello and Giulio Fiaschini , ed.Sabatelli for the "Giuseppe Mazzini" Universal Opera Society of San Pier d’Arena, 2009, page 174

This work was born for honor or after the birth of our countryman, honorary member of-a Socjкtж sanpкdeninn-a, edited by the two suvia зitж and with the multiplicity of colaborazion of-o scholar Emilio Costa , never too much praise for his vast culture, modesty and produçion. A veu evidenziв and many witnesses de-a preference de Garibaldi towards the тperвi, in ti quж or scorgieva e vкe necesвie a fв took a 'redemption' of Italy, to the detriment of-the intellectuals (the many among the Thousand ) but witnesses of a moderou social action tendensially favorable to conservative politics. Garibaldi and Zena or the is stжto a decisive binomial pe o general, and San Pк d'Aenn-a unn-a fucinn-a logistics, eg - aa finne - arivв a-l'Unitж de-a Patria, ascм if sotta the aegis of Savoy.

ANNEX 19 - I sciantilin (the calosce), Enrico Scaravelli, Genoese comedy in three acts - Ligurian Council of Associations, ODV Onlus 2008 - pp. 48.

ANNEX 20 - The poems of an emigrant, Lorenzo Maritano (Lщensu), Historic Center of Pietrese and People of Liguria - pp. 220

ANNEX 21 - The Oltregiogo, a strategic land for Italy, F. Monteverde De Ferrari 2006 - pp. 160.

- Limonte, Franco Monteverde, De Ferrari 2008. p. 224

Gift of the Aotф. Two studies with themes re-proposed and debated in mid 2009, at the “Martedi de ACompagna”.

ANNEX 22 - TO-reversa, in prцza zeneize а rice raeo, Mangini GianFranco ed. Frilli 2009, p. 156

Gift of the Aotф. Comensa o libbro, co-o chapter titled «E reixe -. inte 'nn'atra lengua no poieva writes. ". e pцco dтppo ancтn "Mae poae e cцse o к understood:" L’i mлgio speaks well in zeneize, that mв in Italian. That's how I was born or zeneize. Always better de ninte ». And so he goes on free roa a narrв a so stoia and that antоga, a stoia do Balilla and a vмtta de Zena, from goжra, de mйistri and de letкatua (or so mestк) and if he asks Zena if he speaks ancon zeneize.

Either a comment written by-or our Prescident or the stigto "drento gh'й de tщtto".

ANNEX 23 - A century of solidarity in Sestri Ponente, Mario Carboni ed. Nuova ATA, 2003, on the other hand of the Green Cross Public Assistance, p. 350. (see attachment no. 2)

The author Mario Carboni defines his work as a 'historical diary': a roundup, year after year, of one hundred years of history and life of the P.A. Sestrese Green Cross. But in reality it can be read in a broader sense: a century of Italian and Genoese life, with the Sestrese eye capable of underlining how the life of the delegation was and is closely linked to that of the whole of Greater Genoa, albeit maintaining a personal autonomy that favors the preservation of a very specific personality of which today's Sestresi are proud.

Therefore, not only the Green Cross, which is the main character of the book, but all the Sestresi realities in their evolution, especially the huge local industrial and shipbuilding transformation, and in being involved in regional and national events. From the initial 'smallest town in the Kingdom' to one of the most decisive centers in Italy for the launch of the Rex and the workers' culture, which

the last is a whole saying about the quality that influences the politics and life of the country.

Concise but precise, in the book you can read many characters and collateral events, political,

playful, historical and cultural that have made the news and history: from the Messina earthquake, to the Nuremberg court, to the tiger mosquito.

What the author defines as 'the stupendous adventure lived by the people of Sestresi in a hundred years', can also be read fluently outside Sestri due to the numerous references to Genoese life in general and beyond, and that any reader, from a certain point on, has lived personally.

But I repeat, the subtle message of the desire to preserve one's own individuality does not escape us, repeatedly reading how the people of Sestresi have managed to keep up with history and at the same time carry out countless initiatives, facing and overcoming them with their own spirit.

ANNEX 24 - "Il Bugiardino", 2010, the calendar of the Ligurian lands, Consorzio della Quarantina, format 10x15, pp. 130.

Int'o libretto se peu lкze innumerable nights and typical nights of a moon, щtili ascм comme diario, calendвio, pe-i travаggi in canpаgna, pe-i travаggi in canpаgna, pe-i cйighe from memces the patron saints, the merchants,.

A publicazion, tоpic and intregamente Ligurian, a percor a tradiзion usв from-o 1474, and then again into thirst with-o Chiaravalle and inte l'otoзento co-i "Lunвi" do 'sciф Tocca' and do 'sciф Regмnn-a ', of quaж or veu кse the heir.

ANNEX 25 - A Ligurian against Sitting Bull, U.Torretta ed. Free to write. 2009, pp. 102.

Or protangonist if he calls Gustin Luigi Devoto, and or if he says zeneize, do 1851. In reality, he is risking de l'Aotф, or fan born de Borgoкuvo de Mezаnego, whence o s'иa emigrou, ancun banbмn, in New York. Coscм, and I find what I have discovered in a military cariкra: I do not want to be isolated

into the legendary 7th Cavalerоa in the year 1873, but ascended to know prezensa inta battle of Little Big Horn, whence the Sioux natives аn defeated either General Custer and o su rzimento. He is equally present at-oa legendary in the pursuit of Nez Percé. Until-o leave, they had until-until the year 1878.

For all who love the films of 'horses and pыa', or the 'n book from lкze inte'n sciтu and from tegnо in the library, for real size-a-fantasy.

ANNEX 26 - The Fort of Castel di Gavi, Armando DiRaimondo Erga, 2008, pp. 322.

We have been a partner for years, or Di Raimondo has not been bothered with books after in-depth researches in archives, museums, parishes and by consulting individual cultures of stoia between Zкna and Torin who or had useful notices.

Or the produced un belo voщumme, rich in detagiк notмзie (тspiti

ilustri, conditions of life, epidemics, clothes and uniforms, etc.) and asm in images

de Gavi who in the ea, from-or Зinqueзento, rocaforte defined a 'city of access' to the teritцi de-a Republica de Zкna from-to part of the Oltrezфvo always in primm-a to undergo the various attempts by agrescion of Savoy. The AOTF is part of an association that wants to make the fortessa a pole of tourist attraction, after years and years of abandonment.

ANNEX 27 - The years of Savignone, Guglielmo Tealdi , Bruzzone ed., 2009, pp. 148

"Ognidщn o dovieva scrоve e own memцie": thus quжxi or the beginning a prefaзion, specifying 'memцia' and not 'aotobiografоa defining a second quж' narcissistic description 'while in primm-a a l'и narraзion this orientв to the lкughi, environments, times and friendships of themselves.

Either the so or tale do Mino, more easily lezibile, with an epicenter or period of fascism, seen in Savignon. All the inhabitants and people in the area, or peu rйknows and people and events.

ANNEX 28 - Corpus of civil uniforms, Carla Cavelli Traverso, De Luca ed., 2009, pp. 104.

Richly illustrated and documented in 25 years of cataloging by the Serviçio Coltыa da Region, or book or describing the Indian clothes from the Court and State founders, in the 18th-20th century. Like military uniforms, the k ascм is subject to strict and precise legislation, eg it makes an individual or a functionary who in the indosаva, according to the category of apartegnenзa, degree, function and responsibility. A ghost to no limits.

ANNEX 29 - Bank of traditions, Maurizio Sentieri, ed. DeFerrari, 2009, pp. 96.

Libbro de gastronomмa, with the subtitle “rezette (not only) Ligurians and savfi de vitta”. But it is not a simple book of rezette but authentically arecugéita in teritoo de l’antica Republica de Zкna, of food culture "in via de estinçion". Infжti e riзette presentк, son frыto de ‘na riзerca dexennв, coordinв from the Aotф, unique in the country, and represents a rescoverta and valorisaзion de-e vаrie ыzanse food.

ANNEX 30 - Once upon a time there was the Costa del Sol, between news and fantasy, Umberto Gugliotta, ed. De Ferrari, Sestante series, 2009, pp. 96.

In 1994, in Sanna, an arson attack or a right-handed or brigantin 'Costa do Sol' arivou in avarмa won years before. O stupendous véiero and o I know captain are stjti тgйtto de coscм contrasting feelings, and notices of mysterious events, from intrв into mito de-e stoie do mв, whence veitж and fantasy se mesccian asemme. The Aotf, savoneise d’adozion, after meticulous research, analysis of documents and newspapers of the time, or the reconstructed to stцia do sailing ship, so from furnishing to-o letf of notifications what vкe and provк.

ATTACHMENT 31 - Poggio and San Bernardo di Favaro story of two villages and a church, AA.VV., Ed. Bogliasco 2009, p.208

PierLuigi Gardella, DeMartini Prize 2009, co-o Centro Studi Storie di Jeri, аn coordinou a redaçion de o rigoardante libbro dui fraçion suviastanti Bogiasco and, as underlines or title, with unn-a solo gкxa. A scignificвto de unn-a unitж de valigien, ch'a duв for the past four-hundred years.

History and toponymy, people, traditions and festivals, sports clubs and social services described in books, demonstrate the ability of these communities to be organized and made a vital part not only from the local state but also from that of Zenizou.

ANNEX 32 - Ayron Xavi, Jennifer Della Rocca, ed. SES

after or first book titleu Xaron Xavi, stanpou into 2008, or it is sciotio for the characters of a SES de San Pк d'Жnn-a, and for the man of a little girl of seven years, or second volume of aventыe into galatic space. With fervid fantaxia, if you cross unpredictable scythia, boin sentiments mixed with the grams, worlds nkuvi and different, all capaзe de tegnо triggers the athension up to-a finne do libbro

ATTACHMENT 33 - A flight of seagull, history and love between Genoa and Palermo, Oriati Mirco, Rizuto Rossana S.E.S. Sampierdarenese Publishing Company, 2010, p. 160.

’Na cуbia de inamoж, or mаsccio zenйize e a fмggia de Palиrmo, into parlвse and into scrovо e seu зitж dфve sуn nasciыi, s’acтrzan of ligаmm refugees who unмscian a stцia and a vмtta of doо masterkughi.

A cцsa тriginвle do libbro a l'й quйlla d'avйi introduced - ao prinзмpio de тgni chapter - 'na dфce naraзiуn da prтpia scovиrta de cуbia, segoоa da-a constataзiуn stтrica de' n incузмpio zaфciit pe-i antоghi trаfeghi mercantоli but also because i зitadмn that if sуn phrases from 'n pтsto to l'вtro se vкuan bйn. It is thus intertwined in a way of doо galаnti with quйlla de dфe зitж and seu monumйnti. It is uncovered who in stupiв ascм i zenйixi, who are not living in lкze a prтpia stцia contв from ’n вtro pуnto de vмsta.

ANNEX 34 - Mussolini and his Liguria, Marco Massa DeFerrari ed., 2009, p. 123

O lмbbro or cуnta a crтnaca de dфe vмxite do ditatф in Ligщria and rapтrti ch'o l’а tegnыo co-a nтstra tжra. Drйnto se gh’atrкuva ’na Zкna d’вtri tйnpi between sperаnse, тpere pщbliche and scйne do regмmme. And if gh’atrкuva a nтstra Ascociзiуn ascм. Za savéimo, from-the documents that we wrote in Sкde, that after several years from-to birth, the sтcci from Compagna кan ciщ de trentamмlla. The ciжo that the Cangian tйnpi: l’ingonbrаnte presйnsa de Rуmma (and romвni), the imigraзiуn do dтppo goжra and a stцia recently аn жgoтu the amф and l’intersse pe Zкna e-e seu tradiзio. But, cуmm'o scrоve o Prescidйnte a prмmma pаgina, who considers this sentimйnto antоgo, no dкve molв, ma o se dкve dв da fв pe fв returned to Ligщria a l’цnф do mуng.

ANNEX 35 - Mirette Tanska Cambiaso, A. Di Raimondo ed. Erga, 2010, p. 64

A l’и ‘na stцia ciщ vкa de-a fantaxоa, unearthed by-or our partner by searching inti archives. O zeneize marcheize Loоgi Cambiaso, or spфza a-a finn-e do 1800 a zovenixima baroness of Polish origins a-a porta inta rexidensa de Gavi e o l'aviв trei figgi. But it is either future or it is bleak for everyone: a gradually intra phase of mental instability, with fine artistic expressions but behavior that does not conform to the dignity of a noble family.

Thus it was for example lк and 'n-a figgia, a forced recovio into l’uspiв de Quarto, when at least it did not function as a cыra but only as a social distancing.

All or it is described with sober photographic documentation, objective emotional share, narative fluidity without frills. Or if lкze d’un schu pe cercв and modalitж de-a expected dфsa concluduxon.

ANNEX 36 - The artistic heritage of Banca Carige, sculptures, ceramics, prints, furnishings, G. RotondiTerminiello piggy banks and Coll. 2009 Silvana ed. p. 384.

Ponderous volume that either complements that of the past year that or had cataloged paintings and drawings (among the quж ascм those of our Elena Pongiglione). A lot of curtu inta graphics, prints, photos, or it is conpletou from a meticulous description and cataloging of the art works that are part of the collection in place of the body. Aleghж ascм to biography of artists, or glossary and indexes.

Arichо continoamente this collection, acatando neuve тpere prodыte in every setou de-a creativitж umann-a, and made available in mercтu antiquвio, or is part of a specific policy miв a conservв e impresiosо a definiзion de Zena, зitж de-a cultыa .

ANNEX 37 - Partisan in Triora, Maria Rosa Acri, (children's novel), De Ferrari ed., 2009, p. 96.

"Pe figeu" se preciza, because the hero or is a bagarillo de dfzze years, who either 'feels' de dovei anв a fв part of the Resistance. Either scаpa da-o colиgio and da-a зitж and climb the sentк towards Triкua, joining or conzonкnto aventы with the partigen. And brutыe de ‘na goжra spiкtжta in the year 1944, not adapted to a figeu, they modify and resize their projects. A n-a aventыa ended up with 'na nets'. But it is either the spirit that counts or, and that you know of justification sensa rinpianti or seu retorno in colиgio.

Fourth page a-a finne, dedicated to 'deeper knowledge cards' of themes described in storytelling, allowing a better head to situation that is the scene of the adventure do figeu.

ANNEX 38 - CD, entitled "A heart for Africa beats in Val Polcevera" containing 22 canzoin, I "Zoeni" de ACompagna, goidж by F. Noceti and GB Montaldo,

Many xeneixi, de mountain, spirituals, trei de classical opera and ascм "Ma se ghe pйnso" interpreted by Feipin, a l '"Ave Maria zeneize" cantв da-o "Small choir Mont Blanc" "Mв de Zena" by Young Singers of Sant'Olcese in Traviata do Cycnus choir,. ). Or guagno or l'aniв for charity, eg and mixioin from Central African Republic. On the cover, our logo dominates and is written "by the A Compagna Association - Liscet section".

ANNEX 39 - Giuseppe Marzari a man in a tailcoat, Cesare Viazzi, ed. De Ferrari, 2010, p. 88, with CD

Inta stoiografia dо grendi comici xeneixi (Dapporto, Villaggio, a Baistrocchi, eg зitаne trei de зento con o so 'schia Ratella' or l'и stжto definоo or poж do Gabibbo), or Marzari or pв or less apariscente and therefore colocтu only after Govi foscia because you are artistic life, very rich and spontaneous, in the а trovou inti urtimi times magiф frequents on radio and on discofrafia, what into stage or on TV.

To our association A Compagna a l'а instituted a yearly prize ao so nomme for the artists ascм this year it o veniв consegnou ao vinзitтu into proximo meise de June into tiвtro da Zoventы eo our Prescidente o the arichоo o volumme that we reviewed , analyzing or so parlв, I defined - and or explains or why - model for who or dexidera parlв or vкo zeneize.

If lкze int'un flash, but then bezeugna stв a sentо ben or CD and pe chi o veu, I studied it scciupando da-o rоe.

ANNEX 40 - Finollo since 1899, Giovanni Meriana, ed. De Ferrari, 2009, p. 84

They are vegnыi to describe or character, to seu art and or so negтзio, attracting the atençion and vivid coixitж of all those present at-a 'Tuesday of A Compagna' to-o Ducale, managed by-to our ecletic consul Marcella Rossi Patrone. Who or the stжto Manoжlo Finollo, stylist, craftsman do bello vestо e dell’elegаnsa into campo de stтffe, camoxe and crovвte, to Zena and feua, or san all those who аn amф de dressed well.

ANNEX 41 - Partisans a story of men, Sandro Antonini, De Ferrari Ed., 2010, page 554

Antonini's authoritative attitude is based on the Rexistйnsa argument, even though he did not see it personally, but he studied, deepened and analyzed in travиrso riзиrche, documents, interviews, a l'и stжta premiв by-o 'Group of Ligurian civilizations research' co- or 'prize von Palazzolo' and is enriched with this neuva publicazion.

This or it is un vкo libbro de stoia, into quж vegnan descrоti inte'n setou a Stцia de a Rexistensa - with and premises, the initial difficulties, the first departments, a partisan justice, a Garibaldi inte 'n atro division and Imagini aa up to Memcia with six stories of ezenplari 'characters'.

ANNEX 42 - I thought. words (thoughts. words), Vincenzo Bolia, Montedit ed. 2010, page 152

This libbro de poexie, a-a so segonda ediзion, quarchedщnn-a scrоta in Italian with in front of letыa in zeneize-Albenganese quarchedщnn-a in ingleise, вtre in “zeneize de zena o veo in grafоa ofiзiв. Dedichж a-i know penscкi a de preghкe very simple, de cheu and many a-a-Liguria.

ANNEX 43 - The secrets of Christopher Columbus revealed, AMSalone is ACalcagno, ed. Brigati, 2009, p. 384

Tramezo to the milioin de libbri that speak of Cristтffa Colombo, if he thought like Taviani d'avei razonto 'n deciding point of arrival: Colombo or the born born de Zena, in spite of all the other states that claimed that or fise born of liatri.

And instead. Oua a Salon eo Calcagno metan e cцse in ciжo (pт-u moment. Because I do tomorrow no gh'й followed): while ean apreuvo a 'na research for rehabilitation to figua de Benardo Colombo de Cogheuo and aspiring to the inheritance of Cristтffa , to-u li that from-the archives of Spain, de Zena and de Coghкuo l'й sвtтu feua numeroxi contemporary documents, from-i quж аn acapio chт-u Colombo, or navigatф, or l'ea born into borgo mainв da Rivea de Ponente. Senpre zeneize, we understand, because 'Cugureo' or was part of the Dominio da Republica but not of зitж de Zena.

I doо aotoо metan also in the ciжo that de Crisfтffa Colombo ghe n’ea ciщ d’un, with little diferensa d’etж. It is the question of who a l’aiva creou among the rezercatoо ’na bella confuxon: s’ea finger cцse inbarassanti and s’ea arivтu even a fвse conclusuxoin.

We, who semmo letfi apascionж, but not historians de profescion, on the other hand is notissia ne pв ch'a scceuppe comme 'na "bomb", from there we thought that megio seat "pigiв in pц de tenpo". But this or not it prevents us from what, as socci da Compagna, 'na sequessa ghe emmo: a Salon a l'é ao de d'ato de every suspicion of vosciuo fв' n 'scoop' т , pezo, de diciaraзioin aa biscцchinn-a che no segian provж from written documents.

For this niatri we pressed pe bon what I doо studyxi аn written, in ateiza that a scientific community and o Comun de Zena digan a seu. Fжto is that doppo quarche meize da-a publicazion do libbro all taxe: o l'é ’n moddo de dо che gh’аn raxon?

For example, he concludes neither cao sotoliniв or preggio de the work which, in addition to 'n anpia appendix of registered and transcribed documents, a n'цfre' na nutria bibliography and 'n cтmodo analytical index or book or gh'а' na beautiful typographic dress, or the й stanpтu in sce do papк de preggio, with ciжi characters and splendid tцe.

ANNEX 44 - Pegi, nomen a sourcesbus, A.VV. of the University Center of the Ponente, ed. Erga, 2010, p. 242

Quande se veu inandiв 'n libbro pe proposonn-e ai letoo' n 'complete work, which in the front' n argument in tыtta a seu complescitж, but ch'a segge ascм de pleasant letыa, if you think of 'n libbro pжgio to that stanpтu da-a ERGA where, in sce de belle pages patinж tramezo ae quж gh'й misso de belle figue ascм, se gh'atreuva 'na aprofondia testifiesa de gexe de Pкgi, from-to seu origin a day d' evenu, with a lot of references to the stцia de l'ilustre borgo.

Congratulations aloa ao Centro Universitaio do Ponente and to tыtta a seu redaçion pe-o feliзe exito de opera chi veu ben a Zena no peu no avei inta seu library a book comme sto who who witnesses, between and other cцse, comme i zeneixi felt so fтrte or sense of beauty in the art that I cao show it in all parts of Liguria, even in those that aloa ean villages.

ANNEX 45 - Crafts in Liguria, yesterday and today, Maurizio Lamponi, ed. ERGA, 2011, pp. 312

Enexima corpoza fadiga do nтstro sтccio (тltre sciuscianta publicaçioin) and also this one of great interest and of what anpio respоo because it counts and explains - dтppo rigoroza rezerca - what it is a tesciыo baze from Ligurian soзiкtж: saiva crafts a dо or travaggio do single зitadin which either gives luster, or qualifies and o makes the whole region productive. Defжti vegne described in vitta and the inpreiza of many Ligurians, and seu reixe, the costummi, and uzanse, and tradiзioin, and pascioin that qualify or seu travaggio comme single to-o world. If nтtta - co-in pц de dizaponto pe Zena зitж - that the Ligurian craftsmen are tenaciously rexistent inti centers that picin from region fтscia because the vitta a score ciщ a mezыa d'ommo, т fтscia because and big зitж if mainly dan to industry and ao seu gоo d'afari. De longo gives praise to quality from stanpa de l'Editф, attentive to satisfaction and antighe ezygous aesthetics and editorial sensitivity with modern ones I save for poei arivв a convenient final prкxo.

ANNEX 46 - “. Italy called ", Maria Teresa Caprile and Francesco De Nicola, De Ferrari ed., 2010, pp. 240

From-or towards do Mameli, apart from 'na carelв de raconti - from-i primmi mцti ao neuvo milйnio - from many aotoо, passing through the Unitж, doe goжre world co-o vintйnio into mкzo, since ao "boom" and to sociкtж of consummi. Quжxi ’n зentenв between poкti, naratoо, aotobiтgraphs, wisely alternж, making it easy and smooth to letыa de quarche piece pe vтtta, pe avei, cian cianin,’ na overview of зentoзinquant’anni de stцia Italiann-a.

ANNEX 47 - The slates of Liguria, from geology to art, Remo Terranova, Erga ed., 2010, p. 224

Presented in his usual elegant graphic design, the urtimo travaggio do profesf Terranova ch'o l'й - comm'o n'а contтu a 'n Tuesday in Compagna a Paxo, where o l'й stжto very well applauded - particularly afezionтu a ste prоe, from quande comme geтlogo or the а frequentтu e nтstre mountains pe studiв and rтcce ei minerвli. Either book or count all of it in stoпa da ciаppa: from-the technical surveys to the first pre-Roman uses from-the statistical departments to the subsequent ones to transport downstream from-and modern industries for the extraction to the practical and artistic use, finn -a aa vкa sculptыa. A book for studioxi, given the deep-rooted geological-mining technicians but ascм for hikers from Ligurian valadde pe-i cotrutфi considered a great posciblitж de use pe-i apascionж de anthropology that peuan analizв or social impact (giaminoutоeeghi and social ) and, aa fin, comme finger za into title, for the artists.

ANNEX 48 - History of Genoa, Enzo Marciante , ed. Coedit 2010, p. 224

A-o sciф Marciante forgave d’avei ’ncomensтu o libbro speaking of" l’erto Mediteranio "quжxi ascordando that either nтstro or s’й da senpre ciamтu" Ligurian Sea ". But I'm sorry who ghт-u forgave because either the venial is, and ignored everything because there or the is too good and because your designs are. not too nice, but beliscimi: precizi, curж inti particular, with ilustration in spirit and irtnic typical of zeneize: fresh and sccetta batыa, mai fкua de mezыa. A stoпa de Zena a l'й contв co-e cartoons typical of fщmetti sti chi - a 'na primma eugiв and perche atenti a leze o tиsto - pаn' na simple and pleasant raprezentazion from reality -a vixin (personally, quande gh'т avuo bizeugno de rilasвme, or provтu a colorвli co-i penarelli: aloa un o s'acтrze that son de 'na precixon mвvegioza): e esprescioin de facce, the costummi, the environments, and creuze, the archebыxi, and panoramic scenes. for example, if he enters a whole studio that is made up of imaginв and realizв. Thus the siege from Lanterna, in Melcia, the Fieschi, or Barbarossa, and many вtri epizтddi, contж da-o nтnno Arturin and-o porpo, son o megio mтddo pe avixinв i figeu and nкvi aa nтstra stцia magara lezendo together loiatri de mтddo that - apenn-to leave or libbro pe n'вtro zeugo - no ne pв veo de poйiselo gцdо in santa paxe and with great satisfaction of the soul. ’Na mainka modern pe feel the orgheuggio d’кse zeneixi. If inta your bookseller is missing or libbro do Marciante, aloa you miss a fantaxia da stoпa de Zena.

ANNEX 49 - The historic aqueduct of Genoa, Luciano Rosselli, ed. Nuova Editrice Genovese, 2009, pp. 256.

Arichоo de trexentosciusciantun beautiful and clear photographs and of a chronology ch'a the incomensa from the year 1071 pe arivв ao 2009, if peu leze a descriçion and stцia do condыto do water supply do levante da зitж: the talent and bravыa technique that, even in our times, arouses the upheavals from modern expansions from зitж.

ANNEX 50 - The Genoese insurrection of 1849, General La Marmora bombs and sacks the city, Franco Bampi and Gilberto Oneto, the Circle, 2010, p. 134.

A covertinn-a a l’inganna: the irtnica caregatыa of General La Marmora co-e man e diviza insangoinж a ago pensв a ’n satirical book т macabre. A lezilo, on the other hand, is an o s'acтrze ch'o l''na seria dizamina - asciм cronolтgica - di fжti ch'аn asmortтu into sangoe l'insurezion of Zeneixi against the Savoy. In discusion no gh'é alone or method of brutal represcion, serious and ashamed, how many cuttings, even with this grвve, I had taxыo, indeed ignored I do everything finnn-a to canзelв and eliminв from i libbri de stoпa a heavy episode of 'a people, comme se mai o fose avegnuo. Or not, the revitionism is fictitious for a long time, but it is a modern, democratic culture that does not allow this unilateral vixon, typical of totalitarian and de-fingered kingdoms, but requires that seats described in veitж, with all its implications.

ANNEX 51 - A Compagna, O pescafigeu, ed. S.E.S., 2010, page 128

Promoted by A Compagna and finanзiв by-a Region Liguia, this book or complete or project pilots to show or zeneize inte scheue elementary - and we would hope that in céssa a no ends who. Aa since fцa the books delivered to and instructional direction of elementary schкue, eg dвli to the meistri and therefore to all and class (that is minus 1200 into Comun de Zena), they are well sкi: e chi o l'а acetтu de fв to experimentation or gh'aviв, pe-a class, in pц de cтpie in that. O Pescafigeu o born from 'n travaggio de voluntary service - for the benefit of our association - who sees, for example primma cцsa, the incomparable drawings of our deputy presidential Elena Pongiglione, who serve as coredo to the scrots of nтstri stcci: тgnun de liatri o L'а portтu o seu contribыto con de fцe, of stories, of statistic notices, a descriзion de nтstre tradiзioin, and biographies of zeneixi ilыstri. All these things are written in simple form pe figeu and deuviando a grafоa ofiзiв.

ATTACHMENT 52 - Loenso and Lucia the unsigned spouses, Nino Durante, ed. Nuova Editrice Genovese, 2009, fprinted 17x24, illustr. Gonin originals, pp. 176. In rimma zeneize a nцta story a l'é transportв in cвza nostra, zugando ascм suvia de asociaзioin fтniche (like Como-Zena, Lecco - Recco) coscм or libbro or the incomensa paraphrasing the famous verses "That rammo do golfo de Zena / ch'o amia at noon, between Pitrtofin and Lanterna,. ". Gh'en tutti: o Loenso and a Luzia, o curatto Don Clтudio and Agneize, o Niggio and the Inominтu ciassa Banchi and via Prи. Gustoxiscima letыa de ’na stцia antiga turned into neuva, because it was transported to Zena and written with thanks to farting verses and in beautiful rhyme. Nino Durante, fervid poet, cantaotф, wrote zeneize, in 2001 or the stжto insignоo do nтstro "Marzari Prize".

ANNEX 53 - Walls and fortifications of Genoa, Riccardo Dellepiane, ed. Nuova Editrice Genovese, 2008, pp. 318

Second edition of the fundamental work - pe-a precixon de sources stтriche, many ilustraзioin, 'na rich apendice - pe knows and nтstre fortificazioin that, as a stцia from Republica de Zena to the sign, no servivan pe agredо i вtri but he defended himself against the many nemixi, with scistemi from tegnо agiornж de vтtta in vтtta. Pцi, with the invention of neuve weapons - always destructive - the vegnuo useless tegnоle in deuvia and that or the ea or tenpo that a Republic - recently - to no gh'ea this. But liatre gh'en de longo, e coninuan a atraversв a зitж Armenian finn-a that either space or not serves for quarcцs'atro, while the fтrti leaveщ 'n зimma of mountains, they are abandonж to neglect and ignorance of many.

ANNEX 54 - Gabriele D'Annunzio the "Genoese", Anita Ginella Capini, De Ferrari ed. 2010, page 144

Or D'Annunzio, if you know, or the unpredictable and multifaceted ka ’n character," ’n ommo no comыne, from-and a thousand faces and masks" personality that is difficult to define and describe, even a posteriori and all in scintexi. From-o libbro sciтrte feua 'na relaçion poeta-Zena who goes to or de la of known events - such as' e days de Quarto' - or of those less known and privatiscimi, but pцco scignoramente divulghж (acusтu in Parliament d'avei let from pay or check in the hotel where he or she had stayed. in the company of doe 'gentlewomen' no qualifichж). Framezo to various anecdotes and references, we found as many portraits of our important characters that "insinoan" in certain salient periods of life as a poet: Govi ​​and Vassallo, Spensley and Baistrocchi, and вtri ancon.Inta simplicity of the edition, the characters and a press of De Ferrari are de longo those, unfailingly clear and precise.

ANNEX 55 - The long crusade of the Genoese (1097-1110), Remo Viazzi, ed. De Ferrari 2010, pp. 126

No l'é 'n cвxo, if at birth and / or development from Compagna Communis to coicidde with the organization by primma Croxв: even without scrutinized documents, no peu no кsighe' na corelaзion just thought that the zeneixi doveivan avei valued well the commitment ch'o avieiva conporttu a dispatch without avka to a baze 'n'asociazion and union of intent and practice. Ommi and ships but suviatщtto famigge (Da Volta, Spinola, de Castro, etc.) that pаgan or transport of deaf people with Ghigermo Embriaco cap, eg avei, ao return, and зenie do Batista, the avertыa de neuve stradde in sciф Mediteranio pe poei, aa longa, goвgnв ben ben de palanche.

ATTACHMENT 56 - Genoa between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, AA.VV., volume IV il Porto, Nuova Editrice Genovese 2010, pag. 256.

O volumme quattro, dedicated to "o Pтrto" or l’urtimo of books from a series of photographs de Zкna and de seu delegation in scatж into the eutozento-neuvezento period.

Gustoxi acйnni stтrichi and 347 photos, with panoramas and Madonna, palaces and emigrants, destroyed by guжra and reconstructed, vegi and neuvi characters, picinn-e ship and large transatlantic transatlantic from-o project de 'n'idrovмa towards downstream from Po to the airport: 'na carelв which testifies to the evolution of the part, but which emotionally engages all those who, superv' na зerta etж, have visciuo de personn-a the various events photographed and wisely described. The edition a l’é well curв: clear print of characters and that if lezan ben, papк patinтu and vegie photos in gianco and neigro.

ANNEX 57 - Gh'ea 'na votta. popular fables in the Genoese language, Nino Durante, ERGA ed 2010, with CD, p. 48

I'm who or the is or terse libbro de fцe written by-o Durante e, comme i atri doо, o contgne trж fцe. If e lкzei a-i nevi and a-e nesette, de follow you dian: "grandfather / a, why are you telling me fairy tales in Genoese?" And aloa you answered: "because so, not only you lкzo 'na fцa, but dжto che or zeneize or l'й' na lengoa that you owe intrв into cheu, fasso in mтddo that this cтcina, 'na vтtta that you ghe l'ж drento, when you grow up you make it only pride of being born in Zкna but also de longo alкgro and joy because it is who in l'й muxica nostrв! "

ANNEX 58 - Paradise around the corner, San Fruttuoso di Camogli, Carla Scarsi, ERGA ed., With DVD, p. 96.

We all felt nostalgia and aroused cao for the pts from whence we seemed to grow up, and pe-a people co-a quж alфa йmmo spartio giцie and alegria, pains and experiences. For those ch'аn avuo a fortunn-a de frequentв from bagarilli to baia de Pтrtofмn, or doзe savф of those aregтrdi or vegne ancon ciщ doзe pe-a belessa do scito, ancon alsou conservтu - thanks to FAI, Fund for the environment Italian - comme un vкo “paradizo de derк ao canto” do promontцio.

For who, perhaps as a tourist, or the anжto a vixitв the Armenian abaзia antоga 'na vтtta, the й faзile intrв into the spirit of stories, sciben that no son fжti da seu vitta, also pe via do floppy ch'o it allows me to revise those beliscimi pтsti of it.

ANNEX 59 - Modern Genoese-Italian, Italian-Genoese Rapid Dictionary, in grafоa ofiзiв, with the pronunciation of all words, complete with Genoese rhyming. Franco Bampi, Stefano Lusito, Under the aegis of A Compagna, ed. ERGA 2011, p. 176 .

This "Diзionвio Rapido" or the ea za stжto stanpтu do 1995, in the initiative of the great animatф of the Erga: o Marcello Merli. Either aside from Compagna d’alfa, the unforgettable Giцxepin Roberto, or the aiva granted or patronage so that or the sciortоo under the aegis of Compagna.

A daughter of Marcello, Roberta, a l'а atrovтu into prescidente Franco Bampi and into soccio Steva Lusito - a zoкno prтscimo a ezamme de maturitж, expert de zeneize - i doо colaboratцi pe ristanpв o libbro ancon under the aegis of Compagna . Quarcцsa however l'é cangiтu: a grafоa de parтlle a l'й a grafоa ofiзiв gh'й in bello profо by Carlo Piero Pessino - first editor of "Diзionвio" - written by-o Cesare Viazzi eo contegnыo o l'й stжto anpliтu in mтddo from renders either “Diзionвio” and or “Rimвio” what is consistent. In conclusion or "Diзionвio", in a small volume de dimenscioin e prexo congnыi, or if it lends well to pe ese in reference to all those who no veuan loses to our antiga parlв zeneize.

ANNEX 60 - I love Liguria, AA.VV., ed. Erga, 2011, p. 216.

Beginning with Dфsaiga, with text in Italian and English, unn-a conpleta carelв dо paizi de l'Entrotжra Ligure and de l'Oltrezфvo, with short but important communication in historical-geographic, events, festivals and monuments to see, including valadde, parks naturвli and muzкi.

Lots of useful notices, interspersed with beautiful photographs and themed articles, signed by important aotфi quж or by well-known doctors R.Bixio with relaçion on "Invisible Liguria" and or R. Terranova suvia and "slates" V. de ciщ su l'кuio, pesto eo vin and A. De Pascale suvia or “Museo archeologico de Finв.

Useless because it is customary, with beautiful graphics and uzв paper from the Editф, always 'super', with the same quality of texts.

ANNEX 61 - Little martyrs, Francesca Di Caprio France, ed. City of Silence, 2011, p. 152.

Poйmmo uzв with pride in the word "western зiviltж", even though that, if ancon зento years ago - or little haze of that - even in it to ciвga do exploitation of minors and an unn-a practice, and oua poйmmo dо: anulв.

It is a slow conquest, favored by numerous external tricks to-o temma, but which all contribute to agoantв the outcome, made 'right' by Lezze do Stato.

O book begins with a fundamental premise: a memцia do pasтu pe 'n megio avegnо and o ends with a brief reflection that, of course, a l'и da lкze, because either the program or it is all but until o: a ciвga a l'existe ancon into mondo, ascм not far from us. There is still not a lot of travaggiв: everyone. Lezendo or libbro if you understand it within reach.

ANNEX 62 - Schкue de Zкna project, 2010-2011 , realizou with a Region Liguria.

We concluded the preizo engagement with a Region and in spirit of our mandate, de spantegв or zeneixe inti zoкni.

All six pounds are delivered to all primary school classes in Zкna.

Well sciuscianta teachers if they are presentж voentжi pe utilisв - after a course with loiatri - i libbri co-i scolari

A fadiga a l’is stжta so much, but to the satisfaction of avei fжto a great work, worthy of the Consulate that o fonzionna and of great social and asociative respect, ghe fв procкde head high pe or well from Compagna.

All the aotfi and drawings of all the brochures and books, аn travaggiou gratis de badda, and ascм chi l'а camallж schкua pe schкua, a single goвgno from our Association.

All that is written a-e scheue, is not for sale to-o the public but if there are so many requests, we will proceed to a reprint for us.

ANNEX 63 - Of land, sea, Oriati Mirco, Rizzuto Rosanna , ed. S.E.S. 2011, pp. ___

The Aotfi gods, 'rezidivi' after having already published a book entitled "A Flight of the Seagull" describing a parallelism between Zena and Palermo, a couple of spouses' origin, returned presenting a beautiful

volumme with central theme a gкxa from deella de San Pк d-Жnn-a.

De nкuvo, son rioscоi a-atrovв 'a formula that makes latмn to letыa ascм from stoпa

de edifiçio into context from European stoпa ascм the list of innumerable works of art conserved from-and medieval origins (comme a gкxetta de s.Agostin - that for the sanpedeinin gh'ea za at the time of Liutprando inte l ' year 725 - even if the afreschi ee prоe atoali date back to the XIII century and comme a prоa con desegnou o Cristo con e spinn-e ea crфxe, and that either the is o patron saint protetф de a зitж de San Pк d'Жnn- to).

The two stories, intressж with unn-a naraзion fantaxiosa de vitta visciua inte various epochs, from personne sampedeinne lighe-ж unna co l'atra from a very specific object that or passes from man to man finn'ai times d'ancheu .

ANNEX 64 - The Ligurian wall is the defensive line set up by the Nazi-Fascist forces. , Gabriele Faggioni, ed. Ligurpress 2010, p. 288.

At the turn of 1943 and 44, a poоa de'n desbarco de Aleтui in sce Ligurian coasts, consegoensa ascм do smacco de inpunоi naval bombardments, and Nazi-fascist fтrse аn desemenou to coast with baterоe de canoin, bunker, miвge antidesbarco arichоi de fтrse and meterages.

Цua all these works if they confuse the green of promontts, inte islands and artыe de rivкe, species whence ghe fused unn-a spiвgia from quж pouei progredо and arivв a-i Apenмn. All a large specific defensive project, pontualizou zone by zone, which can be redeemed with trкno armou.

Researched by AOTF fogalissa all the sites of defense, specifying the quality of the armament and-and structure

ATTACHMENT 65 - AA.VV., Notebooks of Local History , ed. Me.Ca.

Either the 'Centro Studi di Jeri', born and operating in Bogiasco since 2006, or the promotion of exhibitions, reorganization of archives and o the publishing of books. Among the quж, every year, with the label of "Quaderni", or publishes numerous travaggi de rezerca archivistica e into teritцio, of qualified scholars, referable to stoпa, personn-e and tradiзioin de Bogiasco and of other two municipalities vixinni Sцi e Prоa Ligure.

Among the aotf, Paolo Giacomone Piana, our partner and editor of the bulletin among the prezentatoi, appears as our president Bampi among the titles of Tuesday in Paxo if they are entertained with 'na conference or 5 de arvо do 2011.

Unfortunately, our library does not have all the editorial production of this fertile association.

ANNEX 66 - Fortifications in Liguria from the 18th century to the Great War, Mauro Minola, Claudio Arena, Beppe Ronco, ed. Ligurpress 2009, page 236.

Doppo 'na short but precise punctualisaçion suvia or meaning, diferense - example, between campo trinзerou and bateria corazв, between artillery montann-e and from the coast - or travaggio de catalog and descriçion fжgto da-i Aoto, coredж from beautiful and clear photographs, highlights that in Liguria there are about forty forts and fortifications in spanteghж inti strategic points from region, to clearing of valleys, passes and citж to quж ghe son from azonze another chinzenna in ski peaks of monti de Zкna.

A-o count, ghe son da azunze unn-a trentenna de baterie, some barracks, ridoute or bastion.

Many forts are a destination for hikers and chimneys of sent к de l'Apenin but they are basic points for scholars of local history, especially in the and localities of the border, involved in the course of political events, from periodic central political instability, from invasioin , by vast military works of conquest with, from imaginv, suprusi, battles and sieges, to avoid the quae and fortifications were a point of garrison and represented relative safety.

ANNEX 67 - Antarctica 1975/76 story of a geological, mountaineering, underwater, exploratory expedition, Terranova Remo, Erga 2011, pp. 168

A great signature is that of our soccio, in scientific field and national culture, which either recently published a new book, always displacing inta so qualitж de geologist, stavotta in sce tжre. ovкo in sci giassi from Antarctica. Expedition started many years ago, but from aregordв it was the premise of subsequent scientific developments and research.

Exciting or chapter dedicated to animals: all known in names, but always 'strвni' for us, accustomed to the climates cвdi: such as pinguinn-i, fцche, ota-ie, cormorain, proзelaоe finn-a and strangers, eg mi, squa .

Interesting book, written with a sagaзe capaзitж de mingled the scientific data with those narative, from permétte unn-a letыa smooth and not pezante: thus a technical description a l'и alternв with a naraзion de 'na deposiзion de' na Madonninn-a do duomo de Milan at 33 m. de depth inte and icy waters or riliкvo de ciante fosilizж, or studio de vulcan, some ancun active and scalж inti giasк.

A Editrice Erga if it boasts you have included or book inte 'n-a colann-a dedicated to the themes of geography, geology and ancient architecture, among the quж or book of the other our partner Armando di Raimondo with the theme o fortilizio de Gavi.

ANNEX 68 - Montagni Claudio, the Baptistery of San Giovanni in San Lorenzo in Genoa, Colombo Grafiche 2011, pp. 200

Unn-a important team of experts, to the а conplкtтu or restoration of the Batistкio de San Gioвne йvento not only decisive for its significance and for the quality of the monument into the context of our Cathedral, but also for the reason that it ported to the discovery of numerous and entangled historical views and architects that if they are overposts in past centuries, obliging them to elucubrж rezerche, ascм documentali, and ascм techniques de urtima generaçion

aproscimaзion - unn-a malta or a mon). All or it is described in book, complete with articles by Clario Di Fabio, Giorgio Rossini, Elena Leoncini, Daniela Pittaluga, Lauro Magnani and da-o meximo Aotф and with, aa finn-e, unn-a anpia documentaзion color photo.

ANNEX 69 - Air and sea operations in the Ligurian Sea 1940-1945, Gabriele Faggioni, Alberto Rosselli, Ligurpress 2011, pp. 192.

If either title or dixe za tutto ai apascionж da stцia da goжra visciыa into mв Ligure, and if from-i doо aotoо poemo only aspкtвse and megio informaзioin and de ciщ precize de dжto that son za knowыi pe-e seu publicaзioin, n'aprofitйmmo aloa pe intrategnise in pitin in sciв Ligurpress. A l'й 'na caza editriзe ch'a boasts over fifty pounds with a Zena and Liguria theme: da-i fтrti, tenplari and balestrк to cuxinna da-e strоe, stregoin and fantastic wizards at events da goжra da-e goidde do teritцio atoale aa seu preistцia.

With an important graphic design, well-curved and satisfying asy for the quality of the paper and for writing: in a beautiful editorial trajectory with a prexo content. It is thus possible for everyone to de arichо a seu library with beautiful books in sce of interesting topics and well documented on a local regional theme.

ANNEX 70 - From the dawn of the Risorgimento to the Unification of Italy, E. Baglini, F. Bampi, E. Gaggino, F. Lottero, F. Majocco, A.G. Remedi, S.E.S. 2011, pp. 158

Of aotoо, four are sтcci de “A Compagna”. Son anжti in ravatв so much since poei demonstrated the important part of the great event of l'Unitж by the village of San Pк d'Жnn-a, then зitж aotonoma, and de san Teodцo, sestк de Zena, oua rionоi inte 'n single Town Hall. Partzipaçion atоva, as demonstrates or bust from covertinn-a, dedicated to-or pluridecorтu Stкva Lagorara, precious together with many вtri garibaldin into cemetery from Castagna, where gh'asoterтu adreitыa quarche garibaldin ch'o no l'йвтu reported in.Organizational and ideological part: patriots fired hospitals and French troops who co-afvia anian until the great carnage in de Solferin the workers from SMS Universale, prezenti in Sapri and pцi copromotfi from the parten of a thousand who haugged the many patriotic refugees eziliж to dedication do tiatro ao mazinian Gustavo Modena and dтnne with rтlli only aparamente segondвi.

The identity of ’na зitж a l’а reixe ben ciantж, comme these, contж into libbro.

ANNEX 71 - United in a united Italy, Tringali Sebastiano, Ames 2011, pp. 240

Dуn da nтstra sтccia, in Socjкtж Operвia Universвle de San Pк d’Жnn-a. It is described in pontic mode or world of manual labor, seen from-to-part de l'operвio zeneize, de asociazioin fraternal and cooperative de instruçion and culture of people by partzipation or united process: partzв with Mazzini and Garibaldi do seu only heritage: or travaggio.

L’й de segыo is a different manka from the national unit, compared to that usually proposed inte schкue and from-to clascic culture. But no less important because after all, they are stжti loiatri a anв a conbаtte т a travaggiв loiatri l'Unitж not only the an thought, but above all the an fжta inte oficinn-e or in scо canpi de bataggia co-i garibaldin.

Concludes or book 'Masino's short story', contв in comic by-o Lucca De Santis.

ANNEX 72O Prinзipмn, De Saint-Exupйry Antoine, with watercolors de l'aotф, translation da-o franзeize a-o zeneize de Alessandro (Lusciandro) Garibbo, ed. Tintenfass 2011, page 96

L'aotф franзeize or l'а scrоto this story of 1943, into pin da guжra, after the time he returned from the recent one in Spain and primma de moо sfparindo during ’n xкuo de recognizion. From there onwards all the figeu - but ascм who bagarillo or not it is this - аn fжto with this text a beautiful thing xкui that if peu fа co-a fantaxоa, one of those ch'o t'aresta pe senpre inta memцia d'aveilo fжto. A demonstration that all bearers of the world and people are aseunan and mжxime cse se sugerоe from stцie de fantaxоa but ascм constructed.

Either Garibbo or l'а curou a verscion in zeneize translating directly from-o franзeize, pe ese or whatever is possible faithful to the original. Either he wrote franзeize or l'а concentrtu drent'a-o tиsto a seu morale de grande civiltж and, for what he had known aloa into the world, in pitin dizincatв. No l'é faзile concentrв in pцche lines the exemption values ​​of 'na soзiкtж a mezыa d'тmmo, as or where, a fraternity, a solidarity, or principle that a l'tmmo - s'o if deprived of dignity and de l 'ethics - ghe vegne or cheu arsoоo eo renders dezerto o world because тgni тmmo o l'й ligou ai atri co-in ligamme coscmi noise ch'o ghe ago knows that and what is simple and what is beautiful and that a feliзitж consists into fв feliзe i вtri. Difficult concepts from explanation to 'n figeu megio so if you indirectly show co-ina fцa where every figeu o thinks d'ese lк or Prinзipin, finn-a a acapо that o Prinзipin or not if it went but o l'й senpre who, from each de niatri.

ANNEX 73the Monte di Pietа di Gavi of the Confraternity of N.S. Assunta dei Turchini, Armando Di Raimondo, Erga ed., 2011, p. 208

A nkuvo libbro do our soccio, which the alternate will find inti archivvi zeneixi - za publichж into our boletin - and o seu vive inte l 'Oltrezovo, tжra de antоga apartenensa zeneize.

If you consider that so much archival material or the right-hand anжto, a seu reconstruction of fжti - a possible precise one - shows the connections with Zena and the paixi vexin, comme, prezenpio, 'na donaзion a' n'uspiв de San Pк d'Жnn-a, and no only. In this it demonstrates and enhances the environment, life, and works, either beautiful or brtto, all faithfully documented by l’ativitж do Banco di paegni. A forsa de l’aotф a l’й stжta that of no avei fjto arid lists but d’ave saciыo transformed it into a profound culture into these primitive institutions of Christian charity in inte ’na letыa latin-a and pleasant.

Scrоve de Peagna in a few rоghe? Gh'тriйiva 'n libbro only pe-o teritцio: in valadda Ibа, pinn-a of Mediterranean plants and fifrs or pe-o medieval paizetto to and shoulders of Зeiв, rich de stoпa, de tradiзioin antighiscime and where ancon alsou a vitta a score into scilenзio of olоvi with the antiga carma eo rhythm of agricultural paixi or just pe-a gкxйtta, that nкuva comme also that antоga with the seu afreschi.

A usiatri interesan survetutto i libbri and alfa tт-u li che semmo ospitж inte de stansie co-i sofiti de moin e fжti a veia, т inte 'na cazetta riamodernв de ciщ cen, co-i vani tыtti pin de libbri ben catalogж e ordinж finn-ao sofоto and da-o cian teren finn-a ao teоto (da-o terasin do quae, a barrels, se peu pasв inte those of atri vexin: quжxi 'na preuva scilenзioza de fiduccia, support and friendsзia) т inti grйndi saloin de caza Aicardi whence the host and misso on display this dexemilla volumes with a Ligurian theme, which fan de Peagna a capitвle do regional book (but ascм from low Piedmont, from Sardinia and from neighboring Franza) and important retreuvo from cultыa Ligurian.

Since 1982 (the year before the company founded the association "Amixi de Peagna") the tenacious and convinced wills goidж from-o pareco prж Fiorenso Gerini, if they are inserted into the Ligurian Consult and аn dжto vitta aa fкa- mercтu do libbro Ligure (but ascм newspaper library, picture gallery and video library). Fтscia not even loiatri if the an inmaginтu de poei became a center of international prestige - antiga vocation of Ligurians - for showing education from stoпa and from civic and traditional culture from nтstra tжra.

We all went to Peagna donque, a-a proscima rasegna anoale, taking part in-and cultural services from the end of August-early-September and in particular a-a-a final зeimтnia co-to delivery of the Anthia prize.

ANNEX 75- My first 100 words in Zeneize, Matteo Merli, Franco Bampi, Fabbrica Musicale publisher, 2012, with CD, page 48

Rмcco de ilustraзioмn co-e quж zugв, ma ascм from colorв т from 'tradыe', or librйtto or l'й 'n bуn instrument for tщtti quйlli che gh'аn di fмggi т di nкvi (dмmmo da-i змnque ai dуzz' аnni), eg monsters - inte 'n mтddo divertйnte - a lйngoa zenйize. But no if we fйmmo de ilщxoмn: even pe-i genitoо, and nтnne and nтnni not the й that stands tщtto fазile цriв dо that liвtri ascм poriаn atrovв щtile this lмbbro pe comensв to scrоve di zenвйтuт manoвle de grafоa.

ANNEX 76 - Nino Bixio and 'issues of the sea', Armando Fioravanti and Virgilio Bozzo, ed. Giammarт, 2011, p. 128 .

Or 29 de novenbre do 2011, or scif Virgilio Bozzo or the a tegnыo ’na lecture in sciф mжximo theme a-i" Tuesday in Companion ".

For the beginning of the Technical Institute of Transport and Logistics 'san Zтrzo' de Zena and Camoggi, in the course of the year of 150enaio de l'Unitж, l'ea stжto publicou or libbro that puts certain multifaceted aspects in the city figure of the Ligurian hero: co-o story from seu vitta of seu interventions like parliamentary to represent co-o mв at the time of the Avertыa de Suez. Either book or if it concludes with unze cards (where between and other cts if it shows and seu nave ascм) and co-in anpia bibliography.

ANNEX 77 - Guided excursions and geological campaigns, Remo Terranova, ed. Erga, 2011, pages 148

I think that a segge esperiensa de tщtti, avei notou - walking through the sentks of our mountains - a myriad of rocks, in different shapes, in layers, riseu, grains of so many colors whence either green often prevails, intense or variegou. A coiozitж de knows or scignificвto and the origin of ‘ste prоe or de‘ ste conformaзioin a l’и forte, but ascм a l'и erta a dificoltж de inparali.

O libbro, aimed at students of graduate courses in Geological or Natural Scense and Geography, with the usual beautiful typographical traits to quies semmo accustomed from-to-home editing Erga, teaches 46 qualities of rocks in many sites in Liguria, commonly visciui , comme e 5 Tжre, in valadda da Fontan-abonn-a, in valadda d'Aveto, and others in a simple way, photographically well-illustrated in color, such as if understood by 'n non profescionista and from-i amiratoi de- to the complex of Mamma Natыa.

ANNEX 78 - The Duchess of Galliera, Maria Brignole Sale De Ferrari (Genoa, 1811 - Paris, 1888), Marcella Mascarino, Liberodiscrivere, 2011, pp. 378.

For you very intensely to ’na personn-a, a’ na beast, a ’na зitж, the indispensable зercв to know it or what is possible in depth, with total availability of good qualities and solving the defects. Also pe knows Zena peu no кse abasta gjв pe-i caroggi, studiesв a seu stoпa, amiв i seu palassi, gustв a fugassa e-e trenette co-o pesto. Pe knows Zena, surprised by-or ponto de vista colturвle, the necessary inparв to know the six characters because they are stжti lф that co-a seu personality аn contriboоo to characterizв this зitж.

So no he stopped only in Mazin and Garibaldi, but in the meantime he ascended to the family of Rafaele De Ferrari, and in particular to seu mogк, to Duchess Maria Brignole Sale, to quж, co-e seu donaзioin, to l'а permisso aa nтstra Zena de fв 'n huge sвto de qualitж, so from metila between and primm-e from Naзion, vixin ae this famfze зitж of art, eg magnificensa and beautiful. So much for ezenpi, we devimo to loiвtri we then enlarged or so far from becoming the megio of Italy the Palassi Rosso and Gianco co-i quaddri do Van Dick, do Murillo and do Rubens trei uspiж: sant'Andrоa and san Philip (or Galкa) and Cфnв to a large villa in Vфtri and first popular trж caze. In the context of seu йpoca, and family events - described by the Aotrice dтppo avei lezыo зentanжa of letters and documents - they show the reasons for so much and generфzitж that no ghe n'й de pжgia enexima proves that, if the zeneixi are universally known as miserly, in reality and in silence, without too much science, they are among the generators and part of the necessities of вtri.

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