In a very remote past, the rose was the flower symbol of Venus, the goddess of beauty and, it is said, that its original color was pure white, which then became red due to a supernatural intervention, in fact it is said that Venus fell in love with Adonis and Mars, the current lover, killed him out of jealousy, the blood lost by Adonis, at the behest of Venus, gave the rose the red color. It is said that King Midas, the one who transformed everything he touched into gold, cultivated roses with sixty petals in his garden. From the rose were also obtained oils and perfumes widely used; Homer narrates that Venus anointed Hector's body with these oils before burying him. Cleopatra instead invited her lovers to take a bath in a tub half filled with these rose petals. In ancient Rome, the rose festival was held which was part of the cult of the dead, ... continues

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continue ..., according to the people of this city the rose meant regeneration, in this period we used to put these flowers on the graves of the dead. In mythology, the rose also had a magical meaning, in fact, in the fable of the Golden Donkey, Lucio is advised to eat roses in order to be able to return to the features of a man again. In this first part, as the title of the paragraph says, we talked above all about fantastic things, let's now try to tell you something (perhaps) more concrete. The rose has been cultivated since ancient times, praised by poets and writers from all over the world. In ancient times it was very popular as an ornamental plant but also for its medicinal and aromatic properties. Thanks to some spontaneous species of the past, some varieties were born such as the Rosa Canina with soft pink flowers and the small Gallica rose with few thorns, very intense pink flowers; another very common variety is the Semperflorens rose with its various colors, it was brought to Europe in the late 1700s. Many other varieties have been created by crossing the various species.

Even today the rose is one of the favorite and appreciated flowers and is the most beautiful decoration and ornament for gardens and parks, how many roses we have seen enrich simple gardens or simple lawns with their beauty and their colors! Who among us has stopped, even just once, in front of a beautiful blooming rose and has not been pervaded by a heavenly feeling! The rose, with its splendid colors and its many varieties, also lends itself to adorning walls, pergolas, flower beds throughout the year.

In this section we will talk to you in depth about the rose, the different species and varieties and we will give you tips on how to best treat it. Today some types of rose are also found on the roadsides or in the flower beds that act as traffic dividers, they are always a sort of embellishment and decoration, yes, but how sad to see such magical and wonderful flowers take on a gray color due to pollution. and the exhausts of our cars. In some large parks, such as Il Sigurtà in Valeggio sul Mincio, together with plants and other flowers, its numerous varieties of splendid colors are a staple for lovers of nature and floriculture;

As with other various flowers, meanings and commonplaces have also been created for the rose that each of us is free to believe and free to follow. As for the meaning, the dog rose means pleasure and pain, the first is felt when you look at it, the second when you pick it; the white rose is the variety that is linked to the Madonna, to virginity, to purity but, as we will say later, it is also a symbol of death. The red rose, as it is known, is the symbol of passion. The yellow rose is a symbol of jealousy, envy, etc.

Regarding clichés, for example, it is said that roses should be given away in even numbers, otherwise they bring bad luck; it is recommended not to give white roses to the sick because they seem to be a symbol of death. Finally, it is advisable to never bring white or red roses on a plane or ship, they would be of great misfortune. However it may be, pink or yellow, white or red, the rose is the flower par excellence, loved and appreciated by everyone all over the world. The only defect of the rose, as we will explain in the articles, is that it is attacked by countless parasites and diseases that make it look sloppy and neglected.

We are aware that we will not be able to tell you and illustrate all the varieties of this flower, but we will do our best to let you know its main characteristics, the most suitable method to cultivate it, the soil it needs and we will provide you with some valuable advice that you will allow you to treat it better. Although the rose is already one of the best known and most loved flowers, we hope, through the articles in this section, to have managed to increase your love and interest in this fantastic and colorful flower or to have acquired new admirers who will try to cultivate it and, as a result, they will begin to love it.

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