Bacopa monniera


Bacopa monniera is a creeping plant that grows mainly in India in swampy areas.

Bacopa Monniera is a plant that is part of the Scrophulariacee family and has several beneficial properties, especially with regard to neuronal therapy and the treatment of stress diseases.

It is a plant that grows very frequently in all those remarkably humid and marshy areas.

The flowering of this particular plant goes from April to September.

Modern preparations are represented by extracts of the same or leaves.

The common name of this plant is represented by "Brahmi" and it is an annual or perennial herbaceous plant that can count on fleshy, extremely branched, erect stems, which grow mainly below the water level and which bear rather small leaves. and equally succulent, often characterized by a light green color.

Active principles

Within the Bacopa Monniera plant we can find the following fundamental components: fatty oil, resins, alkaloid, tannins, organic acids, saponins.

More particularly, the Bacopa Monniera plant has triterpene saponins inside it, which are a mixture that allows you to make bacoside A and bacoside B and many others.


Bacopa Monniera is characterized by having a decidedly pleasant taste and is used above all for its properties and components of saponins, steroids and alkaloids.

The effect of the plant occurs directly on the cognitive aspect, as well as on neuronal transmission.

In the areas where it is most widespread, namely in India, it is used to combat skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis and skin ulcerations.

In addition, it is also frequently used for the treatment of diseases involving the respiratory system, such as bronchitis, asthma and brachycardia crises, as well as constipation in general.

In the old continent, this plant is used above all as an element within food supplements that increase mental concentration and memory.

Excellent success is also achieved through the use of Bacopa Monniera by administering it to patients who are suffering from a state of nervous exhaustion, as well as all those who have a characteristic state of concentration deficit.

The Bacopa Monniera plant has a completely pleasant taste, which also allows it to be used in the culinary field, since it is often cooked with vegetables, in salads and, in some cases, even in soups.

The study of Bacopa Monniera, for some time, has focused in particular on the therapy of cancer and heart disease: it is an Ayurvedic tonic and, for this reason, has particularly widespread properties for over thirty thousand years.

In any case, studies are focusing lately, and increasingly, on therapies that address states of depression, as well as to combat the difficulties of children who have a complicated or limited learning.

Bacopa is able to act directly on hippocampal protein synthesis, the administration of which allows it to perform an excellent action in support of memory and concentration activities, while also increasing the levels of seratonin, a neuromoderator.

In addition, the Bacopa Monniera plant also manages to improve the performance of those children who suffer from hyperactivity in study and socialization activities.

Bacopa monniera: Products

The Bacopa Monniera plant is an excellent element that is exploited in the cosmetic field: in fact, it corresponds to a main constituent of numerous protective day creams, for the simple fact that it protects the skin, repairing it from free radicals.

The extract, on the other hand, is considered particularly important in Ayurvedic medicine: it is an effective anti-fatigue, which is frequently used to make anti-stress masks, in such a way as to guarantee a skin that is always soft and hydrated and gives the face some features. rest and refresh.

In addition, thanks to its particular calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, this plant is often used for the production of sun care and body care products, in such a way as to carry out a preventive and soothing action against sunburn and redness.

Finally, it should be noted that the numerous studies that have concerned the Bacopa Monniera plant have never shown contraindications.

The safety of commercial formulations based on this plant, in fact, have always been free of any type of toxicity compared to the doses that are traditionally recommended: even in this case, however, before taking Bacopa Monniera-based products, it is always better ask your doctor for advice.

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