Blackcurrant recipes

The tastiest things that can be made from black currant are juice and jelly.

We close some of the juice in jars and in winter - always with vitamins. Usually you don't eat a lot of currant jam, but jelly of this preparation is easy.

Currant leaves are also used

They can be used to brew tea, add when pickling and salting vegetables. Leaves need to be collected gradually, pick only young and green leaves. If you have the opportunity, then dry the leaves in a hot time under a canopy, if not, then dry in the oven. On the leaves of black currant with the addition of cherry and raspberry leaves, you can infuse vodka or alcohol. It turns out an extraordinary taste of a strong drink, but you need to insist only on fresh leaves.

Blackcurrant liqueur:

knead 3 kg of black currant, add 5 grams of cinnamon and 2 grams of cloves. Pour 3 liters of pure alcohol and leave for 10 days in a dark place. Drain off the sediment, squeeze out the sediment. Filter, add 3 liters of sugar syrup (2 kg of sugar per 1 liter of pure water), let stand for 2-3 hours, filter again, then pour into bottles and it is advisable to hold for 2 months.

Medicinal blackcurrant tincture:

prepare 300 grams of currant juice. Grind 25 grams of gravilat roots, pour 0.3 liters of boiling water, cook over low heat for 10 minutes and leave for 4 hours. Strain and mix with juice. Add 200 grams of honey and 0.2 liters of alcohol. Promotes hematopoiesis, helps with any bleeding and 18 more diseases.

I. Uryupin, experienced gardener

Cooking method

  1. Blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry berries can be used both fresh and thawed
  2. They must be ground into a gruel in a mortar or any convenient container.
  3. Transfer the resulting mass to a three-liter jar and pour 1 liter of vodka
  4. Close the container tightly with a nylon lid and leave to infuse for 2 weeks
  5. After 14 days, add 1.5 liters of boiled cooled water and sugar to the jar (since the berries are very sweet, do not rush with sugar, it is better to add gradually and taste)
  6. Close the container again and leave for another 2 weeks.
  7. Strain the liqueur through cheesecloth and bottle.

Thanks to this recipe, you will get about 3 liters of a light and aromatic drink. It disperses very quickly, so if there are a large number of people who want to try it, it is recommended to prepare a liqueur with a margin.

Heal your body and be healthy!

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Sugar-free orange lemonade is sure to appeal to girls on a diet. With a low calorie content, it perfectly quenches thirst and restores strength. Pleasant taste and aroma of grapefruit, complements the citrus bouquet and makes the drink unusual. - an educational online magazine about a summer residence, a garden and a vegetable garden, a gardener's calendar for every day, advice on caring for a garden and a vegetable garden.

Free consultations on the construction of a townhouse, country house, summer residence. Selection of equipment for summer cottages, landscaping, landscaping, selection of trees and shrubs, caring for flowers and plants. Answers to questions, news, events, announcements of exhibitions and events. Recipes for delicious and healthy dishes and drinks from vegetables, fruits and berries.

How to cook in a slow cooker

The multicooker allows you to save many useful substances, because it does not allow the liquid to evaporate.

currant white 2 Kg
Sahara 2 Kg

How much time - 1 hour 15 minutes.

What is the calorie content - 222 calories.

  1. Sort out the berries, remove all litter, stalks, spoiled
  2. Transfer to a multicooker bowl and cover with sugar on top
  3. Select the "Extinguishing" program with a timer for one hour
  4. After half an hour, mix the components so that the sugar does not stick to the bottom
  5. After the signal from the multicooker, select the "Steam cooking" mode with a timer for one minute. This will better preserve the jam.
  6. Pour the mass into sterilized jars, close, store in a cool place after cooling.

Advice: if you want a thicker jam, you need to select the "Heating" mode after an hour of stewing and leave the berries for several hours.

Cooking method

  1. Rinse the black currant berries well and sort out, removing the spoiled
  2. Instead of factory-made vodka, you can also use alcohol diluted up to 40 degrees.
  3. Pour granulated sugar into a container with vodka and stir until dissolved
  4. Place the berries in a glass container and pour over the resulting syrup
  5. Close the container with a nylon lid and leave in a cool place for 14 days, avoiding sunlight on the jar
  6. Strain the drink through cheesecloth or cloth and bottle.

If you have prepared stocks of currants for the winter by freezing them, this cooking recipe can be used at any time of the year. It is important to completely defrost the berry before cooking, otherwise it may begin to ferment. You can also use dried currants, but before using it you need to soak it thoroughly, the taste of such a tincture will resemble tea.

After preparation, the tincture needs another week or two to be infused until fully cooked. To make the taste richer, you can press down the currant berries so that they burst a little. In this case, the tincture will turn out to be more concentrated, and it will need to be diluted with water, which will increase the amount, but lower the degree. On a cool evening, a black currant drink with vodka will warm not only you, but also a cozy friendly conversation, as well as help against colds.

Cooking method

  1. Sort the black currant berries beforehand, then rinse
  2. Fill a clean three-liter jar with them, sprinkle with sugar
  3. Mash the berries directly in the jar using a pusher or rolling pin, add a glass of boiled cold water and mix well (the contents of the jar should not exceed 3 quarters of the volume, as the berries will ferment and rise)
  4. Close the container with a water seal or put a medical glove on the neck, fastening it tightly with an elastic band
  5. When the fermentation process is over and the glove is lowered, it is necessary to check it for integrity, as it can break during inflation. Put another new can on the can and check if the process has finally finished (this is necessary so that the drink does not continue to ferment in the sealed bottle, which can lead to its rupture)
  6. Pour the finished liqueur from the jar using a nylon cap with holes and strain through cheesecloth
  7. Let the drink brew for two days and filter again
  8. Pour into bottles and close hermetically.

This method of preparation makes the liqueur soft and low-alcoholic. Without adding any alcoholic beverages, it has a low degree and will appeal to those who like to enjoy the taste and not get drunk.

Cooking method

  1. Carefully sort out and wash the black currant berries, removing the stalks and spoiled fruits
  2. Use a small glass container and fill it with layers of berries and sugar (the last top layer must be made of granulated sugar)
  3. Place the finished bottle in a warm place for 2-3 days.
  4. Then shake the contents and pour vodka (you can use moonshine or alcohol of the appropriate strength) so that the berries are covered with liquid for a few centimeters
  5. Cork the bottle and keep warm for about 2 months
  6. Strain the drink with a watering can and cotton wool
  7. Dilute the tincture with cold boiled water and pour it into storage containers.

A special feature of this recipe is the aging of the berries "under sugar". In two to three days, the fermentation processes of currants begin, due to which the drink turns out to be slightly effervescent and acquires a special aroma and strength.

For cooking, it is necessary to select the ripe berries and then the black currant tincture will have a pleasant and delicate taste. These drinks are made very simply and deserve the highest marks from the tasters.

Blackcurrant recipes - garden and vegetable garden

It turns out black currant jam - five minutes a little liquid, not as thick as we are used to seeing boiled currant delicacies, since it is cooked with the addition of water and in syrup. But after cooling, the syrup still turns into jelly. If this does not happen, then the jam is undercooked, and it should be boiled for a couple of minutes to evaporate excess water. The main sign that the jam is ready and hardened in jelly is the appearance of a plaque on the walls of the dishes in which it was cooked, that is, the jam will begin to stick to the walls without dripping.

The proportions for a five-minute blackcurrant jam are as follows: in the recipe, the ratio of the volume of currant berries to granulated sugar and the volume of water should be = 4 cups of berries + 6 cups of sugar + 2 cups of water. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to measure the products with the same containers. In this case, it is definitely impossible to get confused. But if the ingredients are bought by weight, then 4 cups of currants = 1 liter jar (700-750 g), and 6 glasses of water = 1.35-1.4 kg. The components are measured in the same way for other recipes, for example, for the “Black currant with orange slices” blank.

Method of preparation of the recipe "Blackcurrant jam - five minutes":
? some of the granulated sugar is dissolved in water and brought to a boil. After that, currant berries (sorted, washed and dried) are poured into the resulting syrup and boiled for about 7 minutes, while gently stirring. Be sure to periodically remove the foam. Then the rest of the sugar is poured into the undercooked jam, and it is boiled for an additional 5 minutes.

While the jam is cooking, the jars are being prepared. They must be rinsed and scalded with boiling water. Ready-made quick currant jam is poured into jars and rolled up with boiled lids. After cooling, the jam is removed to a dark, cool place.

There is another way to make black currant jam - a five-minute. Or rather, it will be jelly. It has more sugar and can be stored even at room temperature. The berries for the jelly are washed, sorted and must be dried. After that, they need to be weighed to find out how much sugar is required. Or measure the currants with a jar: about 700 g is placed in 1 liter jar.

Recipe Delicate currant jam Pyatiminutka

So! indicated 30 minutes very conditionally, because the cooking process itself is very short, but preparing the jars for jam is very important, because then there will be no time for this!

We take fresh currants without twigs and other debris, rinse it, measure out the required portion in a separate bowl - 7 glasses of berries and leave it to dry slightly. While the berry dries up, prepare the jars.

According to my many years of experience, it is enough to rinse the jars with soda, rinse thoroughly, and before loading the jam, put it in the microwave for a minute, whoever does not have one - hold it over the spout of a boiling kettle before droplets run along the walls. I also wash the lids and put them in a saucepan of water on the fire to be sterilized.

When the preliminary preparation is completed, we can proceed directly to the process.

I choose a 5-liter saucepan with a heavy bottom for so many ingredients so that when the berries boil violently, our tasty treat does not run away from us onto the stove. I prefer to take stainless steel dishes for jam. And the sterility is higher and does not burn.

I put the saucepan on high heat. Add 3/4 cup water

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that "glass" is now a relative value. Therefore, do it easier, we do all measurements with ONE AND THE SAME GLASS! Then our proportions will remain

I measured everything, including the berry, with this glass.

When the water boils, gradually (. This is important.) Pour sugar into it one by one, stirring patiently, trying to bring the sugar until it is completely dissolved - at least up to the 4th glass. The more patience you show in this particular moment, the better your currant will gel later when it cools down

The first secret of a successful jam is hidden in this place.

When all the sugar is dissolved, add the berry pre-measured in 7 glasses. Here lies the second secret of a successful jam

It is important not to delay the dissolution of sugar, otherwise it will quickly begin to caramelize in you, and we don't need it at all! So!

The whole berry was poured into actively boiling sugar syrup at once and we actively mix it, not paying attention to its resistance. I remind you that everything happens on the most active fire

It is important! We do not move away from the stove, we constantly stir the jam, otherwise it can either burn or run away from you

And now, when the first foam begins to form, we detect 5 minutes. At the same time, put the jars in the microwave for 1 minute.

With the appearance of foam and active boiling, it is important to remove the foam in a previously prepared container and not let the jam come out of the banks. To do this, sometimes you have to raise the saucepan over the fire and shake it slightly so that the foam collects towards the center, so it is easier to collect it

Do not worry if you don't collect all the foam, this is a manifestation of boiling sugar, so when it cools, the rags will not be in the jars. But patience must be shown.

As your jam has boiled for 5 minutes over high heat, remove from heat and begin to lay out in jars. And here is one more of the secrets - experienced hostesses know this, but now I am turning to the young ones. So that your work of art never blooms, always put your blanks according to the principle "Cold to cold, and hot to hot." And one more good advice, I have been using it for a long time. The roof, when I catch it out of boiling water, shake it slightly from the water and pour about 1 tbsp into it. tablespoons of vodka or something similar in strength, rinse and pour back into the glass until the next lid. And then I twist the jar filled with hot jam to the very brim. With this approach, your bins will never deteriorate. And then they can be stored simply in the kitchen cabinet or pantry.

I put the jars under the towel until they cool completely. There is no beauty photo, because today I cooked two portions, quickly poured it into banks and to work. And what happened, I present to your judgment. I spent time from the beginning of preparing the jars to cleaning the stove - 1 hour 30 minutes.

I made blueberries with the same cooking principle, it turned out magically! The berries remained intact, not overdried, in a thick and not cloying syrup. Despite the fact that often blueberries turn out to be watery, but here the result just pleased me

And what, of course, is important for all housewives, the berry is practically "live", it is obtained, preserving most of its vitamins for our loved ones. And the color turns out to be deeply ruby! I sincerely wish everyone joy from culinary creativity!

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