Poppea, Women and Beauty: how Poppea took care of the beauty of the body


wife of the Roman emperor Nero

A bit of history

The famous Poppea (Poppèa Sabina), born in 30/32 was Roman empress, Nero's second wife.

It is said that she was a woman of extraordinary beauty who first married Rufio Crispino, then, in 58, after her first husband was killed by the then empress Agrippina, wife of the emperor Claudius, Otone, the future emperor (after his death of Nero).

In the same year, however, she became the lover of Nero, who, having removed Othon, married her in 62, after having had Nero Agrippina's mother killed at his instigation and having repudiated and relegated his wife Octavia.

Poppea died in 65, while she was pregnant, due to a kick in the belly by her husband, who then had her deified together with her little daughter Claudia Augusta, born in 63 and lived only a few months.

His personality

Historians do not speak highly of Poppea as she is described as an intriguing, ambitious and unscrupulous woman and at the same time of extraordinary beauty.

At the time of Poppea, women tried to make the skin transparent, to make the hair soft and shiny and to keep the breasts fresh and firm all this by employing herbal juices, perfumed ointments or distilled essences.

Her beauty treatments

We offer you the recipe par excellence, which has gone down in history as the Poppea bath that we can imagine while he was doing it in the sumptuous imperial rooms among a host of slaves, all dedicated to his care ... here is the recipe:BATH OF POPPEA

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