What variety of tomatoes will harvest for the New Year

Some varieties of tomatoes can grow successfully in an ordinary city apartment, because, subject to the conditions of agricultural technology, they bear fruit perfectly even in winter.

Balcony miracle

The shoots of this variety grow up to 50-60 cm. The bush does not require garter and pinching. It is watered sparingly once a week. When flowers appear, the plants should be shaken slightly to help pollination. Balcony miracle tomatoes ripen quickly. The harvest will delight in 85 days after germination.

The indisputable advantages include the fact that the variety does not need additional lighting. Moreover, tomatoes can ripen even in a dimly lit room.

The balcony miracle is a decorative culture. She has small, round and bright, fruits. The taste of the products is excellent; they are used fresh and for marinades.


This determinant variety is ideal for indoor cultivation. Pinocchio tomatoes produce shoots 25-30 cm high. They do not need support, do not fall over and look great in any interior.

Landings for the winter time must be supplemented with a special lamp. It is placed 20-30 cm from the bush. The soil should be loose and nutritious, neutral.

The ripening of the crop occurs simultaneously. The fruits hang in heavy bunches of 15 per branch. They are very convenient to clean. The product is used for salads, vegetable stews, baked goods and canning.Pinocchio has an interesting feature. The fruiting plant does not give new ovaries. Seeds must be sown at regular intervals in order to constantly have in stock the bushes entering fruiting.

Room surprise

This plant is suitable for those who like small tomatoes. Indoor surprise can be grown in greenhouses or on a balcony. It has resistance to many diseases, lack of moisture and frost. The variety gives early bountiful harvests, tomatoes on the bushes ripen at the same time.During growth, nitrogen fertilizers are applied to the soil. For setting and ripening of fruits, it is recommended to use wood ash. Planting is watered very sparingly, only after the surface layer of the soil dries out.

The room surprise has an expressive taste.

The dishes are decorated with beautiful oblong fruits with smooth skin. They are excellently transported and stored. They receive the finished product within 2.5 months after sowing the seeds. Therefore, it is advisable to sow Indoor surprise in the middle of autumn. So fresh tomatoes are guaranteed to ripen for the New Year holidays.

Country answer. Tomato varieties that are ready to grow both the second and third

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I am ready to repeat these varieties, but in the 2021 season I will grow only two from the selection (Lyanu and Danko). Because she gave herself her word: in the new season, sow 5-7 varieties of seedlings and no more! I plan to contain him. After all, I would like to try the novelty, but the windows are not rubber.

I decided to make a review of the tomatoes that I had already grown and I liked them. I collected seeds from some (unfortunately, not from all), now I periodically grow them, I update them so as not to lose the varieties, the very ones are real.

What tomatoes can be grown on the windowsill

Before growing tomatoes on the windowsill, you should decide on the variety. You can't just choose the undersized cultivar you like, put it in a pot, put it on the window, and wait for a big harvest.

Growing tomatoes at home for fruit should be done on a balcony or loggia in summer. Here you can really pick up a low-growing variety, take larger pots, arrange and hang them in pots so that everyone has enough sun, and provide seven vegetables for fresh consumption.

Ornamental tomatoes should be grown in the apartment. Potted varieties must have the following qualities:

  1. The main requirement for tomatoes for the windowsill is decorativeness.
  2. Bushes up to 50 cm high with very short internodes, standard. It is even better to look for varieties up to 30 cm in size. The loss of 1-2 leaves should not affect the appearance, which is impossible to achieve with high growth and sparse tomato crown.
  3. Resistance to pests and diseases. It is very inconvenient to process tomatoes on the windowsill, especially in winter.
  4. The description of the variety must necessarily indicate that it is suitable for growing in a pot culture. Ordinary tomatoes in the open field or in a greenhouse need about 20 liters of soil for normal life. Nobody will put such containers on the windowsill. Balcony varieties require a minimum of 5-7 liters of soil. True indoor tomatoes can grow in pots with a capacity of 3 liters, and with good regular care - 2 liters.

When buying tomato seeds for growing on windowsills, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations. The package should indicate the minimum volume of soil mixture. You cannot plant tomatoes in a smaller pot. And so they need to be heavily fed. When placed in overly tight containers, the culture will have to be fertilized so often that the fruits will become an unusable decoration.

Preparation of planting material

Potted tomatoes are grown in the same way as garden crops - through seedlings. You can use your own seeds, collected with your own hands from homemade tomatoes, or you can buy them in the store. However, regardless of origin, all seeds must first be prepared for sowing. For this:

  1. Sort out hollow seeds by soaking everything in salted water (those that float are not suitable for seedlings).
  2. Disinfect by leaving for half an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate.

To speed up the germination of seeds, they can be put in a cloth bag, moistened well and left on a platter for several days so that the seeds swell.


I met this variety only in 2020. She praised him on her channel. They wrote to me in the comments: “You were lucky with the seeds. In fact, Danko is not like that. "

Tomato Danko

The weight of the largest is 600 g, the average is 200 g. The fruits are juicy, fleshy, sweet and sour.

Danko tomato cutaway

I looked at the State Register to make sure that Danko was "not like that." But it matches the description. Only the height of the bush does not converge. My Danko had it about 70 cm to 1 m, and in the official description it was 55 cm. I took the seeds under the Agros brand with a stamp on the package from the author and originator of the variety.

I grew many varieties, but so far only these have come to mind, as the most desirable on my site from those already tested.

Write about your proven varieties that would love to grow both a second and a third time.

I would be grateful for your support.

You can subscribe and find all my articles here - “Good Choice”.

Tomato novelties. Have you tried these?

Author Marina Volkova, Kuzbass, Southwest Siberia.

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Farmers reviews

Several gardeners' reviews about this reliable and popular variety.

Elena, Samara region: “Of all the tomatoes that I planted, only this one turned out. Of the minuses - the usual taste for the sophisticated, the type of tomatoes is uninteresting, however, the same as in the photo on the package. "

Nikita Vladimirovich, Zelenograd: “I have been growing it for 3 years already. I visit the dacha once a week. This variety was a godsend for me! It grows without any problems. You can water once a week. "

Marina, Kherson: “The endurance of plants is striking. I grow in the open field. Once I rushed to planting seedlings, and she fell under the frost. I thought they would die. But the plants moved away and gave a good harvest. "

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