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Fruit and berry plants

Tractor equipment, which until recently was a monopoly of farmers and collective farms, is now firmly established in the everyday life of owners of individual houses and advanced summer residents. Today, due to its availability and ease of use, the mini tractor has turned from an exotic unit into a reliable assistant for the gardener and florist, providing full-scale plant care, including mulching, aeration, plowing the soil, as well as fast and high-quality cleaning of the plot area from litter and snow, transportation of small loads etc.

Practice shows that it is advisable to think about purchasing a mini-tractor if the area of ​​the cultivated area exceeds 12-15 acres, and its relief allows mobile equipment to maneuver freely. The classic household mini tractor is a small-sized four-wheeled self-propelled mechanism with a gasoline (less often diesel) engine with a capacity of 6-30 hp. In this case, the working tool is installed in the center of the frame, almost under the driver's seat. A fellow mini-tractor has a different layout - a garden rider, where the tool is mounted in front of the unit, which allows you to quickly replace the standard mowing cutter with a blade-blade, sweeping brush or sand spreader. Nevertheless, even if you skim through the catalog page, the mini-tractor compares favorably with the rider in its impressiveness and stability, and, accordingly, in performance. Therefore, the problem of choosing the required unit is associated, first of all, with determining the scope of its use. For a mini tractor, this is soil and lawn cultivation, as well as cargo transportation; for the rider - mowing the grass, cleaning the territory, removing snow and other similar operations.

Each mini tractor can conditionally refer to units of low (6-12 HP), medium (13-27 HP) or high (over 27 HP) power. The domestic summer resident is especially interested in the cars of the first category, since it is they who have the highest efficiency with the possibility of quick processing of areas from 15 acres to hectares. A good example of such a unit: the 8-horsepower PartnerP11577RB with a single-cylinder gasoline engine, an ergonomic layout and a practical manual transmission. With a 77 cm working width and a large 200 liter cutter tank, it delivers the right performance with minimal operator intervention. For plots of 1-2 hectares, the Stiga Estate7122HWS tractor with a 16 hp engine, hydrostatic transmission and a 122 cm wide cutting deck is perfect. The machine weighs just over 200 kg, which makes it maneuverable and easy to transport to the desired area.

When buying a mini tractor, it is useful to take a closer look at the attachments available from the seller for it. Each manufacturer, striving to make their own products the most recognizable and practical, tries to give the consumer their own options for attachments and accessories for a mini tractor. You can get acquainted with their assortment on the sites of price aggregators like, where it is also proposed to promptly contact the manager of a suitable store and order goods with delivery to your locality.


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Varieties of construction anchors for different types of work

The anchor is a popular fastening element in the construction field that is fixed to the base of the structure and holds the elements connected to it.

Now it is difficult to imagine how a heavy structure could be fixed in a relatively loose or fragile foundation. Dowels are poorly suited for this purpose, as they are poorly held at the base. There is no need to talk about nails or screws. Therefore, anchors are ideal for such work as fixing a heavy chandelier to the ceiling, installing a horizontal bar on a wall, fixing exercise equipment to walls and ceilings, etc.

Different types of anchors are available for different types of bases. There are no universal elements that can be used in all cases.

We list the types of anchors and give them general characteristics:




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On the Kremlin diet with the whole family


At the introductory stage of the Kremlin diet, it is necessary to seriously limit the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. No pasta, bread, potatoes, sweets or fruits. Show in full. “This is only for a while,” you tell yourself, thinking the results are worth it. But if you have a family and have to run from work to kindergarten and then home, it may turn out that diet food separately from the family is given to you with difficulty.

When your six-year-old insists on pizza and bananas for lunch, and hungry teenagers knock over bowls of pasta in themselves, the initial “this won't last” attitude is replaced by a whirlwind of doubt. How can you follow the Kremlin diet and feed your family all this time?

First of all, you need to plan your menu in advance, including all meals and snacks. Most often, the child wants exactly the food that the parents eat, whether it is healthy or not. Schedule your snacks so that no one is feeling very hungry, and keep track of your portion size when hunger strikes.

Elena Grigorieva, a busy mother of two from Novosibirsk, has become 15 kg slimmer thanks to the Kremlin diet. She believes that eating such a meal plan (cutting out processed carbohydrates) is healthier. “There are cases of heart disease and diabetes in my family history, so in order to stay healthy, I will stick to the Kremlin diet all my life,” she says. “I just hope that I can explain everything correctly to my children, so that they never fight with excess weight.”

Elena decided to lose weight and, having become convinced of the effectiveness of the Kremlin diet on the example of her friend Catherine, who was 25 kg built in 12 months, she realized that limiting carbohydrates was worth the effort. The first thing she did was attract her husband to her Kremlin diet.

“If you convince your husband to start the diet together, it’s a lot easier,” she says. “It was hard to feed my picky children who didn't want to eat meat. The eldest daughter always preferred pasta for lunch, so I cooked pasta and put up with their presence on the table. "

Catherine's story is similar: she also had to follow the Kremlin diet and feed her husband and two daughters at the same time. “My husband started the diet with me and was filled with respect for her, he only complained once when he really wanted pizza,” she says.

She also says she prepares the Kremlin diet for the whole family and adds carbohydrates to the children's menu if they want to. “The biggest change in our family is that we no longer have sweets and other foods that are harmful to the teeth and waist in our home. Maybe only on holidays, ”she says. "We always have some carbohydrate foods for children, such as fish crackers and fruits, which don't tempt me at all."

She claims she hasn't changed her youngest daughter's menu, but she always keeps low-carb snacks close at hand. Her daughter loves nut butter with whole grain crackers or pita bread, cheese sticks, fruit, and yogurt. Ekaterina believes that such snacks are healthier for the child than candies and other sweets.

Complex carbohydrates for children

It's not too bad to replace simple carbohydrates like soda, chips, white bread and biscuits in children's diets with complex ones. Explain the benefits of good foods to children. This will be effective for adolescents who play sports and are able to relate the Kremlin Diet healthy eating concept to performance on the playground or pool.

Like Catherine, Elena changed family snacks. “Cheese sticks are loved by everyone in our home,” she says. "And my husband loved sunflower seeds."

This type of diet is beneficial for children and adolescents. The Kremlin diet does not allow processed foods, white flour and sugar. It offers many different protein foods, fresh and cooked vegetables, and brown grains such as brown rice and various cereals. Consuming these foods is beneficial for anyone and with any diet. However, children who are not overweight should not be put on a weight loss diet without the permission of a pediatrician.

Choose products carefully

There are many good low-carb foods out there, but read labels and be careful with foods high in maltitol. It is a sugar alcohol used to sweeten many low-carb foods. Consuming more than 20 grams a day can cause stomach problems. Take the following proven tips and decide to start the Kremlin's Low Carb Diet for better health, even if you have to feed your kids.

A few tips to help you get started on the Kremlin diet:

Go on a diet with a family member or friend to support each other.
Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. Making menus and sharing the responsibilities of food preparation will help you think less about food and more about your future beautiful figure.
Fill your refrigerator with ready-made, low-carb snacks like cheese sticks, chopped vegetables with sauce, chickpea puree, or peanut butter.
Drink plenty of water - at least 2 liters a day.
If your family doesn't eat in the kitchen, say watching TV, change the rules. If your relatives learn to eat in the kitchen, they will improve their habits, and you can leave the place where they eat unhealthy foods at any time.

Features of growing bush cucumbers

Bush cucumbers are notable for their early maturity: you harvest the crop before diseases characteristic of the pumpkin family begin to appear in the gardens. Due to the modest size of a large harvest, there is no need to wait, but the return of the fruits will be friendly: once they are harvested, pickled and forgotten.

Look carefully at the manufacturer's description: some of the varieties and hybrids are pollinated by bees and are intended for open ground, there are parthenocarpic ones for growing in greenhouses and on the balcony.

The recommended planting density of bush cucumbers is 70 x 30 cm. They are warm and moisture-loving, they prefer lighted places protected from cold winds. Placed on fertile, light, humus-rich soils.

When growing, it is enough to adhere to standard agrotechnical requirements: regularly water, pour over, give two additional fertilizing per season, mulch the soil or weed.

Watering bush cucumbers in comparison with growing climbing varieties should be more frequent, in a drought up to twice a day.

Shrub cucumbers do not need additional support.

Shrub varieties consume essential nutrients intensively. Of the fertilizers, once every two weeks, according to the manufacturer's instructions, it is best to use ready-made chlorine-free complexes, and also give a mullein solution in one top dressing.

It is better to buy seeds of bush cucumbers early, they fly very quickly

DIY garden: 11 photos for inspiration

Home / Tips & Ideas / Garden and Plot / DIY Garden: 11 Photos for Inspiration

Karina Kaviar, Sat, 08 Aug 2020 11:00:38 +0300

The modern vegetable garden has become more accurate, modern and convenient to use. True, it costs more. Thanks to high flower beds made of bricks and blocks, wooden and plastic edging, full-fledged paths made of stone or tiles on the foundation, the arrangement of such a garden will require from 100 thousand to 300 thousand rubles. Not to mention the fact that there may be an automatic irrigation and shading system, greenhouses, greenhouses and a variety of trellises.

In this article, we will show 11 photo ideas that will help you make a garden in your country house or in a country house more comfortable and modern.

Create tall flower beds with wooden planks

Tall beds are more comfortable, caring for them does not load the back so much. Thanks to a wooden or plastic barrier, weeds do not grow, and those that come out inside the perimeter are easier to clean.

Place a bench or chaise lounge next to your vegetable garden

To make yourself a place to relax right in the garden, bring water here for a summer shower and drink, put benches or a sun lounger nearby and provide shading, for example, with a portable umbrella that you clean when you leave.



Hydraulic pump

How to choose a submersible drainage pump?



The best varieties of red currants




The best varieties of black currant


For proper gardening and gardening, you need a good tool for such matters. It will be more convenient and pleasant to work with him, and he will also serve for many years in work and will always fulfill all the duties assigned to him. And such tools are very rare in our time. Gardeners, villagers, summer residents, everyone knows, now it is difficult to buy something decent for a garden or vegetable garden. Literally everything falls apart instantly, breaks in the first year or bends from the first loosening of the earth. To prevent this from happening, a section "Garden and Vegetable Garden" was created, which literally will help to navigate in modern goods.

Besides the tool, it is important to understand new trends in agriculture. For example, the use of new mulching systems, or irrigation installations. All this will reduce labor and improve yields. This is extremely important to understand if you want to practice at a loss for yourself. So we carefully read all the materials presented and learn how to properly deal with our garden and vegetable garden.

And how good it will be, pleasant to eat your vegetables and fruits from your own land, obtained from your own labor. It is tastier and healthier, and you shouldn't miss the chance to enjoy it. So we think about the new harvest in the modern way, not forgetting about the old-fashioned sciences. Then everything will always work out and there will be wealth everywhere, be it a garden or a vegetable garden.

Consists of two metal elements - a bolt and a sleeve. A special feature of the bushing is the presence of holes that facilitate the expansion of the bushing when the bolt enters it. The anchor is inserted into the hole drilled in the base and fixed structure, after which the bolt is hit with a hammer. The expanded sleeve is firmly attached to the walls of the hole. This is how many materials with rigidity are attached.

Flush anchor, Sormat LA

Types of plywood

To understand how to choose plywood that is best suited for solving your problems, you need to understand what this material is characterized by.

Plywood can be classified according to type of woodused for its production:

  1. Deciduous. As a rule, birch is the starting material for it. Sometimes - poplar, alder, maple, aspen. The high density gives birch plywood extra strength. It has a pleasant light shade and smooth texture. This has ensured her great popularity in the manufacture of furniture and interior decoration.
  2. Coniferous. Pine, larch, cedar are used as raw materials. Due to the saturation of resins, plywood made from coniferous wood has good moisture resistance. This makes it possible to manufacture furniture from it for rooms with high levels of humidity.
  3. Combined. The inner layers of such plywood are made of softwood, while the outside is covered with deciduous veneer. Thus, composite plywood combines both strength and moisture resistance.It has found wide application in various fields - construction, renovation, furniture production.

Also, plywood can be divided into 5 grades in accordance with exterior veneer quality:

  • Elite (E / A). It is almost impossible to buy plywood of this type for self-production of furniture, because its entire volume is purchased by manufacturing enterprises. Elite plywood is almost free from knots, cracks, glue residues and other defects.
  • First (I / B).
  • Second (II / BB).
    The first and second grades of plywood are distinguished by a minimum number of flaws, which makes them the best solution for home-made furniture.
  • Third (III / CP).
  • Fourth (IV / C).
    The third and fourth grades can be used for the embodiment of interior ideas that require a topcoat - for example, podiums.
    Also plywood is subdivided depending on degree of processing:
  • Unpolished (NSh).
  • Sanded on one side (Ш1).
  • Sanded on both sides (Ш2).

In the furniture industry, sanded plywood has found wider application. Unsanded material will have to be sanded with sandpaper.

There are also many varieties of plywood, depending on water resistance of glue impregnation... Materials such as FBA can be used to make home furniture. This brand is glued with natural glue, which makes it the most environmentally friendly type of plywood. However, it belongs to non-moisture resistant varieties. There is also a heavy-duty brand of non-moisture-resistant plywood - BV. It is impregnated with bakelite varnish. Grades FB, FBS and BS are also characterized by strength due to impregnation, however, in their production, an alcohol-soluble varnish was used, due to which they are distinguished by resistance to moisture.

For the production of home furniture from plywood with your own hands, you can use the FC brand. It is not suitable for outdoor furniture, since it has average water resistance. If you want to make garden furniture, you can choose the FSF grade. But for a home environment, it is not suitable. Moisture resistance is accompanied by a high content of chemicals, which is unacceptable for use inside buildings.

A versatile option that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use is film faced plywood. Such material is not afraid of mechanical stress, the effects of aggressive external factors, and does not need finishing.

Plywood is perfect for DIY furniture production. It combines economy with reliability, flexibility and ease of handling. The main thing is to choose the material in accordance with the tasks for which it is intended.

All-fanera sells plywood of various brands and grades at affordable prices. If you wish, you can arrange delivery with us in Moscow and abroad.

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